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  1. Dear L2Togglers, I hope this message finds you well. After much consideration, it has been decided that it is time for ‘something new’ here at L2Toggle. While more information will be available on that “Soon™”, the first order of official business is to do a little housekeeping and make room for our future plans. When L2Toggle was created we committed to never wipe the server. That promise has been, and will continue to be, made since our Grand Opening back in May of 2020 and we have no plans on changing that now. The current server database on Kain will be added with the current Bartz database. The current Bartz database will remain intact. In short, Bartz & Kain will be merged into Bartz leaving Kain available for testing and deploying our new plans. Our merger date is September 19th, 2022. You can expect the server downtime to be longer than usual. Afterwards, you will need to log into the Bartz server to play as Kain will be closed as we start getting things ready. There are certain items in Lineage 2 that only can exist in one server such as the following: · Castles · Wards · Clan Halls · World State · 7 Signs · Heroes Our plans for the castles, wards, and clan halls are to reset these back to NPC owned. Thus, clan halls that were not available will now be available for purchase. All castles and wards will be reset so if you ever wanted to own a castle, this is a great chance to. Certain areas (SOA, Hellbound, etc…) have a world state of progression and will be the same as they currently are on Kain. The current status of the 7 signs competition will also be as it currently is on Kain. Heroes and Olympiad matches will be transferred from Kain as well. As always, the staff here at L2Toggle appreciate each and every dedicated player on our server. Lineage 2 is nothing without friends and we have made so many in our almost 2 ½ year history. We are very excited about what is coming next and look forward to sharing it all with you….. SOON™!!!!
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  2. That's intentional and part of merger script. Character names have to be unique, so all overlapping names from Bartz got a 'B20|' (short for Bartz 2020) prefix. You'll be able to change the character name on Master Account Portal at a later date.
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  5. The server files will be Kain - they are more stable and have more features
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  6. From Mantosh "I'm sorry to announce, but due to power outage the merger is postponed until further notice Kain will restart as usual."
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