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  3. He resolved it by launching apps and L2 client with administrator privileges and shared info on discord.
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  5. Shom me a text in green window.
  6. Hello, adrenaline starts normally, but it doesn't see the character
  7. Greetings Botters! We are happy to announce that the L2Day Letter Collectors Event is starting this Friday, July 9th! Collect all the different letters, arrange words and reap rewards like Enchant Scrolls, Forgotten Skill Books, PvP Belts, attributes and more! Hoard collected letters until next Saturday, July 17th, when the rewards options will appear on the event NPC - rewards are disabled until then.
  8. I'll take a better look. Thanks
  9. I have a problem with create buffstore. My Elven Elder can't sell usefuul enchanted buffs: Clarity, Resist Dark, Prophecy of Water, Resist Shock. And nice be to ad a Noblesse Blessing to SellStore https://c2n.me/4cBabmk
  10. how to use via proxy ? )
  11. Sharing @Nick's message from discord: Edit: It's also available in the downloads section
  12. So you enter the instance, you check the first floor by lighting up the barrels, and then you cannot pass to 2nd floor? What's blocking it?
  13. I mean I cannot check other floors Anyway, something is wrong with zaken, he is not there
  14. Hey I'm confused, what gates are you talking about exactly?
  15. Hi @Mantosh, Having an issue with Zaken daytime on Bartz - he is not there and the gates from 2nd floor are always closed. Can you please check? Thanks
  16. Is this still pre configured with L2 toggle ip address?
  17. Alright, I'll set it to not disappear. Thanks for doing the research!
  18. Server L2.ru. Its a russiam official server. Video from 2011. Elemental master. At the 7:16 EM start olympiad, we can see timer( 60 sec to fight) and he start 60 sec with summon. All the time when you port ot arena summons and cubics do not unsummon. unsumon only pets. https://l2wiki.com/World_Olympiad https://c2n.me/4cdLja4
  19. Hi. Well according to source retail behavior is removing summons on entering Oly.
  20. When, before a fight at the Olympiad, one calls a samon (golem), then after the port the samon disappears into the arena and has to be called again. Its a bug. pls fix it.
  21. + Added/Enabled - Removed/Disabled * Fixed/Edited * Summer Melon Event rewards rotation, see rewards list for more details. (Giant Codexes out, Attribute Stones in, Forgotten Scrolls Rotation) * Fix Baium Respawn * Fix Rafforty Blessed Freya Exchange script and dialogs + GM helper function to review Olympiad Games and IP restrictions * Fix missing notifications when registering to Olympiad from same IP
  22. Of course! I went to the different respawns and took a photo of the location.
  23. Sure thing. While you're there, could you share /loc info to save us some time? Thanks
  24. Could the adminstrators check the monster's respawn? It is being born on top of mountains and often among mountains. After a while, it is impossible to spoil him because they are all on top of montains. Can you check it please? Thanks!
  25. + Added/Enabled - Removed/Disabled * Fixed/Edited * Increase Valakas skills Fire Attribute by ~30% and skill damage by ~10% * Decrease Hard Freya HP/P.def/M.def by ~10% * Possible fix for characters getting stuck in Olympiad state
  26. Mantosh

    Summer Melons

    Rewards List* Crystal (D-S Grade) Gemstone (A-S Grade) Ancient Adena Knight's Epaulette Noble Enhancement Stone Blessed Scroll of Escape/Resurrection Enchant Armor (D-S Grade) Enchant Weapon (D-S Grade) Blessed Enchant Armor (D-S Grade) Blessed Enchant Weapon (D-S Grade) Giant's Codex Giant's Codex - Mastery Attribute Stones Life-Stone Level 84 (High-Top Grade) Neolithic Crystal (B-S84 Grade) - Weekly Bonus - Chance Increased Dual Craft Stamp [Forgotten Scrolls rewards pool will be rotating between classes/categories] Forgotten Scroll - Counter Critical Forgotten Scroll - Dance of Berserker Forgotten Scroll - Song of Purification Forgotten Scroll - Seed of Revenge Forgotten Scroll - Hell Scream Forgotten Scroll - Spirit of Phoenix Forgotten Scroll - Eva's Will / Touch of Eva Forgotten Scroll - Pain of Shillien Forgotten Scroll - Flame Armor Forgotten Scroll - Frost Armor Forgotten Scroll - Hurricane Armor Forgotten Scroll - Vampiric Mist Forgotten Scroll - Sublime Self Sacrifice Forgotten Scroll - Blessing of Eva Forgotten Scroll - Lord of Vampire Bracelet (A-S Grade) Top-grade Mithril Belt (PvP Physical Attack/Skill Attack/Defence) Watermelon Hat Demon Horns Mask of Spirits Calculator Santa's Hat Chrono Darbuka Chrono Maracas Chrono Unitus Chrono Campana Salvation Bow Teddy Bear Hat - Blessed Resurrection Effect Piggy Hat - Blessed Resurrection Effect Jester Hat - Blessed Resurrection Effect Wizard's Hat - Blessed Resurrection Effect Dapper Cap - Blessed Resurrection Effect Romantic Chapeau - Blessed Resurrection Effect Iron Circlet - Blessed Resurrection Effect Teddy Bear Hat - Blessed Escape Effect Piggy Hat - Blessed Escape Effect Jester Hat - Blessed Escape Effect Wizard's Hat - Blessed Escape Effect Dapper Cap - Blessed Escape Effect Romantic Chapeau - Blessed Escape Effect Iron Circlet - Blessed Escape Effect Teddy Bear Hat - Big Head Piggy Hat - Big Head Jester Hat - Big Head Wizard Hat - Big Head Dapper Hat - Big Head Romantic Chapeau - Big Head Iron Circlet - Big Head Teddy Bear Hat - Firework Piggy Hat - Firework Jester Hat - Firework Wizard's Hat - Firework Dapper Hat - Firework Romantic Chapeau - Firework Iron Circlet - Firework * Rewards list and chances are subject to change at any time Strikeout items are not currently in rotation
  27. + Added/Enabled - Removed/Disabled * Fixed/Edited * Summer Melon event changes and fixes - Rewards list, Type rewards modifiers (Defective/Regular/Large), NPC Dialog * Reduce minimum players to start Olympiad battles. 4 players for non-class based. 6 players for class based * Quest Only What Remains rework - increased Q item limit to 4k, completing the quest exchanges all rewards at once. * Reduce CoL drop chance
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