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  1. do they retain 11 hour buffs?
  2. Suggestions for a Bot Server. 1. Remove community buffs when it is picked up. Individuals will have to have 5+ supports to use it. with the buffs that can be given when not in party. IE.: OL if that works if you're in same clan, PP, SE, EE, Etc. Nothing that works only in party since it cursed characters can't be in party ( maybe even from buffshops) such as Dance and Song, WC buffs. AND/OR 2. remove the karma free kills. it retains consequences for PK in an intended Bot environment especially considering the time zone differences from people playing afk while someone in another hemisphere kills your bots. 3. Figure out a way for a player to choose to drop/destroy it when they don't want it. Maybe two options: drop or destroy/respawn weapon. Easy fix, if this is desirable, allow cursed weapons to be destroyed in inventory. This would allow us to pick up the weapon and auto destroy if it is nearby manually or with a bot program even when AFK.
  3. sure. Just an idea for you if you wanna preserve this part of the game. Personally I very much dislike it, but I offer it as a possibility for what I believe you might want to do.
  4. How about mob cancelled buffs return after a small time frame. Say 1 or 2 mins. WHY: the first buffs cancelled are songs/dances. I you were carrying around the standard 5 support classes then within 2 mins you'd likely replace the songs and dances before other buffs were canceled.
  5. Normally these mobs cancel (l2j.ru or l2db.info) you could petition to have that removed., I always found it annoying. If I'm correct ALLL of your buffs get canceled.
  6. Some areas mobs seem pretty sparse. These two come to mind: 1. Cruma Tower and 2.Enchanted Valley mobs could be doubled.
  7. We fans had some discussion and we voted about some key features of the new upcoming server, initially named Lionna. The Lionna server and its name has a special, nostalgic place in @Mantosh's heart. He wishes to save the Lionna name for a special future project. As such, the next server formerly known as Lionna, will now be Kain. Kain, or Gran Kain, has a rich heritage found within the Lore of Lineage2. He, Gran Kain, and Einhasad were the two which brought forth all of creation as we know it. Toggle's new Season will be the Kain server, named after the god of destruction.
  8. Quoted from https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/6018-the-past-the-lore-of-the-game-and-love-for-l2-erased/ author of post: Juji posted on October 16, 2018 Lineage II Lore (2003~2012) The Legend Prologue: By the Bonfire. He drew a deep breath, inhaled the smoke, and let it out slowly. Most of his face was hidden under a thick, old hood, and behind him there was only pitch darkness. In the dim glow of the pipe it was impossible to see his features. He introduced himself as a bard - yet no one believed him, as his voice was thick and ragged - and we were suspicious that he traveled the dangerous forest alone. However, he offered to tell us a story if we shared our meal and the warmth of our fire. We agreed, if only because we couldn't leave this traveler to the cold forest. We made ourselves comfortable by the fire, holding our weapons at the ready in case of danger, and waited for his story to begin. The night was ice-cold, and his low, thick voice carried quietly across the mountain as, setting aside his pipe, he opened his mouth and began to speak. Episode 1: Genesis The story I'm about to tell you is about those who we call gods. Listen carefully as this is the true story... Long ago, in a time before thought, there was only a globe in which all creation was mixed. As there was nothing with which to compare it, the globe was big and small, dark and bright, everything and nothing. Over a hundred million years, the globe began to grow and eventually two powers slowly began to form within. As they grew, the powers developed consciousness and ego and separated into white light and darkness. White light formed as female and called itself Einhasad. The darkness formed as male and named itself Gran Kain. These two beings marked the beginning of the entire universe, and all that we know today. Einhasad and Gran Kain pooled their strength to break out of the globe. In this action the globe was shattered into pieces of all kinds. Some pieces rose to become Sky, some fell down to become Ground. Between Sky and Ground there was Water, and some parts of Ground rose up to become Land. The spirit of the globe was named Ether, also shattered with the breaking of the globe. This brought the various animals and plants into being. "Genesis Creature" was formed of this spirit, and giants were the best of this kind. They were known as the Wise Ones, for their intelligence was as great as their strong bodies. The giants promised to keep faith in Einhasad and Gran Kain, as it was the actions of the two gods that created their life and world. Einhasad and Gran Kain were satisfied with the giants and appointed them to be the masters of all living creatures. This was before death and true paradise existed. Einhasad and Gran Kain gave birth to many god-children between them. The first five of these children were empowered with the authority of the earth. The eldest daughter, Shilen, was in charge of water. The eldest son, Pa’agrio, controlled the fire, and the second daughter, Maphr, controlled the land. The second son, Sayha, became master of the wind. For the youngest, Eva, there were no elements remaining, so she created poems and music. While the other gods were busy with their responsibilities, Eva wrote poems and serenaded them with music. And thus the era of the gods began and there existed no place on earth unknown to the gods. Episode 2: Creation of Races Episode 3: War of the Gods Episode 4: The Great Flood Episode 5: Challenge of the Giants Episode 6: The End of Ages Episode 7: A Return to the Campfire Episode 8: The Aftermath Episode 9: A New Alliance Episode 10: An Ally Turns Foe Episode 11: A Return to the Campfire Episode 12: History Rewritten Episode 13: Elmoreden and Perios Episode 14: Beleth and the Ivory Tower Episode 15: Elven Discord Episode 16: End of a Golden Age Episode 17: A Return to the Campfire Episode 18: Battle for the Continent Episode 19: The Rise of Two Kingdoms Episode 20: The Heirs to the Land Quoted from https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/6018-the-past-the-lore-of-the-game-and-love-for-l2-erased/ author of post: Juji posted on October 16, 2018
  9. That's what a shopping character is for LOL, but it sounds like your not a fan.
  10. I'd love it if we could send and receive mail, so long long as we're not in combat. Personally, I'm not a fan of returning to town. Maybe this could be a feature of premium accounts. Any thoughts?
  11. Scrapyard

    Features' Polls

    I'm excited! Make sure to let us know when Alt-B buffs are set-up like server will be so we can start testing.
  12. Scrapyard

    Features' Polls

    So, limit those zones to 10, but Farming wise no limit?
  13. Scrapyard

    Features' Polls

    All I know is, I'd like enough Alt-B buffs to be able to level subs comfortably without needing to create OOP buffers., or have to radically rethink my party make-up for subclasses.
  14. Scrapyard

    Features' Polls

    Which one of the mana options in the poll is most like Bartz?
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