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  1. Hi, some of party buffs were chosen to stay short-lived to preserve class uniqueness. We'll review current settings and might adjust it to reflect the state of the server. Thank you for your feedback
  2. Hi, could you give us some background? What it supposed to do and what's not working?
  3. Hi, could you verify if all your characters are new (created within 2 weeks) or registered to 7s?
  4. Hey, it goes up to 99.99% and prevents you from leveling up We're glad you're enjoying it! Cheers
  5. 100% they have protection(s) against bots. You could try paid adrenaline, but you should check with reseller first if it will work on the server you want. We disabled bot detection and protections on Toggle, that's why it works here.
  6. + Added/Enabled - Removed/Disabled * Fixed/Edited + Teleport whole party when re-entering instance * Reduce Hellbound: Urban Area instance re-entry timeout * Community Buffer scheme editing * GM helper functions
  7. Hello! Yes they are. There's a low (but not rare) chance to get them from the Letter event. Let the odds be with you!
  8. Hi and welcome I haven't heard from anyone that dances do not work. Please PM me on discord so we could check it out together. Thanks
  9. Mantosh


    Hi, we didn't change cubic duration, but I'll take a look.
  10. Hello, I would like to take a moment to thank our sponsors and volunteers for their generous contributions to our community. This would be able to happen without your support. Thank you + Added/Enabled - Removed/Disabled * Fixed/Edited + Community Buffer now has quick buff shortcuts: [ C ] - Character [ P ] - Party - Buff whole party with selected schemes buffs [ N ] - Party Name - Buff whole party by the scheme name. Every party member uses their own scheme [ S ] - Summon + .buff voice command. Mirrored feature to Community Buffer shortcuts. .buff char|party|summon|partyName schemeName + Priest of Blessing overhaul - skip item usage, party options, additional ways to obtain. Added ability to receive recommendations without using Nevit’s Voice item. 4-hour cooldown. Added ability to get Nevit’s Hourglass 2-hour buff skipping item usage. 4-hour cooldown (shared with retail Hourglass). Added ability to get Nevit’s Hourglass 2-hour buff by paying 1 FA or 100k PC Bang Points. Separate 4-hour cooldown. + For 2 weeks newly created characters won’t need to register to enter Catacombs & Necropolises. + Steve Shyagel will now let you know how long you have to wait for your next Gift of Vitality + Ability to prevent transformations from entering zones + Olympiad IP limit extended. If you and your family members play from the same household, please contact me in PM here or on discord for verification and an increased limit * Reduced PvP Zone limit on protection module down to 10. We’ve been using the module for a while, but at limited capacity. We are confident it’s working properly. If you and your family members play from the same household, please contact me in PM here or on discord for verification and an increased limit * 4 Sepulchers Entrance - might need further testing * Adjustments to Chain Heal - further testing needed * Possible fix to Gladiator/Tyrant forces not refreshing state * Anakim Transformation minimum level increased to 80 * Fix Clan expel character penalty to match character leaving penalty (6 hours) + Logging & auditing features across the board. This will allow us to look for exploits more closely * Fix gatekeepers’ weekend pricing * All sorts of minor fixes ranging from missing messages, typos to performance and clean-up work 2022-03-10 Patch * Castle Siege Fame tick increased to 300 * Fix restoring No Animation/No Traders configs * Fix attack 7s mob with a new char * Fix to counter l2project update causing NPE * 7S mob spawns debugging
  11. Yes, that's a measure to counter some adena inflation. Spoiling are still great way generate adena, consider making a few spoilers asap. Also, at this state of game, asking some adena on shout will 100% supply you with enough to get you going - everyone is happy to welcome new people.
  12. Hello Togglers, Quite a few exciting updates this time around! Enjoy and don't forget to leave feedback. This update was made possible by your recent wave of donations so huge thanks to old and new players for your continues support. + Added/Enabled - Removed/Disabled * Fixed/Edited + Buff Party option on .buffstore + The server will now automatically restart at 11 PM EST every Monday * Fishing Championship now gives Festival Adena as rewards * Increase drop chances of Easy & Hard Freyas, Frintezza, and level 83 Zaken * Boost Baium stats and drop chances * Boost Orfen and her minions * Auctioned items revamp - new items, higher starting bid * Fix party leader issue when inviting new members on adrenaline/L2Project * Clan level requirements text for clarity * Kariks area buff fixed * Increase pet inventory size (not weight limit, yet) * Lowered spouse teleport interval to 3 min
  13. Welcome fellow Lineager I thing we can all relate to that on some level.. Unfortunately, the retail space is way too p2w if you want to be competitive and still have a job. Toggle is a L2 botting community server, not some "3 month wipe" cash grab project. We do have some accessories in exchange for donate tokens, but no armors/weapons/enchants or un-obtainable items. Also, Coins of Luck are tradeable and drop from raid bosses. The drawback is that the server gets limited amount of development these days, mostly from what time I can spare, or hiring outside development help when we can. So take that into consideration We've up and running for a while now and are here to stay Scripting helps, but it's not required. I would consider it as a next step up though, after you have a decent party farming - you'll want to do something while watching your party farm Writing a script and seeing it being executed in-game (so you don't have to) is very fun The most recent server has been online since April yet we still have new people joining in and old community members coming back, so something must be right. I've been around these people for years now and I can tell you they are the most friendliest, classiest, and finest a**holes you can find these days. Of course, where's competition there's trash talk, but we try to keep it light. The newer server Kain is x1 (we also reworded Vitality so it's not +300% XP), but it does have Community Buffer, so you don't need buffers in party for buffs - makes everything easier. It's still a bit slow and grindy, as L2 used to be, but bots make it a different game. At this point you would be joining an "old lived" server. I do have plans opening a x1 Hardcore server without community buffers, but that doesn't have any dates or budget yet. But I think this would be a good opportunity for you guys to get to know bots, server quirks, and party setup meta better by joining Kain now. I do believe you and your friends would have some fun on Toggle. Hope to see you ingame
  14. The datapack adrenaline uses seems to be missing some High Five data, so I've started a L2DB.txt to start collecting missing pieces. If you have a better version, or have something to add - please share!
  15. Version 1.0.0


    v1.0.0 Added Dragon Valley and Antharas Lair mobs
  16. + Added/Enabled - Removed/Disabled * Fixed/Edited * Nighttime Zaken (lvl 61) initial spawn delay reduced to 30s. Zaken will not start teleporting until he's below 66% HP. Teleport CD increased * Daytime Zaken random teleporting disabled * Core respawn delay will now match Queen Ant * Orfen random respawn delay reduced + Judicator can now learn Turn to Stone, Enlightenment, Protection of Alignment/Rune/Elemental * Increased Nobless Quest item drop chance * Reduced Raid Damage multiplier * Increased Vitality points restored by Raids * Village Master Texts regarding clan management * Reduced Clan leveling items prices on Vote Shop * FA Talismans are now destroyable * Christmas event adjustments * Few missing error messages (mail, trade) + GM Helper Commands
  17. Hello, Sorry to hear that. Have you checked Windows Event Log for any related errors?
  18. Do you have more info on what packets and when are being sent twice?
  19. Has anyone checked if Project is sending out packets during such episodes?
  20. Hey @eugeniusd! Bartz hasn't been supported for a while now other than occasional restart. During last maintenance I updated the announcement so new people would be aware of it. Since Kain is the newer server and still active, we recommend new players to join it. Nothing will change for now - Bartz will stay online for anyone to return to their characters and continue playing.
  21. + Added/Enabled - Removed/Disabled * Fixed/Edited + Add Quick Trade - Master Account; Party; IP. If enabled, this feature allows to skip confirmations when requesting and accepting trades. Check .cfg to enable/disable this feature. You can also use chat commands to accomplish it .cfg quickIpTradeEnabled|quickPartyTradeEnabled|quickMaTradeEnabled on|off + Add Follow Party Leader 'to Village'. Check .cfg to enable/disable the feature * Increased Academy Clan Reputation rewards * Fixes to Antharas/Valakas respawn schedule * Nevit's Voice gives maximum recommendations * Cleaned up L2Day Quest rewards (Thanks @CTAPuK) + Cancel removes random buffs
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