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  1. Bartz server? If so, they do drop but the chapel door is broken. So it's not worth pursuing. Go to forge of gods.
  2. Jdub

    Features' Polls

    So just to make sure ppl are clear, my kid is also playing on this IP, my dog too. So I'm allowed 30
  3. Jdub

    Features' Polls

    I didn't read truelies post so sorry if he said this. making rules against how many bots always ends up having people who break said rule or get accused of doing so and it can never be enforced. Thanks for reading.
  4. Jdub

    Features' Polls

    Buff duration poll ?
  5. I am all for a new server. Bartz had way to many bugs/problems. Lionna is based on different(and more stable) files and has a subscription for regular updates from professional developers. I want to fight with 9v9, 18v 18, without all the lame things. I enjoy fighting with limited buffs but that doesn't mean I want "retail" features in other areas. If the server is chalked full of boring shit like raid boss quests, class change quests, or they try to impose some silly rules for box limits, I likely wont be playing.
  6. Jdub


    I really like the idea of low powered buffs but I do not think it is possible to create a server with current rules set of liona and not make it feel more like a chore than a game. Most players have been plugging away at l2 for years now and we are not interested in the minutia. I also think you have a recipe for success on bartz server that can be exported to the next server project and built upon. The bartz server is extremely enjoyable and I think limiting box amounts may make give it more appeal to some players. Fixing the known bugs on bartz can be made a top priority(assuming you have a
  7. Jdub


    People are playing during this time on bartz. Recently restarted activity here and I see new players each time I login. If you stay active more will come back, the pace is slow, no reason to rush to everything and it's rather enjoyable. -Cheers CU In-game
  8. You can obtain the item for free from the npc after you teleport in, no quests are required for freya.
  9. Place in the system folder. This allows you to bot for an extended period, with many clients, and you will no longer see animations. no_ani(1).rar
  10. yes, infact you are correct I have them backwards. I did not notice because they correct themselves after the first summon expires.
  11. You may not of had the summon box checked for the 1st profile and the self profile should not have it selected.
  12. I think changing things that are broken or simply useless is the best way to add content and increase longevity. I would also have to agree with a post I read and suggest that the less changes you make to fundamental game systems the better. 1. X seconds after porting you're invincible. So you get time to spread out or move and if you use an attack skill you lose the protection. 1. I would say 3 times, 8 hours apart is fair. I wasn't able attend most raids because a majority of the top players were EU. I would actually wait to implement that change however, until you can take a surv
  13. 1. Some have problems that should be addressed individually. Baium - increase the amount of players allowed inside Antharas - Safe mode is needed when u port in, people just camp the teleport with aoe bots. 2. Not sure how that would play out but no additional characters just for AQ is nice. 3. Would need to test but no mana pots should increase the difficulty. 4. Epic jewels should be elusive but the other things can be boosted. I like the idea of making them spawn at the same times(2-3 on a rotation) no matter when they are killed. It allows clans to plan ahead
  14. Jdub


    Assuming all game systems are working as intended, my preferences/suggestions. Mana Pots - no No buffer Retail Buff Times Retail song/dance times Retail(or close) Song/Dance mana Top B item shop ++ Success Rate for A grade crafting ++ Masterwork item rate for A grade ++ Dwarfs and both spoil and craft, doesn't matter the class but genuine WS has a bonus to something to make it still a viable choice. Remove/change things that are annoying like all quests, S grade Armor Recipes, and level 1-20. Start everyone @ level 20
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