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On 3/22/2021 at 8:42 AM, Nick said:

Hi everyone. I am happy to announce the latest version of L2Project (2.1.8)

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This version comes with number of updates and bug-fixes, such as:

- No more mage-party slow casting

- Number of performance upgrades

- Now you can choose what item(s) to "watch" in the top-bar

- ..and many more..


I hope you gonna like it.

Is there and way to check what API in the code? I want to make some scripts but im unsure what to call where and what gives what results?

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On 5/4/2021 at 6:51 AM, Nick said:

Hello everyone,

Since I have received multiple requests for extending the "Pets" functionality, here is the latest L2Project version 2.1.9

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It comes with the following new features:

  • a new "Pet" tab is now added (hidden by default). Just summon a pet or a servitor in order to see the new tab.
  • the old "Pets" tab is now moved under "Party" tab
  • Pet details like Level, HP, MP, Exp, Food, etc.
  • Pet Information - showing stats like P.Atk., Crit. Rate, etc.
  • Pet Actions - the basic ones like "Attack", "Follow", "Pick Up", "Unsummon", etc.
  • Pet Items management - send and retrieve items from the Pet inventory, equip an item
  • Options -> Pet Settings -> Auto Summon is now fixed
  • Options -> Pet Settings ->Use Shots provides the option to "auto-enable soul/spirit shots"
  • a new "Bypass" tab is added - here you can trace all "bypass" commands

I hope you will enjoy it.


Is this still pre configured with L2 toggle ip address?

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  • Toggle Staff

Sharing @Nick's message from discord:


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Lots of upgrades, improvements and bug-fixes. The whole botting AI is now re-written. Please, make sure you create a new configuration - the old pre-saved configurations will not work with this version.

Edit: It's also available in the downloads section

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  • Alpha Wolf
On 5/26/2020 at 12:45 AM, Nick said:

L2Project v2.4.0:

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- Improved path-finding algorithm (Dijkstra's replaced with A-Star)
- Pet buffs tab added
- Community buffs removed


wrong link, can you post a working one?

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