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  1. so my clan has 20 ppl = 20 pt so no zerg u want no domination i suggest to set antharas valakas baium aq with same drops same dificult all 85 lvl all epic chance 100% spawn every saturday before TW
  2. this poll is a joke lol
  3. you guys have to understand that most players join for different reasons but for me lineage 2 is mass pvp, flaming and market trading players who want to compete on a bot server they will find the way and dominate no matter what (more computers, more connections more bots more time more allies) players who want only to bot 24/7 and nothing more, are just out of the picture the retail game is problematic itself and most important its created for 1 char per person and this is the reason that more customs are needed i am talking about balance and opportunities that even a sing


    Olympiad: 1 )A maximum +6 enchantment so that will increase the chances of someone winning without the need of extraordinary gear. MAX ENCHANT +0 2) Make the oly max 6 hours per day as it is retail or even better reduce it to 4 hours so someone can camp and cut feed waves etc MAX 1 HOUR NO WAVES AND PUSSIES 3)A limit of 6 or 8 clients per ip or mac and also the need of 6+ participation to open the arena and get 120. 1 PER IP IN ORDER TO REALIZE HOW DEAD OLY IS IN BOTSERVER Epics: 1 ) Baium Antharas Valakas Tezza make the quest items not to dissapear so y
  5. https://forumen.rpg-club.com/guides-148/enhance-your-weapon-(for-newbie-)-list-of-raid-boss/
  6. u cant drop bw helm 100% recipe in h5 try platinum tribe warriors in toi for 60%


    x3 or x4 xp, x1 drop, 1 hour full buf, mana pot(mana per second) aq core orfen lvl 85 100% drop and respawn all at the same time and exacltly same day and time when all sieges start (to avoid 1 clan domination), jewels and drop boosted 1 item vorpal item and epic jewels rework s84 better m def and better stats for core rofen baium valakas antharas lvl 85 drop and respawn all at the same time and exactly same day and time when TW starts (to avoid 1 clan domination), jewels and drops boosted 1 item elegia and boosted epic jewel rewark more m def zaken 60,60,83 spawn 1st room, no
  8. same trash files like idle? hope not
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