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  1. what do you mean?
  2. Scrapyard

    Growing a community

    I can only say wow!
  3. When I tried it, I did one bypass for char and a second scheme and bypass set-up for pet. What I could not get to work consisently was to have the char stop fighting buff self and then immediately buff pet. I guess I'll have to try again.
  4. Scrapyard

    7 signs bug

    I gotta be snarky here so I'm teasing. You were partly correct. Where you were correct, I said you were golden. This statement was not partly correct, but it was factual and 100% correct. It had poor grammar, but correct. (I don't believe the coma was needed.) Sorry, I'm bored at work with nothing to do today. So sad. BTW look at the post before your last reply. It was hidden while I worked on it which reveals other details. I forgot to reveal it.
  5. 1. Create one Mage buff scheme on one character. 2. While in party buff the whole party with that scheme 3. Go to each character and save that buff scheme and name it Mage PVE as you stated. (if a character has buffs when you name and save a buff scheme, it automatically incudes those the buffs) 4. Just have to do that on seven accounts. 5. Done If you want the same scheme on a player not in your party, invite a character who already has a scheme or similar scheme to what you want to party and buff party with custom buffs then go to step 3 again. Easy way for a player to shorten the work load until such a labor intensive account wide solution could be made.
  6. There are some private servers that work this way. I also believe that GOD+ severs also work this way. If there is anything not working exactly right about pets is that if you close the game with a pet out, when you relog and move the pet is essentially re-summoned and therefore has no buffs. Technically the pet is "supposed" to retain its buff after a D/C or relog. Doesn't seem like a Huge deal since all you have to do is rebuff and loose some rebuff adena. MY QUESTION: Can I make the char and pet buff always done at the same time, (combo) so I don't have to leave fight to buff self and then later leave fight to buff pet. The rebuff times are set the same. I tried to do this with the combo icon, but for whatever reason I did not get it to work.
  7. Scrapyard

    7 signs bug

    #3 is where you've gone astray. All the rest is golden. You do not "automatically" retain the seal until the other side wins the entire dusk/dawn competition. You must maintain each seal through each competition period and it requires coordination from everyone on the dawn side to maintain all three seals.
  8. Scrapyard

    7 signs bug

    That's not exactly how that works. It is not bugged, that dawn does not own the seal.
  9. I guess specifically you're referring to siege grounds, AQ, other epics. Just to clarify you're not asking to be able to use community buffer in a pvp zone while in a combat state?
  10. do you know you can create your "OWN SCHEMES" and name them whatever you like?
  11. not in fight is not clicked, but if you in an area where you can not stop combat, say like forge of the gods, then you'll need a script to move to a safe spot to buff
  12. I second this suggestion.
  13. +1. I never thought the crused weapons made sense in a botting server, they were very much created IMO to kill bots.
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