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    i was logged on toggle 4 days . solid. no issues.
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    Working l2walker OGG (Windows 7 only). Password 12345 If you want to botting with l2walker on windows 10 you can use VirtualBox or VMware. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Sh37wYwRoJKOAQB0DdeZ5H2ttrwk5zh9
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    Welcome to the 3rd edition of Tuesday Toggle Topic! Alpha Testing continues as we test, fix, and re-test basically the entire game. It is exhausting work, but vitally important to ensure a stable and fair server for you. One of the many debates our staff had was deciding on server files. While using server files from Sunrise would have been the ‘easy’ way to go, we found it prohibited change. Sure many bugs would have already been fixed, features tested, and provided a quicker launch date, but using pre-compiled files ‘locks’ in certain features. Ultimately we wanted the ability to modify any and all features even if that meant a longer testing/fixing phase. Thus, we landed on L2jServer. While L2jServer has its own set of problems, we believe that putting in the hard work now will provide us with a better server with more options in the future. Now let’s talk about something old, but something new. Vitality! Vitality We believe retail vitality had good intentions, but poor execution. A feature aimed to help newbies and casual players ended up being abused by P2W “mechanics”. That is why we want to give vitality a 2nd chance and a facelift. That being said, Vitality on L2Toggle will be rare and modified as described below: Vitality will have the same effect on all vitality levels. Vitality levels will be equalized so that one level would represent 1/4 of total vitality. Vitality will increase XP/SP/Adena/Drop/Spoil by +50%. Every day 2 levels of vitality will be refreshed. The player will be able to disable vitality usage so that you could plan how to spend it. Nevit’s blessing will be controllable too so that you could plan when to use it. Vitality replenishing items and actions will be scarce (No Steve Shyagel)
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    understood, and it's a toss up for us as well. On one hand, many MANY servers fail in the first week or two because the launch was rushed and there are just too many bugs. The players grow impatient because the 1, maybe 2 staff members can't fix everything wrong at one time. We are well aware of this so the first thing we knew we would need is a large staff. We have a solid core group with others interested in joining as well. We also are a having extensive testing period to ensure we are providing a high quality product for everyone. Will the server ever be 'done', no. Will it be bug free, no. But we are committed to make it as close to perfect as possible at launch and are equipped to respond to issues ASAP. Believe me, I've wanted to do this for 15 years, I'm more than ready to launch the 'go' button too. In the time between now and then there is still plenty YOU can do. Alpha testing is currently live, and BETA testing will follow. And at any time you have questions feel free to swing by our discord server. Even during the week our staff is quite available to answer questions you may have.
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    im hoping for a launch within a month in 3 months i have to go out of town for 80 days on job. id like too enjoy some l2 bot fun before i leave! please keep the forum updated with news!
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    In game tasks & issues report since last changelog [2020-01-13]
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    We are back at it after exactly one week! #dedication. Before we dive into our main topic, let’s catch up with Alpha. Alpha Wolves are hard at work, banding their efforts together, testing and looking for (and finding) bugs. Our team is furiously researching and fixing issues one by one. We still have quite an adventure in front of us. Now, on to our main Topic this Tuesday - buffers. NPC Buffer & Support Classes Throughout the development of the L2j engine more and more custom features were created. Some of them, NPC Buffer for example, became a standard. As mentioned in our promises section, L2Toggle is aiming to create a comfortable environment while staying closer to retail (at least for a while). That being said, we feel that not having an NPC Buffer forces people to run large and complex parties. There’s nothing wrong with that, we even encourage it, but it might feel like a burden for more casual players. On the other hand, we don’t want to make 1/4 of all classes semi-useless. Therefore we have decided to create something unique. NPC Buffer Available buffs and their level will depend on the character level. The idea is for NPC buffer to have most of the buffs available as if it were two levels lower than your character. For example, Prophets get Might lvl 3 at level 40, so a character will have to be level 42 to have it available from NPC Buffer. The NPC buffer will not have improved and forgotten buffs. Buff duration will be 1 hour. Premium accounts get +50% duration. Elite accounts get additional +50% duration. Buffs will be available starting from a level 1 character and the base will be newbie helper buffs. Buffs will have a dynamic cost depending on the character level. If a buff skill requires consumables, the NPC buffer will deduct consumables cost in adena instead. All quality of life features - schemes, party schemes, buff pet/summon. Support Classes To counter the NPC buffer, all support classes will be boosted in one way or another. We have multiple ideas in development and we can not wait to share them with you once we have the details figured out. Our goal is to create a balanced environment for players to create groups the way they want it. Not all setups will work for everything of course, but that’s how MMOs are - to achieve great things the best way is to cooperate. See you next* Tuesday!
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    Sooo ... whats stopping the server from ending up like idle ? New files and some minor changes arent that big deal imho. Why should I / we invest hundreds of (botting) hours here, if the endgame will be the same / non existant ?
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    sounds like more time for testing to me!
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    + Added/Enabled - Removed/Disabled * Fixed/Edited [A] applies to Alpha Test Server only. Game + [A*] .town commands. + [A] .moveto x y z command. * Increased inventory and warehouse slots to 200. * Raid Boss Minions not spawning on load (attempt). + .changepassword. + Warehouse sorting. * Increased Dwarf recipe limit to 150. + Store/Restore Dwarven Manufacture list after relog. + Instant change of clan leader * Lowered time penalties for clan-related activities. * Lowered character deletion period. * Flood protection adjusted (Chat/Main/Craft). * Olympiad: non-class based required participants lowered to 5. * Olympiad: wait time before teleport lowered to 60s. * [A] Quest drop rate increased to x5. * Kamaloka buff removal. * Jewel of Antharas; Totem of Body/Spirit/Courage/Fortitude. - [A] RB and mob cancel effect.
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    My old gaming family made a video of our time together in Lineage 2 SEA - Wunderkind alliance I miss the old days XD
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    Has anyone ever been able to get this to work? It crashes my client upon launch.
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    Back before CP, Overlords were actually viable PvP chars. Now we are classified as buffers... sigh
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