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  3. This one is old :/, I already thought something like that. I just create a new one ; only 1,003,774 EXP wasted
  4. Hi, could you verify if all your characters are new (created within 2 weeks) or registered to 7s?
  5. When i try to teleport into necropolis or catacomb nothing happens. It's only char the other work nicely.
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  7. function TL2Control.LoadItems(ToWH: Boolean; List: array of Cardinal): Boolean; begin Engine.LoadItems(True, [148, 1, 50, 10000]); //put in warehouse: Sword Of Valhalla(x1), Adena(x10000); Engine.LoadItems(False, [148, 1, 50, 10000]); //take to warehouse: Sword Of Valhalla(x1), Adena(x10000); end. this no work free vesion l2adrenaline
  8. sorry for the spelling mistakes, i'm not very fluent in english
  9. Good Night GM \o/ I would like to check if the timing of some buffs is correct, such as dance of berserker, critical counter, because both are lasting the same 11 Hrs, and this is a little annoying, because I always have to go to giran to buy this buff from a friend who sell ^^ would it be possible to adjust for both to last 11 hrs? Thanks for your time and support, the server is getting better every day
  10. I found l2project always use 268 protocol,but some server use protocol 273,so could we edit it ?
  11. Everything working, Thnans, sorry inconvenience
  12. yep it slows things down in the beginning yell and someone will often five adena or vote, .votereward and sell to shops in giran
  13. did you use duals to do dance of fury?
  14. Hey, it goes up to 99.99% and prevents you from leveling up We're glad you're enjoying it! Cheers
  15. Good Night GM \o/ I would like to know if the command block experience is having a problem? or if I need to do something specific for it to work, because when I turn on the command, it doesn't work, because the character continues to gain experience. Thanks for your attention, a big hug, the server is excellent, keep it up
  16. 100% they have protection(s) against bots. You could try paid adrenaline, but you should check with reseller first if it will work on the server you want. We disabled bot detection and protections on Toggle, that's why it works here.
  17. I can't make work on L2 Damage Interlude
  18. Thanks for the help, Rolffus! I've never used a script, but I'll search this link you sent me, trying to learn.
  19. example https://github.com/Vykaax/L2Project-Scripts/blob/main/item_buyer.js
  20. + Added/Enabled - Removed/Disabled * Fixed/Edited + Teleport whole party when re-entering instance * Reduce Hellbound: Urban Area instance re-entry timeout * Community Buffer scheme editing * GM helper functions
  21. Hello! Yes they are. There's a low (but not rare) chance to get them from the Letter event. Let the odds be with you!
  22. Hi and welcome I haven't heard from anyone that dances do not work. Please PM me on discord so we could check it out together. Thanks
  23. Mantosh


    Hi, we didn't change cubic duration, but I'll take a look.
  24. Good Night GM \o/ I Would like to know if the Neolithic Crystal Grade B,A,S,S80 e S84 items are available on the server? Thank you, Hug to all
  25. Good Night Guys \o/ I'm getting in touch to report that the dance of fury buff is not working, the char uses the skill but it doesn't work on the char when you can fix it thank you Server is very good and funny, congratulation
  26. Does anyone have a version of this script that works? The version i have, halts at the line const packet = new PacketReader(p.splice(2, p.length - 2)); // PacketReader is embedded with the bot and i never played around with packets and stuff before, so i have no idea on how to fix it.
  27. Im fairly sure you need a script to do what you want. I couldnt get the summoner attack with mele, without writing a script. Documentation : https://neo279.github.io/l2project-doc/index.html
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