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  1. Not yet, i dont have more teories to test. =/
  2. Hello guys! I have a doubt, how i can use improved pets? My Kookaburra cant recharge or heal, and some people tell me of have the same problem on others pets. If anyone know how to use this, go help me a lot! For knoweledge - I'm in the same level of pet; the pet have food and hp/mp full; dont have karma; i tested in combat instance and not; tested in fighters and mystic classes; tested in multiple maps (peaceful and no). Thanks for readers!Shot00037.bmp
  3. Thanks for answer! Maybe my research refert to others Lineage 2 chronicles My sources: https://l2wiki.com/Wyvern https://www.lineage2scarlet.com/forum/threads/421/ Have a nice day!
  4. Hello! Dear GM, i'm triing complete my dream of use a Wyvern '--'. Now, i have a clan lvl 5 (i'm leader) and this clan have a clan hall in aden town (Silver Manor). My strider is 55 lvl and the clan leader have B-Crystals in your inventory, but the Gatepeeker NPC dont show me the option "Exhange wyvern". If possible check it for me, i think can have a problem =/ Thanks for the server and support! (I dont speak english)
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