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  1. whew, I was hoping you would say that!
  2. Will the overall functionality be bartz or kain features? I hope it is kain with the epic jewel changes, etc.
  3. yep it slows things down in the beginning yell and someone will often give adena or vote, .votereward and sell to shops in giran
  4. did you use duals to do dance of fury?
  5. I have never found OOG walker support for High Five. It may exist, but I've never found it or been able to get it to work. Bots used here are L2Net, L2 Walker (paid and a link in forums to a cracked version), @Nick has L2project (https://bit.ly/3HBHcAt versions 2.4) which is OOG and is being developed.
  6. Send me a friend invite on discord so we can private message. We'd love to help you get started (adena/Academy) if you desire.
  7. Christmas is alive and well on L2Toggle. Starting now you can collect Christmas Items: Go to a Santa Trainee in any town and trade in these items for festive Christmas items. For a Small Christmas tree trade in: (4) Star Ornaments (4) Bead Ornaments (10) Fir Tree Branches (1) Flower Pot Exchange (10) small Christmas Trees for a big or "Special" Christmas tree. The Special Christmas tree has a magical effect of increasing both health and magic regeneration when it is summoned outside of a peaceful zone. Exchange (10) small trees for (1) Santa's Hat! Exchange (10) small trees for (1) Small Santa's Antlers! Exchange (20) Small Trees for (1) Agathion Seal Bracelet- Rudolph! Go to Skill (ALT-K) >> item Skill >> Release Seal on Agathion - Rudolph Agathion then Rudolph can do a trick when you use the skill, "Rudolf Cuteness Trick" From the team at Lineage2Toggle, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year. BTW, Santa Trainees are in every town, but if you search far and wide you might just catch a glimpse of the real Santa watching over you to see if you're a good boy or girl. Only those who truly believe can find him.
  8. I've made a chart of Weapon Masterwork bonuses (not complete) and in rough shape but I thought I'd share. Benefit Amount by Level Skill Name Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Gale or Great Gale Increase Atk. Spd. 5% Lightning (Sword) Increase Crit Rate 54.4 54.4 Lightning (Blunt) 52.2 52.2 52.2 Lightning (Dual Sword) 54.4 Lightning (Polearm) 54.4 Thunder (1H Sword) Increase Crit Dmg 220 Thunder (2H Sword) 340 Thunder (2H Blunt) 415 Thunder (Fist) 528 Thunder (Dual Swords) 268 Thunder (Polearm) 156 377 Earth (1H Sword) Increase Max HP 319 492 Earth (2H Sword) 398 Earth (1H Blunt) 294 345 511 Earth (Bow) 444 Earth (Fist) 372 Earth (Dual Sword) 319 444 Earth (Polearm) 319 492 Evil Spirit Recovers HP (VR) absorbs damage by 3 Concentration (Blunt) Increase Accuracy 4.2 Concentration (Sword) 3.9 Concentration (Dagger) 3.3 Concentration (Bow) 3.3 Destruction Increase P. Atk. 17.42 22.1 42.12 Destruction (2H Blunt) 32.97 Destruction (Fist) 21.2 26.9 51.26 Destruction (Dual Swords) 21.2 26.9 51.26 Destruction (Polearm) 31.25 Landslide Activation chance to stun during regular attack 5 8 On Fire Increase HP Regen 5% Confusion Increase Evasion 3.3 3.3 3.3 Molar Chance to poison during regular attack Clairvoyance increase P. Atk of bow range 100 Sources: l2j.ru & L2db.info
  9. I've always been frustrated trying to figure out clan nobility rank. Especially now since some of the links I would use for ranking above a level 8 clan are no longer active. So I made a new chart for what I hope is accurate up to clan level 11. Sources: https://www.ign.com/wikis/lineage-ii/Player_Rankings https://legacy-lineage2.com/Knowledge/clans.html
  10. Cleaned up L2Day Quest rewards (Thanks @CTAPuK) huh? such as not giving books which can't be used, or was some other change made?
  11. Do you have any bugs with that interface you're using?
  12. do they retain 11 hour buffs?
  13. Suggestions for a Bot Server. 1. Remove community buffs when it is picked up. Individuals will have to have 5+ supports to use it. with the buffs that can be given when not in party. IE.: OL if that works if you're in same clan, PP, SE, EE, Etc. Nothing that works only in party since it cursed characters can't be in party ( maybe even from buffshops) such as Dance and Song, WC buffs. AND/OR 2. remove the karma free kills. it retains consequences for PK in an intended Bot environment especially considering the time zone differences from people playing afk while someone in another hemisphere kills your bots. 3. Figure out a way for a player to choose to drop/destroy it when they don't want it. Maybe two options: drop or destroy/respawn weapon. Easy fix, if this is desirable, allow cursed weapons to be destroyed in inventory. This would allow us to pick up the weapon and auto destroy if it is nearby manually or with a bot program even when AFK.
  14. sure. Just an idea for you if you wanna preserve this part of the game. Personally I very much dislike it, but I offer it as a possibility for what I believe you might want to do.
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