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  1. Εveryone can express their opinion freely.
  2. **R3dArrows Team** Hello everyone and hope you are well Maybe its time for a new start Bartz Or Lionna?. R3dArrows Team, most of us, thinking about a project like Bartz with +- some features and this time with better files. We are going to do some things in beta and check some features so that the result is better when Live comes out Everyone can express his opinion civilly. **R3dArrows Team**
  3. Hello Everyone, Most of people know us from Idle,official,bnb,cosmos and many other servers. So, R3dArrows Clan starts playing on Toggle Server and mainly recruit (GR-ENG) people who really know experienced L2 or people who would like to learn good L2. For further information you can pm Divass ingame or forum Also:R3darmy,Hpc2,Iva,Rikku,Irodotos,Venividivici **R3dArrows Team**
  4. Divass

    Freya Quests

    Hello everyone You need these quests for freya: Prerequisite: The Other side of Truth (lvl 53) part 1 - Request of Ice merchant part 2 - Acquisition of Divine Sword part 3 - Meeting Sirra part 4 - Reunion with Sirra part 5 - Story of those left behind. Enjoy.
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