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  1. Would like to revisit this discussion. @Mantosh Can you confirm the drop rate and pk amount for Kain is retail(or similar) and the possibility of augmented weapon drop. Thanks
  2. Jdub

    Death Penality

    There is an additional penalty during pvp events that is much worse. Will not let u buff, is not removable, and has greater stat penalties. The normal death penalty is annoying because it usually goes unnoticed and is never removed without a scroll. Increasing the experience loss when you die from mobs level 76 + would could balance this out. IE 1% -> 2%, just an idea.
  3. Good clan, can attest. They don't give up after loosing a battle, like some other clans.
  4. The latest version does not have this problem
  5. Thanks to creator of this tutorial video. * It is long but useful for 1st time users.
  6. This feature has been moved to the "Cabinet" tab of alt+b
  7. Updated bypasses to make the bot use " Profile 1 " from the alt+b buffer
  8. Bump, Still a current clan on Kain.
  9. Jdub


  10. Jdub

    The little things

    All, I have always been one of the biggest critics when it comes to lineage 2 servers and their staff and I hope everyone has taken the time to think about the "state of the game" and come to a similar realization. No other server on the market today lets you enjoy this game to the fullest. Some players and servers like to claim they are legit but all veteran players know this isn't the case, all the strongest clans in the game since the beginning of open beta have been botters, purchased adena from botters, or used broken mechanics to get ahead. The rules set, community, and speed of dev
  11. Dont see a thread for this. So delete this if you start one. Thanks -Shirts are removed each time you login. -Buffs from players are still default times.
  12. Bartz server? If so, they do drop but the chapel door is broken. So it's not worth pursuing. Go to forge of gods.
  13. I am all for a new server. Bartz had way to many bugs/problems. Lionna is based on different(and more stable) files and has a subscription for regular updates from professional developers. I want to fight with 9v9, 18v 18, without all the lame things. I enjoy fighting with limited buffs but that doesn't mean I want "retail" features in other areas. If the server is chalked full of boring shit like raid boss quests, class change quests, or they try to impose some silly rules for box limits, I likely wont be playing.
  14. Jdub


    I really like the idea of low powered buffs but I do not think it is possible to create a server with current rules set of liona and not make it feel more like a chore than a game. Most players have been plugging away at l2 for years now and we are not interested in the minutia. I also think you have a recipe for success on bartz server that can be exported to the next server project and built upon. The bartz server is extremely enjoyable and I think limiting box amounts may make give it more appeal to some players. Fixing the known bugs on bartz can be made a top priority(assuming you have a
  15. Jdub


    People are playing during this time on bartz. Recently restarted activity here and I see new players each time I login. If you stay active more will come back, the pace is slow, no reason to rush to everything and it's rather enjoyable. -Cheers CU In-game
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