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    @arbusto you can use autoclick (v2.1), but make sure to run it as administrator.
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    Hello fellow botters! We have launched a Public Test Server (PTS) to help the project grow. It is currently under Sieghardt's name. All data (characters/items) was duplicated from live server to have a nice starting point. PTS will be updated with the latest stable updates or experimental changes without needing to schedule maintenance. Also, we will enable some of the features we had on Beta to skip farming. I will occasionally post on #player-test-server channel on our discord with updates and help requests So stay tuned!
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    Made my day! Oh this feature was so desperately needed. I am SUPREMELY grateful, and sure others will be too
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    Note: Currently Olympiad has no item enchant limit.
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    Sorry, I don't have an answer for you right now, but maybe someone else will know. Meanwhile, I know L2Project has crafting. The developer posted about it on discord.
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    First, thank you by the awesome tutorial, you guys are the best!!! It didn't work out on my version of adrenaline. Do you have another solution for me? Maybe i can use other software just for making SS, its possible?
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    Hey! Not all adrenaline versions are able to craft as far as I know, but let's try and see. So, going by your screenshot first you have the "index" of the recipe you want to craft in the Dwarf Recipe Book. In the screenshot below, SSA would be under index 4. Next field I would assume is "craft if mana > x %". Then "craft if weight < x%", and lastly the delay in between crafts. I would suggest and ask keeping the delay over 200-300ms, because you won't craft any faster. I hope that helps.
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    Hi fellow Toggle mates! We promised to make some aspects of the game less tedious. This is an example of promises made and promises delivered by our development team with the ability to add full element ,150 and then to 300, with only 2 actions. Here's how to "CONTROL" this tedious process: 1. have more than enough element stones in your inventory and the item for full element to be added. 2. hold down CTRL when you double click the element stone to be added 3. select item to add element 4. confirm 5. you'll see the screen that says 6. item reached attribute stone limit and you might have stones left in inventory In this case, it took 49 earth stones to add 150 earth element. I only clicked once instead of 49 individual attempts. Enjoy. I added 300 Earth from my 100 Earth crystals the same way and I had 16 left. A full 300 element on my weapon while only waiting for 2 animations. Sweet!
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    congratulations on your work, it's fantastic
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    Hello, fellow Botters! In celebration of our 3 month anniversary we are very excited to announce the Best Guide Contest! Create a guide about anything Toggle for a chance to win Adrenaline Bot 30-day license keys. Our community member @Jdub donated 2 keys for this very occasion and L2Toggle is matching his donation! Not only is four months worth of Adrenalin keys up for grabs, but Toggle will also award all qualifying guide submissions Coins of Luck (CoL) to their Master Account! 1st place wins 2x Adrenaline Bot 30-day keys and 200 CoL. 2nd and 3rd places win Adrenaline Bot 30-day key and 100 CoL each. All qualifying participants will receive CoL judged by content and quality. Guidelines: New Original Content Only. You can get inspiration from other guides, but only original content will be considered for the contest. Content > Quality > Quantity. Guides can be anything Toggle related - Ingame, bots, scripting, and other. All criteria are subjective. Post your ready submissions to Guides Forum until August 24th. We will announce the three winners and distribute all prizes on September 1st!
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    The contest is now over Congratulations to @Torak on winning 2x Adrenaline Bot 30-day keys with 200 CoL and conquering a well deserved 1st place! Check out his Master Craft guide if you haven't seen it yet!
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    New version of L2Project is now available. You can download it from: https://tinyurl.com/y7f5pzsu Change-log: CPU usage optimization (config for JS hook OnIncomingPacket) Auto-resurrect issue fixed with not accepting the res-request Auto-enchanter upgrade - now you can enchant multiple items
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    New version of L2Project is now released (v.2.1.4). You can download it from : https://mega.nz/file/sMRinQqZ#stiw3Wg552NgDbfPjx6WxvgMf1VfW4Gom_nfuC79uOQ Change-log: - User interface / visual updates - Fix: Bot attempts to re-engage the last target - Fix: Open multiple instances sometimes does not log-in the first instance - Fix: Resuming combat uses last target regardless of distance - Add PktExNpcQuestHtmlMessage to handle quest dialogs (@Vykaax#9987) - Auto-accept resurrect in now moved to "Party Settings" - Auto-accept summon was added Happy botting. --Nick
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