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  1. Scrapyard


    if the catacombs won't let you in unless you are registered, then maybe we can make it so the catacombs below lvl 40 can be entered by anyone. This way if you happen to start a character on the validation week you can still enter them.
  2. cool now I can buy a monitor with a res high than 1080 and stills see font
  3. Scrapyard


    either way. Right now I see it is low AG armor and Mid AG Weapon
  4. Scrapyard


    What are your thoughts on how high you can buy gear?
  5. Scrapyard


    All of this sounds good and maybe you should name the server Vanilla
  6. So if you were going to build a PC to maximize how many lineage 2 windows you could have open with Adrenalin Paid and to keep them going forever. I would like to spend $1k-1.5K on the PC build alone, but price is somewhat flexible. What has the biggest impact on running multiple accounts for extended periods of time?
  7. most excellent work @Torak
  8. maybe some people need some inspiration to write a guide. Post a guide you're looking for, and maybe someone will pick it up and write one.
  9. I can only say wow!
  10. When I tried it, I did one bypass for char and a second scheme and bypass set-up for pet. What I could not get to work consisently was to have the char stop fighting buff self and then immediately buff pet. I guess I'll have to try again.
  11. Scrapyard

    7 signs bug

    I gotta be snarky here so I'm teasing. You were partly correct. Where you were correct, I said you were golden. This statement was not partly correct, but it was factual and 100% correct. It had poor grammar, but correct. (I don't believe the coma was needed.) Sorry, I'm bored at work with nothing to do today. So sad. BTW look at the post before your last reply. It was hidden while I worked on it which reveals other details. I forgot to reveal it.
  12. 1. Create one Mage buff scheme on one character. 2. While in party buff the whole party with that scheme 3. Go to each character and save that buff scheme and name it Mage PVE as you stated. (if a character has buffs when you name and save a buff scheme, it automatically incudes those the buffs) 4. Just have to do that on seven accounts. 5. Done If you want the same scheme on a player not in your party, invite a character who already has a scheme or similar scheme to what you want to party and buff party with custom buffs then go to step 3 again. Easy
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