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  1. Use an auto clicker+script @ the Coliseum.
  2. Jdub


    You're so good
  3. Jdub


    Casually playing 12 hours day.
  4. Jdub


    Not flaming the description. These players are anything but casual.
  5. Jdub


    Looking for casual Lineage 2 Private Server? Look no more! L2Toggle is a L2 High Five bot friendly server. Long-term and low rate for continuous adventure.
  6. Issue #4 is all in your head. 100% fabrication. No one is using 4 parties and if anyone has gotten close to being reported it's your team. I have been closely monitoring this at each engagement in which I participate and I have yet to feel the need to report anyone violating this, they just got wiped out anyway. If I need to take it a step further and record each, I will.
  7. You can get either key, it only leads you down a different path. I would say the best fix for this would be increasing the spawn rate for Body destroyer monsters. Please note these arr group monster. If drop rate is the easy fix I would increase them both equally.
  8. Is this working? Not receiving any emails.
  9. He means after keymaster, body destroyer. Next time you get in farm the mobs in the maze for extra keys. Then can run past everything that is not aggressive till you reach the dragon blood requirement
  10. Jdub

    Growing a community

    Making this post on mobile, plz forgive the shittyness. I hope players here who are cunts realize they are driving new players away. No one wants to be trolled when they have serious questions or treated like a pleb because they just started. I understand this attitude is prevalent in most private server communities where it is kill or be killed but this server takes a commitment to learn in order to be successful and have fun. So please use more than 2 brain cells when you have interactions with others, shits getting old, real fast.
  11. I have never had this problem. Try downloading the client with the patch already installed from here. After I did this my game is much more stable. GL
  12. Here too, I close them and move on with my life but it can be annoying, so I get why you posted. Might it be adrenaline?
  13. Do not think so. I wish.
  14. 3rd, these do nothing but Piss people off. Either A - you forget to tell your bot to not pick them up and.. yeah.. B - some jerkoff kills your party with it and does not do anything useful because he cannot teleport etc.
  15. Jdub

    R3dArrows Team

    I wanted to reply and let English speakers(only) know that I have been a part of this clan for +/- 60 days and they have made me feel welcome, even tho I make it harder for them to play the game as a team. Some people understand how hard it can be to get along with other players who do not speak the same language, that is not the case here. They also challenge you to do things more efficiently because they are very good, hope to see you.
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