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  1. For those having issues with loading script, try installing Visual C++ redistributable, this seems helped me. Download link: https://aka.ms/vs/16/release/vc_redist.x86.exe Please let know if this helped.
  2. Thanks. Somehow missed that. Anyway, finished the hard way the quest in the end
  3. Or once finally reached final room with the boss, couldn't hit, because couldn't see ... See image
  4. Hi again, I am facing an issue with the quest "Four Goblets" that is a prerequisite to enter to Scarlet van Halisha. The goal of the quest is to get the four goblets by passing through 6 rooms (for each sepucher) and killing a RB in the 6th room, RB that gives the desired quest item. The problem is that in order to advance to the 6th room, one has to pass through the other five and open the gates with the use of a Chapel Key - which is a given by talking to the boxes that appear after killing the mobs inside the room. I am getting stuck at the 2nd or 3rd room becau
  5. Please leave a reply here once you have any updates. Thanks
  6. Hi, While doing the quests for Freya instance, I got stuck at "Acquisition of Divine Sword" quest (taken from Rafforty - Iceman Hut location). I am stuck at step 4. I am at the MIthril Mines entrance, talking to the NPC Krun. After talking with him I should be ported to the NPC Kegor. Instead of being ported it seems my char is continuosly falling (see screnshot attached). P.S. After that I have to restart only. As I understand, the entrance to NPC Kegor is a kind of dungeon type. Any ideas about this issue?
  7. Hi, I have a question regarding the AQ ring rates: I've killed AQ 9 times and got the ring only 2 times. As I understand the rates should be 50% for AQ ring drop, but it doesn't look like that. If any of the GMs is reading this message - can you check if there is anything wrong with the rates? P.S. I am killing it with chars 42 lvl Thanks
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