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  3. I may not understand. How to make the windows repeat the dialogue on the quest ?
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  5. Mantosh


    The Hardcore High-Five Botting Server launched May 27th, 2023
  6. Erica successfully launched! Join the growing ranks of Hardcore players and bot your a** off!
  7. We are happy to share that Erica will launch at 9 AM EST on May 27th. You can find a convenient counter here or on our main page. Here's an easy time zone helper.
  8. One more question. What time does it start on Saturday? And what time zone?
  9. .town works you just need to type in the name of the town. .giran .aden .goddard etc...
  10. Greetings. .town not working (Command not found)- will this be fixed?
  11. Earlier
  12. Will the patch be changed or is it already available for download?
  13. Dear Togglers. After a 'brief waiting period' we are happy to announce the launch date of our latest server creation, Erica. Erica will be launching on May 27th, 2023. We appreciate how patient everyone has been while we have been getting this prepared for you... All jokes aside, we realize our timeline to launch Erica has really dragged out. Both Mantosh and I have had a very hard start in 2023. Personally, I almost lost my wife earlier this year in a surgery gone wrong and recently lost a brother. Mantosh, who enjoys suffering in silence, has had his share of hardships as well. That said, life happens, we get that, and life happening is exactly why L2toggle exists. A botting allowed server where you can grind while at work, at school, or just cause you don't feel like being on the PC that evening but still want to progress. Erica comes with those same quality of life upgrades you have enjoyed in our previous servers which include mass party teleporting, .town, quick party confirmations, just to name a few. Due to popular demand for a slightly harder server, Erica will have a heavily reduced community buffer (newbie buffs) and retail like buff durations. Mana potions have been a topic of a conversations and have been reduced to 150 total MP (10MP/second for 15 seconds) and their cost has been increased. In short, you'll need buffers and rechargers. We also recognize change isn't for everyone and if you still prefer the current setup that our Bartz server is based on, don't worry. Bartz is, and always will, remain open per our 'no wipes' pledge we made 3 years ago. Looking forward to seeing you all on May 27th! Happy Toggling! ~[GM]Arthose
  14. You can get debuff ID by going to user then effects in your adrenaline window and seeing the debuff ID
  15. taro


    Its very easy. You start L2Project, then a window opens. You need to make a xml File for each character. I have added a basic template just to connect (from this forum). very easy, hope that helps L2Toggle Connect01.xml
  16. Hello, yes it works on high five 5 servers. For settings, you only need to enter the IP address and port of the game server
  17. Hey gcrank, hope someone can reply to your request. Btw, do you know if this boy can be used for H5 servers? is there any tutorial to learn how to set up this bot for any other h5 servers? Thanks!
  18. diegoto


    Hello, is this bot still usable? I would like to know if it can be used for High Five servers?
  19. Hello! Can you provide the API for the l2project for scripting purposes?
  20. I am searching for this, if somebody has the solution please place it here Thanks
  21. Arthose


    Cubics tested, 15 minute duration. We will be fixed to 20 minute duration. Thanks for reporting.
  22. Arthose


    This task is waiting on me to test. Is this all cubics or only certain ones?
  23. Thorkun


    Hi there, had it been fixed yet??
  24. Hello, I do not figure out how I can identify debuff ID or how to set the use of the Cleanse/MassCleanse/Vitalize/Purify ... on my Cardinal. I guess the setting is somewhere in the Condtions Options where I see Buff ID but I don't see how to put it right. Thank you for you answers guys ...
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