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    I would like to make some additional suggestions: 1. About Windows boxes, i would suggest you a small limitation, around 10-12 Per IP. There is no need everybody playing with 3 pts or more. 1 is enough + 1-2 alter chars for shopping. 2. About donate shop, try not to make the same mistakes like others servers did. For example, Dont add game changers such as Nobless Quest/Subquest/Epic Boss Q items/Weapons Armors/Noble Stones/Enchants/etc. Cosmetics/Agathions/Premium acc/Xp-sp Boost etc. (Reasonable Prices) are fine. 3. About olympiad, leave it as it is. Retail like 4. Epic bosses/bosses should be retail like, And please Dont add any Tab With timers. If any1 wants to rekill or camp the bosses, he should use low lvl chars as cameras------->More Competition,PvP,Strategy,Activity. If you want to buff them Dont go more than 20%-30% of their base stats. 5. If there is a global gatekeeper, try to add only the basic teleports, and when the players lvl are higher you can add some additional Bonus Teleports (Tower of Naia for Example). 6. About Hellbound, make it lvl 1 unlocked, its easy to Max it out with a Week(we got to farm holy stones there anyway). 7. Seven Sings/Castle Cycle should be retail like,dont make any change. 8. About auto-pick, let the player decide for it with a command such as .Autopick on/off, Herbs shouldnt be removed, there may be ppl that want to lvl up a solo char. 9. About 1st/2on/3rd Class Quest you can let it be retail like or make a Class Changer with 100k/1m-2m/5-10m Fee The More retail will be, the longer will last. Rate (x1) is awesome, Premium + Nevits Blessing + recommends + vitality are enough.
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