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  1. Lvl:1 0 Lvl:2 68 Lvl:3 363 Lvl:4 1,168 Lvl:5 2,884 Lvl:6 6,038 Lvl:7 11,287 Lvl:8 19,423 Lvl:9 31,378 Lvl:10 48,229 Lvl:11 71,202 Lvl:12 101,677 Lvl:13 141,193 Lvl:14 191,454 Lvl:15 254,330 Lvl:16 331,867 Lvl:17 426,288 Lvl:18 540,000 Lvl:19 675,596 Lvl:20 835,862 Lvl:21 1,023,784 Lvl:22 1,242,546 Lvl:23 1,495,543 Lvl:24 1,786,379 Lvl:25 2,118,876 Lvl:26 2,497,077 Lvl:27 2,925,250 Lvl:28 3,407,897 Lvl:29 3,949,754 Lvl:30 4,555,796 Lvl:31 5,231,246 Lvl:32 5,981,576 Lvl:33 6,812,513 Lvl:34 7,730,044 Lvl:35 8,740,422 Lvl:36 9,850,166 Lvl:37 11,066,072 Lvl:38 12,395,215 Lvl:39 13,844,951 Lvl:40 15,422,929 Lvl:41 17,137,087 Lvl:42 18,995,665 Lvl:43 21,007,203 Lvl:44 23,180,550 Lvl:45 25,524,868 Lvl:46 28,049,635 Lvl:47 30,764,654 Lvl:48 33,680,052 Lvl:49 36,806,289 Lvl:50 40,154,162 Lvl:51 45,525,133 Lvl:52 51,262,490 Lvl:53 57,383,988 Lvl:54 63,907,911 Lvl:55 70,853,089 Lvl:56 80,700,831 Lvl:57 91,162,654 Lvl:58 102,265,881 Lvl:59 114,038,596 Lvl:60 126,509,653 Lvl:61 146,308,200 Lvl:62 167,244,337 Lvl:63 189,364,894 Lvl:64 212,717,908 Lvl:65 237,352,644 Lvl:66 271,975,263 Lvl:67 308,443,198 Lvl:68 346,827,154 Lvl:69 387,199,547 Lvl:70 429,634,523 Lvl:71 474,207,979 Lvl:72 532,694,979 Lvl:73 606,322,775 Lvl:74 696,381,369 Lvl:75 804,225,364 Lvl:76 931,275,828 Lvl:77 1,151,275,834 Lvl:78 1,511,275,834 Lvl:79 2,044,287,599 Lvl:80 3,075,966,164 Lvl:81 4,295,351,949 Lvl:82 5,766,985,062 Lvl:83 7,793,077,345 Lvl:84 10,235,368,963 Lvl:85 13,180,481,103
  2. + Added/Enabled - Removed/Disabled * Fixed/Edited - Disabled Quest Dialog Follow temporarily. Some explanation about the decision. On a routine question about something very specific about the server, I was asked about Don't Know Don't Care quest's reward nerf and if quest items being distributed through the whole CC like on other servers. While looking for that information I noticed that quest state processing on the script is way different than others, so much that it could be miss-used. So until a better solution is found and/or developed I had to disable the feature. It was my oversight. Returning this feature is on the top of the list after completing in-progress projects.
  3. Thanks for feedback :) #2 That's by design so the holding clan wouldn't drag their flags away from their designated spots. #3 I believe that will have to do with how friendlies/enemies gets decided. If ally is a friendly it gets back to #2. #4 This topic has been talked about for a while now. We have already established that there's no realistic way to block/enforce this rule except manual review. We somewhat agreed that we'll need a replay as a proof, because both sides are pointing fingers and reporting each other. So far I received 1 batch of replays that I mostly reviewed as "OK". I try to be on some events and epics where I can and I don't show myself for obvious reasons. I was ghosting for 1+ fight on yesterday's TW and was able to record a video (replay got stuck behind a wall because I was flying around). After first report about "4 parties assisting" I reviewed the video, frame by frame where needed, and I saw parties moving around and targeting separately. If you have more information - my DMs on discord are always open. To sum up #4 - report does nothing for you, we need proof. Imagine like you'd be reporting a bot on another server :) #5 A bug. Thanks for reporting and taking extra steps to check. I will try to replicate it on local. Also, this would be a good case for a beta test server.
  4. + Added/Enabled - Removed/Disabled * Fixed/Edited * Territory War moved to 'Off Siege' Sundays * Increased Normal & Hard Freyas' drop chances + Nobless Teleport to 'Frost Lake' + Follow Party Leader's Dialog to Hellbound Warpgate * Increase Hellblade drop chances * Increase Gate Key: Darkness drop chance + Warning to disable 'Follow Party Leader's Dialog' to Legendary Tales quest dialog * Reduce Drake Scout Range and P.Atk * Reduce Knoriks' debuff Dark Storm duration to 60 seconds * Fix Olympiad history records * Refactoring
  5. Have you checked spam? If it's not there PM me on discord.
  6. + Added/Enabled - Removed/Disabled * Fixed/Edited + Allow .buffstore in residences (Castle/Fortress/Clan Hall) + Allow Blessing of Vitality on subclass (shares cooldown with main) + Follow Leader Dialog on Steve Shyagel's "Receive the Blessing of Vitality" when enabled * Fix Herb of Vitality overwriting Blessing of Vitality * Refactoring
  7. There's no command to check it for the whole party. You'd have to create your own function.
  8. So Key of Darkness is ok and we need to increase Key of Destruction a bit, right?
  9. Key drop rate was increased to 80% on last update. Might it be you just got super unlucky?
  10. 3. Try changing it to Random/By Turn Including Spoil
  11. How about adding additional bypasses to the "adrenaline buff scheme" so it would do both when it's doing for the character. I would still keep the pet buff enabled just in case it is missing buffs for other reasons.
  12. Summon vs Pet - A summon will get master's buffs, a pet won't
  13. Hey! We are working on updating Master Account Portal with few bug fixes and a feature or two and would like to use this opportunity to fix any issues you've noticed. For example if you've seen wrong item information or missing icons So please let us know! Thanks!
  14. Hello fellow botters and hard-corers alike! Can you believe it our server has been live for 2 months? We thought we would have a repeat of our double event. Brave New World for new Master Accounts and Gift of Vitality for everyone. Staring on July 16th, the date our server has been live for 2 months, these two events will go live. We would like to take this opportunity and thank everyone who gave their precious (summer) time to the project. 2 months and still going strong - that's a great achievement for a new, very niche server. And we know it wouldn't have happened without you! Thank you for your feedback, thank you for your reports, thank you for helping by answering questions and helping new-comers. It warms my ice cold heart to see how much our community has grown! We are also working on a couple of new features and an event, but at this point we're not ready to disclose more details. So stay tuned! Brave New World All Master Accounts created starting July 1st will receive Master Premium Account until July 31st to help catch up! We are looking forward seeing you in-game Gift of Vitality Steve the Vitality wizard you learned to love (or hate) is coming to L2Toggle starting July 16th! Steve is a busy wizard and have to visit many servers, but he promised to stay with us until July 31st. Every char will be able to receive his Vitality Restoring Blessing twice a day (12 hours cooldown). Please note that Vitality Herb and Blessing are sharing same buff slot.
  15. Mantosh

    7 signs bug

    This was my understanding too. That's why I asked if you're positive if Dawn won last Strife. Thanks
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