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  1. Anyone has the 2.1.7 version? Links are dead.
  2. Buff Times: 2 Hour (+1 Hr PA) From Alt+B Buffs? Because from chars are 20 & 40 min.
  3. sot443

    Mob cancel

    Suggestions : 1. Changed it to remove 1-5 buffs as should be 2. Changed the reuse rate from mobs, just saw it that 3 mobs did cancel 2 times in a row 3. Successful landing should be lowered when char is some levels higher. Ex. 10 lvls - 20%, 15 lvl - 15%
  4. Hi, I have a few questions: 1. With what rates will the server is going to be? 2. Are there gonna be any custom npc's? 3. Seven signs? Mammons will be always up? 4. GK for Cata/necro? 5. Still trying to understand what is the prime shop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 6. Clan : i. level up restrictions? ii. Clan reputation and eggs requirement iii. Clan WH privileges to other clan member For now, more to come .....
  5. Information about Beta Test and Opening ETA!!
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