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  1. Thank you to all who contribute!! I hope even during testing you're having some fun and getting excited!
  2. I totaly love this! Why don't we have this much fun anymore
  3. We call our Alpha Testers Alpha Wolves. An alpha wolf leads the pack and so do you. Alpha Wolves will be accepted to Lineage2 Toggle Alpha through an application based on the merits that we consider you an experienced Lineage 2 gamer and botter. We’ve picked the cream of the crop so feel proud to be chosen, after all you’re an Alpha. Your feedback will be invaluable during this phase of testing as we begin implementing exciting new features that will make running multiple characters and accounts easier and less cumbersome. We value our alpha testers, as such we will reward our Alpha Wolves with some permanent rewards: “Alpha Wolf” cosmetic appearance set Donate Coins on the live server Master Account Achievement Other In-Game and Forum recognition After Alpha Testing is complete, and we feel we have the nuts and bolts, new features, and improvements we desire are implemented then we will move to a more open Beta Phase. Only those who helped during the Alpha Testing Phase will be an Alpha Wolf and receive these rewards. To become an Alpha Wolf, you will need to answer a few questions and create a topic at Alpha Tester Applications forum. Your post will be private and only be visible to you and the staff. Slots are limited so don’t delay!
  4. I lkie this suggestion because no buff and nomagic animations is boring to watch on the main client, but I've found I can bot longer when all the clients don't animate the buff/magic skills.
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