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We are happy to announce the next chapter of L2Toggle - a new hardcore botting server starting May 27, 2023 - Erica! The open beta server is still running to allow us all to test things out while we work on bringing Erica's vision to life.

What's different for Erica is that we want to bring the game back to its retail roots - low rates, rewarding grind, and competitive gameplay. Erica will have only a few buffs on Alt+b, very similar to what a newbie buffer has, so buffers will be crucial this time around. Most buff durations have been adjusted a little to give more freedom for gameplay and allow easier mana management, especially in the early game.

The Feature List is complete, yet we might make a few adjustments before opening. The server will continuously receive updates and balance changes. Please report any discrepancies between forum topics/change log/discord/in-game information.

XP x1 (+30% PA) (+30% Vit) (+10% Rec)
SP x1 (+30% PA) (+30% Vit) (+10% Rec)
Adena Drop x1 (+30% PA) (+20% Vit)
Item Drop x1 (+30% PA) (+20% Vit)
Spoil Rate x1 (+30% PA) (+20% Vit)
Boss Drops x2
Quest x1
Manor x1

* PA - Premium Account; Vit - Vitality; Rec - Nevit's Blessings Recommend bonus

Anti-Bot: Disabled

Territory War Fight

Buff Times: Retail except Dance/Song/Summon 5 min
Maximum # of Buffs: 24+4
Maximum # of Song/Dance: 14
Alt+B Buffs: Low - Similar to Newbie Helper
Alt+B Buff Schemes for self, pet, and party.
Class Master: Yes [Alt+B -> Career -> Professions] *Increased pricing from Bartz (20k->50k / 200->500k)
Noble Quest: Retail
Subclass Quest : No [Alt+B -> Career -> Subclass]
Max Subclass Level: 85
GM Shop: No, only vote store and Mana Potions in Grocery stores.
Mammons' features available in Giran at Blacksmith Pushkin.
Tiered Auction starting with Dynasty
Donate & Vote stores can be found at all Dimensional Merchants.

Toggle Services

Heroes every month
Limit enchant Weapon: +10
Limit enchant Armor/Jewel: +6

Max Clients: None (20 per Master account)
Max Clients in PvP zone: 10!
Auto Learn Skills: On (Except forgotten)
Auto Loot: On/Off
Raid Boss drops: Retail (on the ground)
Weight Limit: x200
Inventory limit: 200 regular/250 dwarf
Mana Potions: Yes (10MP/s 15s) *Greatly lowered compared to Bartz

L2 Party Farming

Raid Bosses:
Drop x2
Regen x1.2
Defense x1.2
Attack x1.2
Level 52+ Raids drop 1-3 CoL; FA; and other rewards

Epic Jewels rework!
Queen Ant: Stats adjusted; Low level only zone; Drops adjusted to useful C grade.
Core/Orfen: Levels & Stats adjusted; Drops adjusted.
Baium: Level increased to 83; Stats increased; Drops S80 gear; Increased SA leveling.
Antharas/Valakas: Stats adjusted; Drops drastically increased (Mid/Top S84).
More on Epic Boss update here.

Queen Ant (40): 24±4
Core (40): 24±4
Orfen (60): 48±4
Zaken (55-65 / 78-85) (9 chars): Mon/Wed/Fri 6:30 AM
Zaken (55-65) (18 chars+): Wed 6:30 AM
Baium (83): 120+8
Valakas (85): 264+8
Antharas (85): 192+8
Sailren (80): 24+24
Baylor (83): 24+24
Beleth (83): 24+24

Raid instances minimum characters required reduced to 9 characters. Please note that some instances are designed for two parties!
Nighttime Zaken minimum characters required reduced to 18.

Enchants and success:
Regular Enchant rate:  Retail (+3% PA)
Blessed Enchant rate: Retail
Safe Enchant: +4
Element Max Level: 7
Element Stone Chance: 50%
Element Crystal Chance: 30%

Follow Party Leaders NPC Dialog

Other features:


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