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  6. Unfortunately, the cracked version doesn't have that feature, nor it supports packets. Sorry
  7. Ohhh Thanks!! The only way is paying it.
  8. Yes! Paid adrenaline has script recorder feature (red dot icon above scripting IDE). You would click record, run around, stop recording, and copy/paste ready `moveTo(coords)` snippets into your main script.
  9. Hello!! I need to do some scripts where the char have to move. Is there any automatic way of catching the locations in a list or something like that?? Now I am moving the char by hand, using /LOC and puting it by hand in the script... So if I need 100 moves, the work for making it is horrible. Any idea? Thanks!!
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  11. ++++up! please increase the duration of these buffs I'm already tired of running to the city!!!!
  12. thanks man, that was driving me nuts.
  13. Yes! You've enabled `translit` option under .cfg options. It toggles through 3 options, so you might need to switch it twice to set it to disabled.
  14. Yeah, weird right? So in game, all of my words are in english, but the letters themselves look like theyre in cyrrilic. Like... what? Meaning that this: Is displayed like this: Any idea what might be causing that?
  15. ssdsds

    Deadz Interface

    soon as I attempt to login, it crashes, any ideas?
  16. Hey. Could you name a few examples? With screenshots if possible.
  17. Also, just FYI, the reason you aren't seeing the "Run As Administrator" option in the right click menu of the Adrenaline executable is because that's normal for .exe's. right click any exe and youll get that same advanced properties list you posted: to get the "Run As Administrator" option for any exe via a properties > Advanced button, you would need to create a shortcut for it, which does have the "Run As Administrator" option in its Advanced button: But, unless im imagining things, you won't be running adrenaline yourself anyway, since adsmon should be opening it automatically. Did that make sense?
  18. Not sure if i'm missing something but have you tried clicking this? O.o Not meaning to be cheeky or anything, but it doesn't look like you set it to run as admin. just sayin. That said, if you're really having trouble with it, i could write up a powershell script to force it, i'm sure. assuming you have local admin which i can only assume you do if you can run it as admin with the right-click context menu option.
  19. hi guys, some of the icons like skills and mounts its icons are black and also mounts i cant see them or cast them when using interface, its doenst show on skills window. can any one help me?
  20. Mantosh


    It should, yes.
  21. ssdsds


    does this still work?
  22. Is this program still being developed?
  23. It may be old...but maybe someone can help me. I have a strange problem. I dont have the option to "run as administrator" on adrenaline.exe. Yes it can be selected manually , but the problem is that adsmon2 he just execute the normal adrenalin.exe That beeing said when i start lineage in administrator mode i get this error and ofcourse is not hooking up the client
  24. Mantosh

    Epic Drop

    Hi, that's unfortunate, but you could have moved it away from the ramp. I'll contact you through private messages.
  25. Samir

    Epic Drop

    Hi guys, I farmed baium today, but i wasn't able to take the drop, the drop was on that f....g stage where baium stands. what i can do to take that drop? can any admin help?
  26. qscy003


    I'm having the same issue as you, but if I use version 2.1.7 I can log in without any problems
  27. qscy003


    Can you send me a copy?
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