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  4. Hello gm good evening, would it be possible to adjust the conquerable clan hall to have a siege day, so we can invoke the same.
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  6. Mantosh


    It works if all bot protections are disabled
  7. Arthose


    works for L2Toggle
  8. I would like to know this as well.
  9. @taroΙ followed your guide, does this still work? (High5 client) Server options: Console messages:
  10. We are continuously working on network configurations, trying to minimize interruptions and disconnects. If you notice changes for worse, please report it to me. + Added/Enabled - Removed/Disabled * Fixed/Edited * [Erica] Territory War will now take place at the same time as on Bartz * [Erica] Fixed Fishing! * [Erica] Increased L2Day Letter drop chance - [Bartz] Removed max level cap from “Break Through The Hall of Suffering” quest + Weight capacity multiplier (x100) now affects pets * Fix Academy html * Fix Core dropping low B grade weapon
  11. Some of the changes were made and deployed during prior maintenances. + Added/Enabled - Removed/Disabled * Fixed/Edited * [Bartz] Fix Clan Hall Minimum Bid * [Erica] Item Auction (Giran/Aden/Rune) upgraded to next stage * [Erica] Nerfed Great Chaos Golem damage a little * [Erica] Nerfed Core minion count and stats * Orfen now drops top A grade weapons and armors * Improved Clan Hall Auction html
  12. matheus


    Queria saber se tem alguem que consiga modificar esses dois arquivos para que eles fiquem sempre validado, pois ele tem validade a cada 30 dias pagando!
  13. More Than Meets the Eye quest - Start quest at Hardin's TP from Oren
  14. Hi everybody... I have done all 3 subclass and took 6 emergent abilitys + 3 class abilitys teleport ivory tower 2nd floor speak with Avand Garde transformation wizard try to learn skills and.. What im missing plz help Sorry for my english
  15. thanks, works better than my version
  16. Extremely unlikely. Unless a server admin misconfigures the server, the cracked adr shouldn't work.
  17. does it work on L2 Scryde ?
  18. use cracked version for win 10. make compability for win 8: l2.exe, adrenaline all 3 files. next step: give acces threw win fire wall and in windows defender fire wall make inbound and outbound rules for l2 and adrenaline. maybe will need restart pc after making rules.
  19. How did you make L2walker OOG work?
  20. does anybody has scroll of recovery script for death penalty?
  21. it works on only payed adrenaline, not cracked. If you want alt + B buff, try this, works on Erica server: engine.bypasstoserver('_bbshome',true); // Alt B delay(500); engine.bypasstoserver('11',true); // Buffs delay(500); engine.bypasstoserver('17',true); // 17 - Warrior //18 - Mystic delay(500); engine.bypasstoserver('16',true); // 15 - Buff Me //16 - Buff Party
  22. Hello Guys, i new on server and i looking for help i search Adrenalin Script for record all ALT+B request i make in .txt i found this script but doenst work ! This Line " A.Text:= Engine.CbText; " is red in Adrenaline. all suggest are welcome thx
  23. this is actually working pretty well, thank you
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