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  1. When i copy the hex found on the right into the field at the bottom and hit inject,. i can see the community window pop open and if i hit it again, it closes. soi i know thats the right thing to do, but i've no earthly idea how to send that packet via script. Tips?
  2. So, i went into L2net and turned on the client dump mode then went into the client and hit alt+b. this produced the following: alt+b: 9:14:52 PM :[CLIENT DUMP: 23 5F 00 62 00 62 00 73 00 68 00 6F 00 6D 00 65 00 00 00 if i want to tell the client to do that via script, how would i do it? O.o i see some similar references in the script above, but they're all referring to speaking to an npc. i'm assuming this wouldn't be the same process but i cant seem to find anything poking around the internet. I then went and performed the same action using the packet window and see th
  3. ah HAH! that is, in fact, what I'm using. My D drive. Since it (the error) referenced Virtual Memory, which is slightly odd as I have 32 GB of DDR4, my memory usage never got above like 45% or so, I removed the page file from the C drive and added it to the E drive and set it to 100GB. It's made quite the difference in my Tower toon's performance, but it didn't seem to have any affect whatsoever with the L2net IG, which I also thought was odd. why would it affect one but not the other? Anyway, once I reach a stopping point, I'll go log out one of my t
  4. I believe this is the one from the insane gamers site, though i did grab another version at one point as well. Is there a version i should be looking for?
  5. and now i remember the problem with IG lol. the IG clients die quick. "Out of virtual memory" error. OOG doesnt do that. it may work but it doesn't actually "work".
  6. this changes everything. this will let me go set up a polygon, get them going, and then exit the client. half the time i wake up and my party leader is dead because the client bugged out and crashed. this should help avoid that.
  7. wehehehehelll now.... I may have to dump tower. <goes to dig up the IG login process again> it's been foreeever since i last used IG L2net
  8. Does IG even work anymore? i thought it was defunct?
  9. iiiinteresting... ok, ok, so then what if i had a main script, that looped forever basically, and its entire job is to do nothing but "perceive" for the toon its running on, and interpret/react to events? i've seen some examples of setting up chat reception events, taking the message and using it to trigger functions. if i can figure out how that works, which im fairly sure i can, i can write a set of functions that could be called to do all sorts of things based on what i tell the toons to do, and from which chat it was received. theoretically, i could use clan and ally chats to send com
  10. Ok, is there any reason it should be in that part of the script? coming from powershell, it seems way out of place. like it just kinda shows up in the middle somewhere for no particular reason. if thats the case, is there anywhere it should NOT be? like, x has to happen first, then you start the threading, then you put in your functions or something? the flow of it confuses me. yeah, just wondering where the loop for those threads comes in. if they run in that order, which would make sense, ... wait. ... ... i feel like something just clicked. they arent running in an
  11. Hello Mantosh, anyone else, I feel like i may have come across wrong. I am literally not asking anyone to provide me a script that does everything i want. which is what i think i came off as. what i am looking for is some back and forth regarding whatever im working on. please bear in mind i have very limited scripting experience, and even that is only in powershell. I have added some comments to the below script. It was found on max cheaters and looks like it could very likely be modified to do what i am looking for. All of the original writers comments are intact, anything that starts w
  12. oh a ton, mostly pretty basic stuff I'm sure. especially at first. honestly, if i can get a hunting script and that egg delivery quest script I can probably take the stuff in there and Frankenstein something that would be serviceable if not shareworthy. In essence, i want to create a few different script templates to use in a number of scenarios. one for a TH to go gather all the treasure chests he can find, lots... and lots of pathing. That, i know how to do, how to interact with the NPCs? i remember using the debugger, and i have the bypass lines saved, but i cant for the life of me remember
  13. Pretty self explanatory, but i can't bear to leave the body empty, so, a little backstory. I've been playing this shit since the beginning. before the beginning actually. closed beta march 2004 IIRC. i didnt get into botting until much later. had a thing against botters actually. then i grew up. went to college, got a job and, well, the rest is history. I got hooked on L2net and used it for a long time. but its been foreeeeeever since then and i cant quite figure out how to do the things i want to do anymore. it used to be i would go to the forums at insane gamers and d00d, mpj123, and...
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