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  1. Going to need a little more information than "Not work". It has, and continues to work fine for me.
  2. I've been a heartbreaker for years. My Ex-Wife can verify. Good group of guys, hardcore gamer group.
  3. Much thanks to all those who helped and played. Hopefully real life calms down and we will make another run at it.
  4. My chars: TheDeadCanWait, Blahhh, WhatHaveIBecome, Battery, BatteryBackup think they are level 6 atm sooo yeah
  5. Arthose


    Original link updated with working IP address. Thanks for letting me know @marcoswrbl
  6. Arthose


    Ah, the server IP has changed since I posted the original ink. The new IP is Updated connect file attached as well. Overwrite the file in the L2Projhect/Settings folder. I will update the zip file tonight when I get back home. L2Toggle Connect.xml
  7. If I had to wager I guess, I probably was killing someone over and over again over a hunting spot. Some things never do change.
  8. Welcome to the 5th edition of Tuesday Toggle Topic! Alpha Reborn It came to our attention this week that new server source files were available. After @Mantosh and @FrostIce reviewed them we found a drastic improvement in server stability, resource management, and features. We then had a very difficult choice to make: To use the new server files, or stay with our current tested setup. Because of our commitment to provide you, the players, the best L2 experience possible, we decided to implement the new server files into our build. While most of our features transferred over
  9. Arthose


    L2Project became popular on the last server Mantosh and I played. Like any bot, it has it's pros and cons and it seems to work great on some PCs while being a resource hog on others. If you want to try it out you can download it here http://www.mediafire.com/file/cye8c2rtdb8xmq2/L2Project_-_Toggle.rar/file. Once you load up the EXE file, select the L2Toggle setting file and it will use the correct IP for login and server. FYI, this bot is A M A Z I N G at quickly adding element stones to weaps/armor
  10. understood, and it's a toss up for us as well. On one hand, many MANY servers fail in the first week or two because the launch was rushed and there are just too many bugs. The players grow impatient because the 1, maybe 2 staff members can't fix everything wrong at one time. We are well aware of this so the first thing we knew we would need is a large staff. We have a solid core group with others interested in joining as well. We also are a having extensive testing period to ensure we are providing a high quality product for everyone. Will the server ever be 'done', no. Will it be bug f
  11. Has anyone ever been able to get this to work? It crashes my client upon launch.
  12. I get it, and most of us have spent many many hours on said server. Ultimately we wanted something more than that. More content, and a responsive staff. Mantosh is right, server starts from a solid fuctioning server, and then the agreement is I get to break it from there
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