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  4. + Added/Enabled - Removed/Disabled * Fixed/Edited * Increased Mechanic Golem and Dark Panther duration to 12 hours + Voice command .openatod - quick and easy way to open Ancient Tome of Demon. * Summer Melon event fixes + Starting Adena for newbies * Updated which raids drop CoL
  5. Mantosh

    Summer Melons

    Greetings Botters! We are happy to announce that the Summer Melons event has started! Collect Nectar, grow watermelons and reap rewards like Enchant Scrolls, Giant's Codex, Forgotten Skill Books, PvP Belts and more! Hoard Nectars until Sunday, when Watermelon Seeds will become available for growing - rewards are disabled until then. You'll be able to obtain Nectar for three weeks (May 13th - June 2nd). Rewards will be enabled this Sunday and will be available for 4 weeks (May 16th - June 13th)
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  7. And I thought I got them all, thanks! I patched Mechanic Golem and Dark Panther straight away, it will go live during next maintenance. I checked the changes made and I see that Imperial Pheonix should be 12 hours. I also summoned one to see if it's actually working. I'll report back if it's not actually working. Edit: it works
  8. Thanks for extending the lifespan of the summons. But what about crafters/Dark Avengerd and Paladins?
  9. + Added/Enabled - Removed/Disabled * Fixed/Edited * Character can obtain multiple Subclass Certification books + Subclass Certification shortcuts to Grand Masters * Increased all summons duration to 12 hours * Reduced Epics' defense * Reduce Raids' regeneration boost + Core Teleportation Cubic (Core room doors are no long unlockable) * Reduce boat state announcement range + Last Tyrannosaurus SA leveling + ATOD, 1st & 2nd pages, and DCF now tradeable/droppable * Adjust Queen Ant Larva’s defense * Reduce Anakim Transformation drop chance * Rebalance Anakim
  10. Weird. If you can, please DM me on Discord so we could expedite the issue. Edit: I just tested and it works fine here. Have you tried relogging?
  11. I don't know if i'm making a mistake in any way. Could someone help me please? I'm logged in to the master account, but when i try to change any of my passwords, i just can't and the following message is displayerd: "Error! That account doesn't belong to you!"
  12. Hello everyone, Since I have received multiple requests for extending the "Pets" functionality, here is the latest L2Project version 2.1.9 https://mega.nz/file/BEIFXaIC#pjUlOX2Z-0CeLRgAapOMwz5YFkB-VFAMirVpPZscCFU It comes with the following new features: a new "Pet" tab is now added (hidden by default). Just summon a pet or a servitor in order to see the new tab. the old "Pets" tab is now moved under "Party" tab Pet details like Level, HP, MP, Exp, Food, etc. Pet Information - showing stats like P.Atk., Crit. Rate, etc. Pet Actions - the ba
  13. Mantosh

    Death Penality

    I don't know what bot you're using, but afair it was fairly easy to set up death penalty clearing on Adrenaline. Or is there a different issue here?
  14. Sure Karma base gain is increased 2x Karma loss by SP is reduced 3x Karma loss on death is reduced 2x Equipment (Weapon/Armor) drop chances are increased too. It shouldn't be possible to drop Augmented items.
  15. + Added/Enabled - Removed/Disabled * Fixed/Edited * Dragon Valley and Lair of Antharas spawns rework (feedback welcome) * Anakim transform nerf * Boost Tiat stats, AI tweaks, drops, and SA leveling chances * Disable buff removal on instance entrance - Freya Normal/Hard, Seed of Infinity, Hall of Suffering * Increase drop chance of Key of the Evil Eye and Gate Key: Darkness * Fix for Pailaka - Song of Ice and Fire (needs testing) * Fix doors’ stats * Fix to Cancel type skills rate * Adjust (NPC) Paralysis landing chances * Reduce Knoriks debuff duration * Origin
  16. Would like to revisit this discussion. @Mantosh Can you confirm the drop rate and pk amount for Kain is retail(or similar) and the possibility of augmented weapon drop. Thanks
  17. Jdub

    Death Penality

    There is an additional penalty during pvp events that is much worse. Will not let u buff, is not removable, and has greater stat penalties. The normal death penalty is annoying because it usually goes unnoticed and is never removed without a scroll. Increasing the experience loss when you die from mobs level 76 + would could balance this out. IE 1% -> 2%, just an idea.
  18. This was happening to me too, but I haven't found a solution.
  19. hello, From time to time (randomly) the bot (project) stops attacking and I have to go and click manually on a mob in order to resume. Is there anything else I can do? thx
  20. Going to need a little more information than "Not work". It has, and continues to work fine for me.
  21. Mantosh

    Death Penality

    Thanks @Arthose Death Penalty serves as a (surprise surprise) penalty for dying. In other games you'd lose gold, or spend it on repairs. On L2 you get weaker if you don't eat colored paper slips. Also, technically it helps fight inflation too. I wouldn't like to remove it, but I'm open to suggestions how to improve it.
  22. Hello, does it give you any errors?
  23. Thank you very much for checking this question. I have Kookaburras between levels 25 to 70. I know that the recharge comes only after level 55 or 60, but they didn't even use the "Battle Heal" skills, which they should earn even at level 25. Maybe my "two-headed chickens" don't like me and want to see me dead without an MP. =( Thank you again for checking, I will evolve my Kookaburras further, so I believe that the problem will be solved, since your lvl 85 can use recharge. My favorite hobby is to search for and evolve pets in the game, such as wolf, dragon and baby pets =D
  24. Hey, sorry for your inconvenience. What's your Kookaburra's level? I've just tried Kookaburra (lvl 85) mana recharge and it works. I was low on MP and in combat.
  25. + Added/Enabled - Removed/Disabled * Fixed/Edited * Epics respawn changes: QA: 24±4 → 36±4 Core: 60±23 → 36±4 Orfen: 48±20 → 48±8 Valakas: 264+8 → 144+8 Antharas: 192+8 → 144+8 + QA, Core, and Orfen respawns to .epic * Normal Freya nerfed (feedback greatly appreciated) * Orfen stats boosted * Zaken Instances no longer remove buffs * Fixed Frintezza consuming quest item * Hall of Erosion & Heart of Infinity minimum player requirement reduced to 9 * Dragon Valley Paralysis Nerf - increased cooldown; reduced radius; reduced duration *
  26. Hello friends! Dear GM, please check that Baby pets, especially "Kookaburra" are working properly. On the BARTZ server I asked for your help, but I believe you found nothing. I am sure the healing and recovery skills are not working properly, I have tested it in every way I know, but I have not been able to get them to support me. Baby or improved pets do not heal, regardless of character level, class, combat status, active bot or not. I apologize if I'm subscribing or if I'm wrong, I just like to see them working on the server See you, thank you! (Using g
  27. I've been a heartbreaker for years. My Ex-Wife can verify. Good group of guys, hardcore gamer group.
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