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Win 10 Adrenaline *CRACKED*

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Hey all, I have windows 10 and this is working for the new Lineage2 Toggle server. No issues to date.

Basically unzip into your C:\ Folder. Go to the file settings on Admons2.exe, start.exe. and Adrenalin.exe and change all to "Run as Administrator" and change compatibility to windows 7.

Run Admons2.exe, wait for it to launch adrenaline, then run start.exe, turn it on. Minimize admons2.exe and start.exe, then load as many L2 clients as you want from that point.

if that doesn't work. Try changing your L2.Exe shortcut to run in compatibility for Win 7 as well and/or run as admin.
Also, make sure windows defender and any anti-virus has the adrenaline folder excluded . If you still have issues exclude the Lineage 2 folder at the System32/NCSoft location.

Hope this helps.

DL Link ->

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Password for *.RAR file is: 12345

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