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    Best option is to remove them completely of game! Killing bots for free aint working for a botting server! By letting people using them is like a "cosmic irony" in a botting server !!! P.S. Don't start with the PVE boost to bla bla bla . . . that someone actual need it. Free full buff with unlimited clients and mana potions in H5 chronicle is the answer on PVE bla bla !!!
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    Yesterday the update included an amazing new feature for Premium Accounts The server still has auto loot, so non one needs to pick up normal drops. Now that's been improved for Premium Accounts with Forward Drop to Party Leader type ALT-B --> Settings or type .cfg. and both bring you here Forward Drop to Party Leader is set to ON by default. This will forward all drops to PL, but what about spoils? Type ALT-X --> --> and click the and the change party Loot If Party loot is set to Finders Keepers and you have Forward Drop to Party Leader set to ON, then all drops will go to the PL, Set Party Loot to and (make sure if party is already formed before this change to break and reform party after this change) Spoils will ALSO go to the PL!!!! Yet another Quality of Life feature here at Lineage2Toggle have fun and Thanks @Mantosh
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    Here is a selection of my maps of catacombs and necropolis for L2Adrenaline. They are only until lvl 50 until now. I will update with the new ones maps.7z
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    I wanted to reply and let English speakers(only) know that I have been a part of this clan for +/- 60 days and they have made me feel welcome, even tho I make it harder for them to play the game as a team. Some people understand how hard it can be to get along with other players who do not speak the same language, that is not the case here. They also challenge you to do things more efficiently because they are very good, hope to see you.
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    Hello Everyone, Most of people know us from Idle,official,bnb,cosmos and many other servers. So, R3dArrows Clan starts playing on Toggle Server and mainly recruit (GR-ENG) people who really know experienced L2 or people who would like to learn good L2. For further information you can pm Divass ingame or forum Also:R3darmy,Hpc2,Iva,Rikku,Irodotos,Venividivici **R3dArrows Team**
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    Hello guys. Here a simple Script for Rebuff with L2Adrenaline (Same procedure from my 2 last topics for L2Tower and L2Project). This script is simple, but works trying to identify the Song of Wind buff (with not in the buff bar, rebuff): //Divon Augusto® - L2Toggle 2020 var Figth_Flag:boolean; Item: TL2Item; Npc: TL2Npc; Obj: TL2Buff; IdBuff: integer; Buffs:TL2Buff; var L2Skill: TL2Skill; procedure buff; begin delay(500); Engine.BypassToServer('_bbshome'); delay(500); Engine.BypassToServer('12'); delay(500); Engine.BypassToServer('1b'); delay(500); Engine.BypassToServer('13'); end; procedure toBuff; begin IdBuff:=268 ; //Song of Wind while not User.Buffs.ById(IdBuff,obj) do begin Print('Checking Buffs Buffs!'); buff; end; end; //----------------------------------------------------------------------------- begin //repeat the script Print('Repeating !!!'); repeat toBuff; until Engine.Status = lsOffline; Delay(5000); end. Hope it helps. You're free for modify or increment this Script. Best regards.
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    New version of L2Project is now released (v.2.1.4). You can download it from : https://mega.nz/file/sMRinQqZ#stiw3Wg552NgDbfPjx6WxvgMf1VfW4Gom_nfuC79uOQ Change-log: - User interface / visual updates - Fix: Bot attempts to re-engage the last target - Fix: Open multiple instances sometimes does not log-in the first instance - Fix: Resuming combat uses last target regardless of distance - Add PktExNpcQuestHtmlMessage to handle quest dialogs (@Vykaax#9987) - Auto-accept resurrect in now moved to "Party Settings" - Auto-accept summon was added Happy botting. --Nick
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    Open adrenlain **I'm using cracked**, but this should work awesome on paid. 1. choose settings 2. choose self buffs and then click type and move in in game buffs 3. select whatever buff scheme you desire, I'm going to select "Buff fo fighter", then click on H 4. once you click H you'll see 4. Erase all of this and enter The Third and last number here listed as 13 chooses whether you buff yourself, the party of your pet. If you have a pet: 13 = self, 14=pet, & 15 = party If you do not have a pet: 13 = self & 14 = Party 5. This will choose the Defender setting. The second number in the lsit in this case the 14 chooses the Defender. to choose mystic or fighter change this number to match the numbers in red next to the standard schemes in the pictures above. 6. click box if no buffs, then click the box below which will bring up a list of buffs the character currently has, then select a buff or buffs that if they disappear the bot will rebuff with the buff scheme. 7. Lastly click in fight so the bot will not try and buff while in fight and will stop fighting until status is no longer in combat and then trigger AlT-B, click the bos in front of "And/or it estimated time: keep < and enter a time. (personally I like 5-10 mins worth of time, and a slightly different time on each character, but you do you) click Add button on the right side check all settngs to make sure something from another setting hasn't crept in such as a self heal skill from you're healer when Condition 1 on the lower left hand side says [My Health < 80%] if a setting like this remains, you bot will not try to rebuff untill health is below 80% which means it is prob in combat [in fight] - likely or more likely death and party wipe AND THE MOST IMPORTANT THING - This is not a complete guide of buffs, you can mess with many other settings here, such as figure out how to add custom buffs once you save them in ALT-B buffer system. Now you don't have to mnitor and rebuff your characters every 2 or 3 hours. Have fun!
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    +1. I never thought the crused weapons made sense in a botting server, they were very much created IMO to kill bots.
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    Thanks for answer! Maybe my research refert to others Lineage 2 chronicles My sources: https://l2wiki.com/Wyvern https://www.lineage2scarlet.com/forum/threads/421/ Have a nice day!
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    IMHO this is what it boils down to. Also, I don't see how killing afk bots is fun for either side. Maybe, instead of making it pure pk thing, we should think about making it pure PvE thing? Listening to "100% of players" got us here. A lot of time spent discussing, some time spent for changes and testing, and at the end "it was better before any changes". I'm tired of this jumping around, everybody knows there are big issues with files that I'd rather work on instead. I'm leaving it to "1-3 hours" leveled, not because I believe it's the right answer, but because I don't want to spend more time on this. May I suggest creating a poll if you want it to be reset to official? Thanks a lot for the feedback and ideas! I know it comes from a passion for the game and from the interest to make this server better.
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    If I was a GM and wanted the cursed swords to kill AFK players I would make the following adjustments: - Just drop it already leveled to 10, no point in wasting time leveling it - Reduce the damage to mobs by 50% making it useless for leveling - Make the cursed sword user in Stealth mode so mobs dont agro the user - give the user some sort of reward for the 1st kill of any player who is actively xp'ing When the swords lasted for days on L2Toggle, they would sit on the ground for hours and at times over a day because no one wanted them. Respectfully, you could just remove them from the server if there will only be 1-3 hours of use after leveling them. They do offer a bit of value, but not much on a 24/7 botting server and certainly not worth the effort of leveling them for 1-3 hours of use. The whole world turning red, ground shaking .... each time is very annoying as what used to be something exciting that caused many players to stop what they were doing instantly and run to get the swords now is a reminder to what this server lacks ... each and every time. My two cents, but I have heard the same feedback from 100% of players who have shared their thoughts on this subject. Things were fine .... until Ragnar had to say something. pk pk pk Don't take my opinion for it. If players pick up and use the swords, I am wrong. If the entire server leaves the swords on the ground ... something that never once happened on official servers while I played ... clearly they do not have value.
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    Requested in discord: script example to use NpcTrade function (selling stuff at npc vendor) with a Do-not-sell list. Notes: NpcTrade does not require to open dialogue, just by targeting the vendor is enought (at least here in toggle). Take special care when editing DoNotList Length because it may happen that compiling doesn't give any error but later on adrenaline will crash while running. LoadItems function (move stuff to WH) should work the same as this but it is not working on trial verion Share & Enjoy NpcTrade.txt
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    Hello, We took Valley Fortress and signed the contract with the castle (Giran). Fortress Function >>> Item Creation is not available for some reason. It says it must be activated in Fortress Management butttt when I try to activate it under Fortress Management >>> Other it says not available. Same is true for Fortress Management >>> Decor whose functions are not available. I don't recall any other conditions being required other than taking the fort and signing the contract. Also, I recall any clan member could visit the Logistic's Officer and pick up the Blood Oaths every 6 hours. For my clan, only the clan leader can do it. The members have every permission box checked in the Main Clan Rank but they still cannot Check Supplies nor Check Rewards. "You are not authorized to perform that function"
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    I was referring to L2idle admins. If they dont like the topic
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    Thank you for the outstanding customer support. You respond within 24 hours and provide candid info.
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    Requested in discord: simple script to evaluate party members. Will spam 40 /evaluate untill no more party members found or run out of recommendations. evaluate.txt
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    outstanding feature... really really nice
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    + Added/Enabled - Removed/Disabled * Fixed/Edited + "Forward Drop to Party Leader" (Premium Accounts only) - feature to forward all drop & spoil (if drop distribution is set to include spoil) to party leader. To disable check .cfg. I will post detailed description later + Warsmith and Summoners' buffs to non-Premium accounts on Community Buffer + Deposit CoL to Master Account feature on Dimensional Merchant + Anniversary Cloaks to donate and vote stores + SA 11/12 to Vote Store * Vote store prices reduced * Donate store pets pricing reduced + XP & SP Runes to donate store + S grade weapon to donate store (1 per character. Requires to be 76+) * Queen Ant & her minions stats increased * Path-finding update - Fall damage * Divinity mobs in MoS re-spawn reduced * Quest NPC Gumiel will now despawn after 5 minutes * Cursed Weapon adjustments - lowered drop rate and reduced duration * Olympiad time increased to allow western timezones to participate * Gem Dragon Anchor reduced radius * Celtus drop adjusted ( @Nalfien ) * Overlord combined buffs duration fixed * Fixed few raid boss spawn locations ( @OneManArmy ) * Nerfed raid boss cancel - reduced range, added cooldown, reduced amount of buffs removed * Fixed .town commands to not work during sieges + Doom Shield to luxury shop + Haste to Community Buffer ( @Torak ) * Reduced Mana Potion cost If I didn't tag you, please let me know!
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    3rd class buffs are only 40minutes, condition of paagrio etc.
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    https://l2wiki.com/Fortresses is one source. I am sure there are others. The SUPPLIES FROM THE CASTLE section is relevant. Every ?4 or 6 hours any clan member can click on the Logistics officer and spawn these supply boxes. You hit them, they open and give random # of knight epaulettes. Members would have the timing down and fight to get there first In a fortress in a contracted state the Logistics Officer will help you activate increased defense from the castle and to get supplies from the castle. The supply level is increased every 26 hours ( 250,000 adena is deducted from the clan treasury), the higher the level, the better the supplies. Max supply level is 6. If you get the supplies, the level is reset to 0. Besides the supplies from Logistics Officer you can get items of Valor: Defender's Valor Chest . The amount of chests in increased by 1 every 26 hours. Defence level increase: Reinforcement Price Giving high-grade weapon and armor to the guards 200,000 adena Giving top-grade weapon and armor to the guards 400,000 adena Supplies from the castle: Supplies level Items Lv. 1 40-80 Knight's Epaulette Lv. 2 88-176 Knight's Epaulette ; 1-3 R-grade Gemstone Lv. 3 134-268 Knight's Epaulette ; 1-3 R-grade Gemstone Lv. 4 180-361 Knight's Epaulette ; 1-3 R-grade Gemstone Lv. 5 228-456 Knight's Epaulette ; 1-3 R-grade Gemstone Lv. 6 288-576 Knight's Epaulette
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