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  1. Arthose


  2. understood, and it's a toss up for us as well. On one hand, many MANY servers fail in the first week or two because the launch was rushed and there are just too many bugs. The players grow impatient because the 1, maybe 2 staff members can't fix everything wrong at one time. We are well aware of this so the first thing we knew we would need is a large staff. We have a solid core group with others interested in joining as well. We also are a having extensive testing period to ensure we are providing a high quality product for everyone. Will the server ever be 'done', no. Will it be bug free, no. But we are committed to make it as close to perfect as possible at launch and are equipped to respond to issues ASAP. Believe me, I've wanted to do this for 15 years, I'm more than ready to launch the 'go' button too. In the time between now and then there is still plenty YOU can do. Alpha testing is currently live, and BETA testing will follow. And at any time you have questions feel free to swing by our discord server. Even during the week our staff is quite available to answer questions you may have.
  3. Arthose

    Deadz Interface

    Has anyone ever been able to get this to work? It crashes my client upon launch.
  4. I get it, and most of us have spent many many hours on said server. Ultimately we wanted something more than that. More content, and a responsive staff. Mantosh is right, server starts from a solid fuctioning server, and then the agreement is I get to break it from there
  5. sounds like more time for testing to me!
  6. Back before CP, Overlords were actually viable PvP chars. Now we are classified as buffers... sigh
  7. Arthose

    L2 sea Wunderkind

    It was hard hard times back then. I'm sure it was given to me by the clan.
  8. Arthose

    L2 sea Wunderkind

    Nice! This is the only OLD picture I have of me. This is official Lionna Server.
  9. Just wanted to give you all an update on things, we discovered some additional issues which we are working though so testing is delayed another 24-48 hours. Apologies for the delay but we want to provide you a stable testing environment with minimal downtime and restarts as to not waste your time. As we work though this we will continue to provide updates here and in Discord.
  10. Exciting news for those of you who applied to be alpha testers! Alpha testing will begin very soon (we are thinking in the next 24 hours!) We will provide more information to those of you who applied on how to connect and specific areas we need help testing. Keep an eye on the forums and/or discord for further information!
  11. I no longer have a Windows 7 computer but this 'was' working a while back. I have NOT tested it for this server so I would appreciate if someone could test it out for me who is running Windows 7 Basically unzip into your C:\ Folder. Go to the file settings on Admons2.exe, start.exe. and Adrenalin.exe and change all to "Run as Administrator". Run Admons2.exe, wait for it to launch adrenaline, then run start.exe, turn it on. Minimize admons2.exe and start.exe, then load as many L2 clients as you want from that point. if that doesn't work. Try changing your L2.Exe shortcut to run as admin. Also, make sure windows defender and any anti-virus has the adrenaline folder excluded . If you still have issues exclude the Lineage 2 folder at the System32/NCSoft location. Hope this helps. DL Link -> WIN 7 ADRENALINE (PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF THIS LINK DOES NOT WORK AGAIN) If there is a password it would be: 12345
  12. Welcome aboard! If you use discord feel free to join us there as well => https://community.lineage2toggle.com/index.php?/discord/invite/Main/
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