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    Nevit's Hourglass

    We can take from NPC every 20 hours, can you make to take it every 12 hours, like Bless of Vitality from Steve. https://clip2net.com/s/4dxfLej And now Countdown Nevit's Hourglass item 12 hours, but must be without CD. https://c2n.me/4dxfPHK And one more. For Newbie you can sell item Nevit's Hourglass - 4 hour ( ID 17211) at Vote shop, 1 FA=1Nevit's Hourglass, so players can take 4 FA every day by votting and use for 16 hours vith bonus.
  4. I would like to discuss the limit of sharpening armor at the Olympics. It would not be bad if the maximum level was raised to +10, since it is this value that gives the maximum HP increase. The total amount of HP and defense will also increase, which will make the battles longer and give each class a better opening. There are also classes in the game, the success of which at the Olympics directly depends on the HP, which the chiseled armor gives. For example, Grand Khavatary and Titan, which, thanks to sharpened armor, can merge under Zealot in literally 2 seconds, which diversifies battle strategies. Well, as well as chiseled jewelry by +10 will give more chances against magicians, who now have battles lasting until the first crit.
  5. What do de Paladins summon???
  6. Sorry, problem fixed. My patch was broken.
  7. Celestial is working fine. As far as I remember most interfaces have autoremove on celestial shield by default. Check your interface options and give us feedback.
  8. Do you have any bugs with that interface you're using?
  9. Thanks for reporting. I'll get back to you, when I have more info.
  10. Here a bug with celestial shield. If i use this skill - its removed from character in 1 sec.
  11. + Added/Enabled - Removed/Disabled * Fixed/Edited * Reduce characters required to level up a Clan (30-80 -> 10-50): Clan Level 6: 10 members Clan Level 7: 20 members Clan Level 8: 30 members Clan Level 9: 40 members Clan Level 10: 50 members Clan Level 11: 50 members * Nevit’s Hourglass cooldown set to 12 hours * Fix Drop and Spoil rate increase by Vitality * Warehouse manager text typo
  12. + Added/Enabled - Removed/Disabled * Fixed/Edited * Summons will no longer disappear on entering Olympiad fight * Nerf QA Larva defences + Epic, PvP, and Siege zones char limit (Beta mode) * Nerf Raid Boss extra (CoL & FA) drops by 10% * Reduce characters required to start Olympiad fights (Class 10->6; Non-class 10->4) * Melons Event rewards rework * L2Day Event rewards rework * Update Offline Buffer buffs list + Epics’ Entry items to vote & donate store
  13. Kain Default Alt+B buffs (Credit to Ryu on discord) Defender bbshome 11 16 15 Warrior bbshome 11 17 15 Mystic bbshome 11 18 15
  14. Fixed. Thank you Let us know if you find more
  15. Fix please buffstore for Hierophant. I can't sell usefull buff: -Resist FireAqua/Wind/Holy/Dark -Profecy of Fire https://c2n.me/4cS3V25 https://c2n.me/4cS3Vcp And you can delete useless buff, we can buff it from Alt+B
  16. Та же проблема. Проблема на стороне сервера.
  17. He resolved it by launching apps and L2 client with administrator privileges and shared info on discord.
  18. Shom me a text in green window.
  19. Hello, adrenaline starts normally, but it doesn't see the character
  20. Greetings Botters! We are happy to announce that the L2Day Letter Collectors Event is starting this Friday, July 9th! Collect all the different letters, arrange words and reap rewards like Enchant Scrolls, Forgotten Skill Books, PvP Belts, attributes and more! Hoard collected letters until next Saturday, July 17th, when the rewards options will appear on the event NPC - rewards are disabled until then.
  21. how to use via proxy ? )
  22. Sharing @Nick's message from discord: Edit: It's also available in the downloads section
  23. So you enter the instance, you check the first floor by lighting up the barrels, and then you cannot pass to 2nd floor? What's blocking it?
  24. I mean I cannot check other floors Anyway, something is wrong with zaken, he is not there
  25. Hey I'm confused, what gates are you talking about exactly?
  26. Hi @Mantosh, Having an issue with Zaken daytime on Bartz - he is not there and the gates from 2nd floor are always closed. Can you please check? Thanks
  27. Is this still pre configured with L2 toggle ip address?
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