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  1. Version 2.1.7


    Lineage 2 High Five bot - L2Project Shared by @Nick Find more info on L2Project forums
  2. I remember we discussed this concept before I like it, but it messes with dynamics quite a bit, don't you think?
  3. Towns are where you meet, trade, and stare at OE weapons.
  4. Hey Mike! @Vykaax shared this over on discord. Hope it helps L2Project_API.txt
  5. Mantosh

    Team Growth

    Hello fellow botters! After the hard lessons from Bartz and with the new project coming up, it is clear that we need more presence on the team. Thankfully our community is filled with great and knowledgeable people! Without a further ado, I'm excited to welcome @Shook to the L2Toggle Support Team! @Shook generously agreed to help our community by providing support and oversight in and out of game. He will also overlook GM recruiting efforts. Please join me in welcoming @Shook to the team! P.S. We are actively recruiting GMs and @Shook will create a post with more detail
  6. 1. Community Board (Alt+B) Buffs We will have buffs on Community Board. 80% of you voted to have some sort of buffs. I believe the following option will be a best compromise - "Yes, but partial. Including: Resists, Summoners', and Warsmiths'. Excluding: Counter Critical/Dance of Berserker/etc." 2. Mana Potion We will have mana potions. Again, 80% of you voted to have some sort of mana potions. Instant mana restoration with cooldown seemed to be the most popular. We will test to see the exact amount. 3. How much zerg is too much? 85% of voters chose to have some kin
  7. Poll closed. I'll review votes and post results and decision later today. I've read many great suggestions and I'm very happy that so many people are so passionate about the game A full launch feature list will follow soon after. Server setup will be updated throughout next week to bring it to Beta Testing.
  8. Forum is limited to 3 poll questions unfortunately No worries. I'll filter out bots and consolidate responses. We cannot make everyone happy, but it's getting clearer to me where the majority is heading. Regarding teleports. Retail + a few QoL spots. Thanks for feedback!
  9. We'll lift the hypothetical bans after video evidence is provided
  10. Too many options maybe? If you want, you can create a separate topic, or just reply here.
  11. There has been some back and forth discussions about some features on the next project: Lionna Off-Season Maybe Its Time for a Fresh Start Bartz? So I think it is in our best interest to start a few polls. Let's say we'll review the results in a week - Feb 14th? Another important topic is Epics setup. I won't make a poll, because there are too many variants. Please see Any thoughts about epic raids?. Should we level separate parties, for different activities, or max level epics only? Skip Quests? Quest items for adena to fight inflation? Also, I would like
  12. Sorry for the delay. On these files, you need to have Seekers of the Holy Grail quest to receive keys.
  13. Hey! Do you have the quest by any chance?
  14. Mantosh


    Honestly, you're not the first person who expressed this. I wouldn't like changing plans now, but if there're more people that'd rather play with alt+b than without... Thoughts?
  15. + Added/Enabled - Removed/Disabled * Fixed/Edited * Replaced Geodata with the one used on Lionna * Reduced Dual Craft Stamp price in Vote store + Frozen Core to Vote store + 2-6 Angelic Essence drop to Cherub Galaxia (79) + 2-6 Dragon Heart drop to Storm Winged Naga (75) * Increased Academy graduation Clan Reputation rewards by +100%
  16. No, not yet. Haven't checked it yet. How about we add the quest item to vote store?
  17. Thanks for reporting and your extensive patience I'll see what I can do. Meanwhile, I believe we added the Frintezza quest item to the vote shop found on Dimensional Merchant.
  18. is that a question Yes, it did resolve the issue for the person who tried it
  19. Thanks for reporting. I'll see what I can do.
  20. Mantosh

    First Time

    I hope you received enough to cover your C grade Welcome to the community!
  21. Thanks for sharing! Downloaded for my archive. That reminds me, I need to check if Lionna has block animation as Bartz did.
  22. Few days ago I was asked for help resolving font size issue. It's easier to see, then to explain Here's what helped to resolve the issue: Open client's system folder Right click on L2.exe and click on Properties Switch to Compatibility tab Toggle on the Run this program in compatibility mode for: and select Windows 7 Click the Run compatibility troubleshooter button On the pop-up window, click on Try recommended settings Click on Test the program, the issue should be resolved Click Next If the issue was resolved click on Yes,
  23. Hey, the shift click shows the actual drop rate for that level. If all your chars are level 42, you can check with any of them and it'll show the rate. The base rate is 50%.
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