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  3. We fans had some discussion and we voted about some key features of the new upcoming server, initially named Lionna. The Lionna server and its name has a special, nostalgic place in @Mantosh's heart. He wishes to save the Lionna name for a special future project. As such, the next server formerly known as Lionna, will now be Kain. Kain, or Gran Kain, has a rich heritage found within the Lore of Lineage2. He, Gran Kain, and Einhasad were the two which brought forth all of creation as we know it. Toggle's new Season will be the Kain ser
  4. Version 2.1.7


    Lineage 2 High Five bot - L2Project Shared by @Nick Find more info on L2Project forums
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  6. Quoted from https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/6018-the-past-the-lore-of-the-game-and-love-for-l2-erased/ author of post: Juji posted on October 16, 2018 Lineage II Lore (2003~2012) The Legend Prologue: By the Bonfire. He drew a deep breath, inhaled the smoke, and let it out slowly. Most of his face was hidden under a thick, old hood, and behind him there was only pitch darkness. In the dim glow of the pipe it was impossible to see his features. He introduced himself as a bard - yet no one believed him, as his voice was thick a
  7. Anyone has the 2.1.7 version? Links are dead.
  8. I remember we discussed this concept before I like it, but it messes with dynamics quite a bit, don't you think?
  9. That's what a shopping character is for LOL, but it sounds like your not a fan.
  10. Towns are where you meet, trade, and stare at OE weapons.
  11. I'd love it if we could send and receive mail, so long long as we're not in combat. Personally, I'm not a fan of returning to town. Maybe this could be a feature of premium accounts. Any thoughts?
  12. Hey Mike! @Vykaax shared this over on discord. Hope it helps L2Project_API.txt
  13. Hello i like this Project. Is there and Overview / Documentation for the Classes, Methods etc. So i can write my own scripts? Thx Mike
  14. Shook

    Team Recruiting

    We are very excited about our new Lineage2Toggle project launch and we are looking for passionate people to join our support team. Botting and Lineage2 High Five itself can be intimidating to start for the first time or return after a break. We're looking for members of the Lineage 2 community who would like to help guide others through botting and Lineage2 High Five. To apply, please create a topic (only visible to you and the team) under the Support Team Applications sub-category with some information about yourself, any previous experience, and why do you think you’
  15. Shook

    Team Growth

    Hello Togglers! Excited to be a part of our community. I will be around as much as I can during "EU" prime time to assist you.
  16. Mantosh

    Team Growth

    Hello fellow botters! After the hard lessons from Bartz and with the new project coming up, it is clear that we need more presence on the team. Thankfully our community is filled with great and knowledgeable people! Without a further ado, I'm excited to welcome @Shook to the L2Toggle Support Team! @Shook generously agreed to help our community by providing support and oversight in and out of game. He will also overlook GM recruiting efforts. Please join me in welcoming @Shook to the team! P.S. We are actively recruiting GMs and @Shook will create a post with more detail
  17. I'm excited! Make sure to let us know when Alt-B buffs are set-up like server will be so we can start testing.
  18. So, limit those zones to 10, but Farming wise no limit?
  19. so my clan has 20 ppl = 20 pt so no zerg u want no domination i suggest to set antharas valakas baium aq with same drops same dificult all 85 lvl all epic chance 100% spawn every saturday before TW
  20. 1. Community Board (Alt+B) Buffs We will have buffs on Community Board. 80% of you voted to have some sort of buffs. I believe the following option will be a best compromise - "Yes, but partial. Including: Resists, Summoners', and Warsmiths'. Excluding: Counter Critical/Dance of Berserker/etc." 2. Mana Potion We will have mana potions. Again, 80% of you voted to have some sort of mana potions. Instant mana restoration with cooldown seemed to be the most popular. We will test to see the exact amount. 3. How much zerg is too much? 85% of voters chose to have some kin
  21. Poll closed. I'll review votes and post results and decision later today. I've read many great suggestions and I'm very happy that so many people are so passionate about the game A full launch feature list will follow soon after. Server setup will be updated throughout next week to bring it to Beta Testing.
  22. All I know is, I'd like enough Alt-B buffs to be able to level subs comfortably without needing to create OOP buffers., or have to radically rethink my party make-up for subclasses.
  23. Which one of the mana options in the poll is most like Bartz?
  24. yeah i am trying and some other people too cause we are a lot of people that we are searching for a bot server right now and we are awaiting yours to play... and the faster things getting clear the faster the server will open!
  25. Forum is limited to 3 poll questions unfortunately No worries. I'll filter out bots and consolidate responses. We cannot make everyone happy, but it's getting clearer to me where the majority is heading. Regarding teleports. Retail + a few QoL spots. Thanks for feedback!
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