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  1. You can try this one https://github.com/devmvalvm/L2Net
  2. l2.ini -> L2.net -> IG -> profit -> good
  3. Didn't I say one thing at a time? lol. Having quite fun actually. That's what I (maybe we) call ChatControl or CC. I wrote quite extensive such script for Adrenaline, but haven't found time converting it to JJ. What I found in the archive is a script I wrote to send out academy (and later clan) invites, so our clanmates could always get an invite (and some cash). Here's a part of it which you could easily extend into your function calling and later on function call parsing as you've described. DEFINE_GLOBAL STRING ChatCommandExampleName "ActualChatTextToTriggerAnAction" // This is the bind on event to call ChatCheck function; 25 is (as far as I remember) EVENT (Action) ID SET_EVENT "<&SCRIPTEVENT_CHAT&>" "<&SYSTEM_CURRENTFILE&>" ChatCheck 25 // Infinity loop so that script wouldn't quit WHILE ZERO == ZERO SLEEP 2000 WEND END_SCRIPT FUNCTION ChatCheck IF MESSAGETYPE == CHANNEL_PRIVATE //In your example use CLAN or ALLY here IF MESSAGE == ChatCommandExampleName DEFINE INT CharID 0 CHAR_GET_ID CharID "<&SENDERNAME&>" SLEEP 500 // Do something else; In our case it was sending an academy invite SLEEP 200 SAY_TEXT "<&CHANNEL_PRIVATE&>" "Welcome to 'Get A Life' Clan! Happy Leveling!" "<&SENDERNAME&>" ENDIF // Other message triggers <...> ENDIF RETURN VOID By the way, I had a similar idea a few years ago. Ended up building a site to add things to the task queue The hardest part was creating actual scripts to perform things IG. Stopped after 3 weeks. One day...
  4. Exactly The point would be that multiple things could be ran separately from each other. If you'd do one loop that would go through all the check and call functions in one thread then bot would do only that one thing until it's done. If it's casting a spell it wouldn't check for potion usage (just an example). Another thing to consider, you could pause threaded loops with global variables for cases like if the character is now in town, so a restock function will be called. While that is in progress we might want to stop auto potions, because it might interrupt purchasing (item usage closes trade dialog). Not a great example, but I hope it makes sense. Each parameter or each NPC? Parameter: NpcList.P.HP > 0 Each NPC: NpcList.CLEAR <---- btw, this name was not changed GET_NPCS NpcList SLEEP 500 FOREACH P Npc NpcList NpcList.P.PARAMATER NEXTEACH Note: NpcList wasn't cleared every loop. Maybe you've noticed by now. It would skip dead mobs that didn't fade-out yet.
  5. Hey! Let's try to simplify things and work one thing at a time. I can't promise you much, but let's see what we can do THREAD CheckEQ THREAD Get_Target THREAD Check_Dead THREAD Check_Buffs //-- ^ is this the main order in which things happen? and then the while keeps these looping? Please clarify. Yes, these call functions into separate threads, so that they can run independently. //--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FUNCTION CheckEQ <..> DO GET_INVENTORY INV_LIST SLEEP 500 FOREACH I Inventory INV_LIST IF INV_LIST.I.NAME == "#$<&WEAPON&>" IF INV_LIST.I.EQUIPPED == #i0 PRINT_TEXT " Equipping <&WEAPON&> ]" INJECT "<&USE_ME&>" ENDIF ENDIF NEXTEACH SLEEP 1000 LOOP 1 == 1 RETURN VOID The DO - LOOP 1 == 1 is the part that is looping inside of a thread, so it's always checking the inventory. You can find DO - LOOP 1 == 1 in Get_Target function too. //-- need to verify the CHAR_* vs a possible NPC_*. It's likely, but unsure DISTANCE dist NpcList.P.X NpcList.P.Y NpcList.P.Z CHAR_X CHAR_Y CHAR_Z The distance calculation is correct. IF ( NpcList.P.ATTACKABLE == 1 ) && ( NpcList.P.LOOKS_DEAD == 0 ) I would change PVPFLAG to ATTACKABLE. I'm not sure if NPCs have LOOKS_DEAD but you can test it out.
  6. Hey! Glad to see another insane gamer around! Shame that the forum went away. I came back to L2Net few years ago and I definitely feel your pain. I ended up reading shared scripts and later on dug into the source of L2Net. There you can check what those methods actually do. I built a few extensive scripts, mostly processing and building packets myself. But in the end, it was easier for me to just code a feature into the bot instead of trying to deal with low level scripting language. What question do you have, maybe I'll be able to help you.
  7. + Added/Enabled - Removed/Disabled * Fixed/Edited * Changed SoA rotation * Updated Lucky Pigs drops and Golder Pig chances All Master Accounts with characters logged last week received MA Premium until 11/8. You might need to do a full relog, because it was applied after the server started.
  8. Hey, try this L2Project v2.1.4
  9. + Added/Enabled - Removed/Disabled * Fixed/Edited + Reenabled Party Quest Follow * Golden Pig chance increased * Lucky pig chance for rewards increased (depends on how many times it was fed) * Lucky pig rewards table reworked * Blood Alliance are now tradeable * Minor typos on Community Board Previously added: + Title Color change tokens for PC Bang Points at Adventure Guildsman and for Coins of Luck at Dimensional Merchant
  10. Mantosh

    L2Toggle Off-Season

    Hello fellow botters, I am making it official, L2Toggle is going Off-Season. Due to real life changes team members behind Toggle had to step away throughout the last year or so and this time it's me. I no longer have enough time to properly support server, and I won't for at least few months or more. What this means for Toggle? As promised, the server will not shutdown. But all development will be paused until sufficient help/services are found. Where we are, where we stopped? With reports piling up it has become clear that we cannot keep up, so I started looking for help. After a lot back and worth we ended up partnering with l2-scripts and purchasing their H5 source and support subscription (for source and geodata), so it would provide continues flow of bug fixes. In order to use that source we need to move over Toggle features on to the new source (Master Account Premium, Party Leader Follow, Forward Loot and etc.). And that's where we are at. I will look for help when I can. I believe this is a pause, waiting for a good opportunity to continue forward. It was an honor to be a part of this journey with you and I hope our paths meet again.
  11. Sorry to hear that. I sent you a PM. Edit: Resolved
  12. Mantosh

    Public Test Server

    Hello fellow botters! We have launched a Public Test Server (PTS) to help the project grow. It is currently under Sieghardt's name. All data (characters/items) was duplicated from live server to have a nice starting point. PTS will be updated with the latest stable updates or experimental changes without needing to schedule maintenance. Also, we will enable some of the features we had on Beta to skip farming. I will occasionally post on #player-test-server channel on our discord with updates and help requests So stay tuned!
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