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Set up Auto Potions


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Yet another example of promises made and promises delivered. L2Toggle and the development team seeks to make a very retail like Lineage 2 High Five experience, while making running multiple characters easier. 

As an "ALTERNATIVE" to having a bot use potions such as healing, mana and CP potions you can have our server do it for you so even if you don't bot you can enjoy auto potions. 

1. hold ALT and press B

2. under the HOME tab 


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3. Select the Autopotion Tab and you'll see

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If you want auto potions to work DO NOT click deactivate, if you do you will deactivate auto potions like so:


Again these buttons show the action that will happen if they are pushed not the current status. So if the tabs says deactivate then the autopotion feature is currently activated. 

4. enter the % values that you want the potions to CP, HP, & MP and make sure you have the potions in your inventory.

5. once the CP, HP, or MP drops below the set % for each category it will use the appropraite potion. 

Tells us what you think.


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"You have to make hay while you can make hay"


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