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  5. Not yet, i dont have more teories to test. =/
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    Looking for casual Lineage 2 Private Server? Look no more! L2Toggle is a L2 High Five bot friendly server. Long-term and low rate for continuous adventure.
  8. + Added/Enabled - Removed/Disabled * Fixed/Edited - Disabled Quest Dialog Follow temporarily. Some explanation about the decision. On a routine question about something very specific about the server, I was asked about Don't Know Don't Care quest's reward nerf and if quest items being distributed through the whole CC like on other servers. While looking for that information I noticed that quest state processing on the script is way different than others, so much that it could be miss-used. So until a better solution is found and/or developed I had to disable the feature. It was my oversight. Returning this feature is on the top of the list after completing in-progress projects.
  9. Fair enough Jdub. While I was there, I personally did not witness the issue. It was shared in both Discord voice and clan chat throughout the siege. It was specific enough to mention the player's name. Numerous members confirmed it repeatedly. Based on RA's denial and Mantosh's request for more evidence, I shared that going forward they MUST video the issue or drop it. Nothing more we can do. As for our side, I am aware of players running 2 parties but not anyone running more. On one of the first AQ raids we had 1 ally member bring more, we said it was not permitted and I never saw the issue again. I am curious to know who you believe might have more than 18 chars at an event?
  10. Issue #4 is all in your head. 100% fabrication. No one is using 4 parties and if anyone has gotten close to being reported it's your team. I have been closely monitoring this at each engagement in which I participate and I have yet to feel the need to report anyone violating this, they just got wiped out anyway. If I need to take it a step further and record each, I will.
  11. Can we stop the flaming here? I presented legitimate concerns. I tried to be respectful, or at least not disrespectful. We have more in common then differences. We all love the same game, and while it was popular 17 years ago now it is clearly a narrow niche. Sure we happen to be on opposite sides but that doesn't mean a constant flame war needs to ensue.
  12. Geo

    Territory War issues

    These guys....too much cry all the time. It's a GAME-NOT REALIFE.
  13. #1 Lack of knowledge nothing to do with server. #2 100% Correct and all allied clans. #3 Lack of knowledge again. #4 I can give to Mantosh an exact report of players/ips/chars and he can check logs and be sure he will find the following : Last TW everyone of RA had 1 party ONLY online, except 1 guy missing and someone else logged his chars to complete our "plans-strategy". So by any means the rule of 18 online was NOT broken !!! #5 Aden gates opened after I destroyed the catapult but we still found NPCs/guards in aden defending (Like you did in Dion as you mentioned). About the "inside door" of Rune you talking about it is not even a door . It never opens, NOT even in sieges can be destroyed !!! To sum up there is no need for fixes but a huge need of google searches. About 4 parties on 1 player you dream (having nightmares to be precise) NEVER HAPPENED . . . !!!
  14. what do you mean?
  15. Hello guys! I have a doubt, how i can use improved pets? My Kookaburra cant recharge or heal, and some people tell me of have the same problem on others pets. If anyone know how to use this, go help me a lot! For knoweledge - I'm in the same level of pet; the pet have food and hp/mp full; dont have karma; i tested in combat instance and not; tested in fighters and mystic classes; tested in multiple maps (peaceful and no). Thanks for readers!Shot00037.bmp
  16. Thanks for feedback :) #2 That's by design so the holding clan wouldn't drag their flags away from their designated spots. #3 I believe that will have to do with how friendlies/enemies gets decided. If ally is a friendly it gets back to #2. #4 This topic has been talked about for a while now. We have already established that there's no realistic way to block/enforce this rule except manual review. We somewhat agreed that we'll need a replay as a proof, because both sides are pointing fingers and reporting each other. So far I received 1 batch of replays that I mostly reviewed as "OK". I try to be on some events and epics where I can and I don't show myself for obvious reasons. I was ghosting for 1+ fight on yesterday's TW and was able to record a video (replay got stuck behind a wall because I was flying around). After first report about "4 parties assisting" I reviewed the video, frame by frame where needed, and I saw parties moving around and targeting separately. If you have more information - my DMs on discord are always open. To sum up #4 - report does nothing for you, we need proof. Imagine like you'd be reporting a bot on another server :) #5 A bug. Thanks for reporting and taking extra steps to check. I will try to replicate it on local. Also, this would be a good case for a beta test server.
  17. Hey guys! can I join your clan? I have 4 characters around lvl 20
  18. Hello, We experienced issues this TW. TWs and Sieges are events that impact the server for 2 weeks. We need a way to have live GM support during these 6 hours every 2 weeks .... but that may not be possible given this is a small server .... but it makes things very painful for the player base. Issue #1 - Players unable to destroy enemy outpost. This is a gaming knowledge issue, not a bug. Enemy outposts cannot be destroyed. A clan can have 1 outpost at a time. Issue #2 - Territory Wards unable to be picked up by members of the clan that owns the ward. To the best of my knowledge, that is by design. Please correct me if I am mistaken. Issue #3 - Territory Wards unable to be picked up by other players not in the TW owning clan. I had never seen this issue prior to today. Our clan, Fight Club, owned the wards. Enemies tried to take the wards and we initially killed them. We brought chars from another clan (LittlePigs) to take the ward back to the throne room, but they were unable to do so. This meant the progress the enemies made in moving the wards closer to their encampment could not be undone, which ultimately led to the wards being captured. Issue #4 - 4 parties on 1 player. Since the first week I played, this issue has been reported. To the best of our knowledge, ZERO action has been taken, ever. Adrenalin has a plugin which changes IP and hardware IDs. It is built in and requires no effort, not to mention the many other ways to do such. I wish this server only allowed 10 players per Master Account but either way, there are individual players running many master accounts and grouping all the chars. This issue is the highest level of frustration we face. To have a group of players together "beaten" by 1 person with 4 parties is not reasonable. We have two choices: - "If you cant beat them, join them" and do the same - Leave this server If we are beaten by enemies, that is no problem at all. We are glad for the challenge. What is presently happening isn't a challenge, it is bugs and exploits, with no action being taken. In the next day or two either some of our members will either move on to another server, or start more parties and it can be the "wild west" of who's pc can run the most chars. Disappointing and frustrating. Issue #5 - Castle walls during TW taken down at Aden but not Rune. I wish I had better sources here but most good L2 sites we used to depend on are gone. https://maxcheaters.com/topic/86269-guideterritory-war/ "When the territory catapult is destroyed, all defense NPCs and all defense functions of the castle will disappear and all castle gates are opened." When Aden's catapult was destroyed, the inner gates were down and players could head directly to the throne room. When Rune's catapult was destroyed, the inner gate remained up so we had to take a long way around to the throne room. Also, I tested it at Dion castle after we experienced this issue. At Dion, guards were still present and attacking after the catapult for Dion had been destroyed. Final Note - overall this is a very good server. This is only our ?3rd or 4th TW and some issues are still being worked out. I am sure the bugs will be fixed. The problem is until then intervention is required (i.e. a live GM) who can capture the issue and see that a player cannot pickup a TW, or a player has 4 parties on them in violation of a server rule.
  19. what does the auto sit-recovery script do?
  20. + Added/Enabled - Removed/Disabled * Fixed/Edited * Territory War moved to 'Off Siege' Sundays * Increased Normal & Hard Freyas' drop chances + Nobless Teleport to 'Frost Lake' + Follow Party Leader's Dialog to Hellbound Warpgate * Increase Hellblade drop chances * Increase Gate Key: Darkness drop chance + Warning to disable 'Follow Party Leader's Dialog' to Legendary Tales quest dialog * Reduce Drake Scout Range and P.Atk * Reduce Knoriks' debuff Dark Storm duration to 60 seconds * Fix Olympiad history records * Refactoring
  21. I went there before you increased the drop rate and it was fine. It dropped on 3 different CP on the 2nd group of mobs.(Body Destroyer group) Key of Destruction Drop is acceptable on the 2nd level of the tower ( the group mobs that drop fiery demon blood). Probably you just had bad luck with the drop
  22. You can get either key, it only leads you down a different path. I would say the best fix for this would be increasing the spawn rate for Body destroyer monsters. Please note these arr group monster. If drop rate is the easy fix I would increase them both equally.
  23. Have you checked spam? If it's not there PM me on discord.
  24. Is this working? Not receiving any emails.
  25. + Added/Enabled - Removed/Disabled * Fixed/Edited + Allow .buffstore in residences (Castle/Fortress/Clan Hall) + Allow Blessing of Vitality on subclass (shares cooldown with main) + Follow Leader Dialog on Steve Shyagel's "Receive the Blessing of Vitality" when enabled * Fix Herb of Vitality overwriting Blessing of Vitality * Refactoring
  26. There's no command to check it for the whole party. You'd have to create your own function.
  27. Hi! If I want to check buff (song of wind) for all pty what comand I need to use pls? Thx!
  28. Scrapyard

    Growing a community

    I can only say wow!
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