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  1. CTAPuK

    Nevit's Hourglass

    We can take from NPC every 20 hours, can you make to take it every 12 hours, like Bless of Vitality from Steve. https://clip2net.com/s/4dxfLej And now Countdown Nevit's Hourglass item 12 hours, but must be without CD. https://c2n.me/4dxfPHK And one more. For Newbie you can sell item Nevit's Hourglass - 4 hour ( ID 17211) at Vote shop, 1 FA=1Nevit's Hourglass, so players can take 4 FA every day by votting and use for 16 hours vith bonus.
  2. I would like to discuss the limit of sharpening armor at the Olympics. It would not be bad if the maximum level was raised to +10, since it is this value that gives the maximum HP increase. The total amount of HP and defense will also increase, which will make the battles longer and give each class a better opening. There are also classes in the game, the success of which at the Olympics directly depends on the HP, which the chiseled armor gives. For example, Grand Khavatary and Titan, which, thanks to sharpened armor, can merge under Zealot in literally 2 seconds, which diversifies battle strategies. Well, as well as chiseled jewelry by +10 will give more chances against magicians, who now have battles lasting until the first crit.
  3. Sorry, problem fixed. My patch was broken.
  4. Here a bug with celestial shield. If i use this skill - its removed from character in 1 sec.
  5. Fix please buffstore for Hierophant. I can't sell usefull buff: -Resist FireAqua/Wind/Holy/Dark -Profecy of Fire https://c2n.me/4cS3V25 https://c2n.me/4cS3Vcp And you can delete useless buff, we can buff it from Alt+B
  6. Shom me a text in green window.
  7. Server L2.ru. Its a russiam official server. Video from 2011. Elemental master. At the 7:16 EM start olympiad, we can see timer( 60 sec to fight) and he start 60 sec with summon. All the time when you port ot arena summons and cubics do not unsummon. unsumon only pets. https://l2wiki.com/World_Olympiad https://c2n.me/4cdLja4
  8. When, before a fight at the Olympiad, one calls a samon (golem), then after the port the samon disappears into the arena and has to be called again. Its a bug. pls fix it.
  9. Thanks for extending the lifespan of the summons. But what about crafters/Dark Avengerd and Paladins?
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