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Follow Party Leader's Dialog and .town


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Edit: The Follow Quest Dialog feature is disabled server wide while it's being reworked.


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Another example of promises made and promises delivered. L2Toggle and the development team seeks to make a very retail like Lineage 2 High Five experience, while making running multiple charcters easier.  We eliminated the ALT-B teleportation system, maintained .town teleportation commands, and made a very creative way to teleport multiple characters whether your multi-boxing or botting infinitely easier. Here's a video and then I'll explain. 


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I don't know about you, but I used to HATE selecting gatekeeper and NPC quest dialogue on 9 characters each one at a time. L2Walker used to have a feature that "listened: to the party leader's dialogue with an NPC and followed. On Adrenalin, I used to type directions in party chat, and then the party would follow the directions with the use of a script. Depending on the server, when the bots followed the program's instruction to teleport at the same time, random characters would teleport to the wrong spot and then I'd have to manually teleport  to where I desired. Other times buffers , sword singers, blade dancers, and healers might not teleport at all if they were mid buff or heal when the command was given. Still yet other times, a character might not teleport or follow dialogue selection if they were stuck to far from the NPC because they were either buffing at a distance or stuck behind a wall.

The Worse situation was sometimes I'd move the party to my farming spot only to find I was missing a party character. The I wasted some time late at night right before i wanted to sleep, or whatever the case may be, and then I'd either have to burn a gate chant, fight my way to the teleport point, or sometimes teleport the party back and start over.  This would infuriate me  I'm sure if I put a random delay in my script I could have fixed the random mis-teleportation issue. 

Our development team has an amazing solution. You don't need to bot and you don't need to script and the party will automatically follow the  party leader telport choice and this also works when talking to NPC's for quest. 

How This is Better: 

  • the party members will interrupt buffs, songs, dances, and heals to teleport
    • this does mean if the skill was interrupted and not completed, so the skill will need to be re-cast. Items such as spirit-ore will  be lost, if the cast is interrupted, BUT the party will teleport together!
  • There is a certain range given that the party characters can be away from the Gatekeeper or Quest NPC and it will still follow the Leader teleport and quest dialogue selection. 
  • no more teleporting mishaps due to server lag issues. 
  • no more need to keep adena on every character. The party leader pays the adena fee for all party members. 
  • no scripting required which allows more people to enjoy Lineage2Toggle whether they multi-box are a novice or expert botter.

How to Use Auto Follow

The .cfg Follow Party Leader's Dialog setting is set on by default. 

  1. Form a party
  2. Have party follow leader and be near leader when it "talks" for quest or teleport.
  3. Have Party leader choose quest or teleport
  4. Party follows 
  5. It's that simple

How to Turn Auto Follow Off

If for some reason you do not want some members of your party to follow the leader's NPC dialogue selection and other's not to follow then you can turn it off. 

    1. type .cfg and this box appears


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    2.  Click OFF on 

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on individual characters, if for some reason you want only certain party members not to follow

             -If you want all party member not to follow, then turn off this setting on your party leader.

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This setting is also set on by default. When this is set to on for both the Party leader and everyone in party, as long as the full party is not in combat, flagged, have karma, and within range of party leader then the whole party will follow the .town command of the party leader. Turn this feature off on the party leader and the whole party will not follow, or turn it off on individual characters wihtinh the party not to follow. 

To stop charcters in your party from following the party leader follow the same steps as with Follow Party Leader's Dialog. 

  Let us know what you think. 



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On 5/28/2023 at 4:12 AM, infhound said:

I may not understand. How to make the windows repeat the dialogue on the quest ?

Follow quest dialogue is disabled due to an exploit vulnerability.  Can be done in L2Project or scripts in Adrenaline.


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