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    Features' Polls

    so my clan has 20 ppl = 20 pt so no zerg u want no domination i suggest to set antharas valakas baium aq with same drops same dificult all 85 lvl all epic chance 100% spawn every saturday before TW

    Features' Polls

    this poll is a joke lol

    Features' Polls

    you guys have to understand that most players join for different reasons but for me lineage 2 is mass pvp, flaming and market trading players who want to compete on a bot server they will find the way and dominate no matter what (more computers, more connections more bots more time more allies) players who want only to bot 24/7 and nothing more, are just out of the picture the retail game is problematic itself and most important its created for 1 char per person and this is the reason that more customs are needed i am talking about balance and opportunities that even a single player can compete and trust me in l2community like this even 2 parties with perfect bot settings can rule and destroy the server in 1 month and probably this will happen no matter what it depends what server u want to create and no matter what options you choose, there are advantages and disadvantages


    Olympiad: 1 )A maximum +6 enchantment so that will increase the chances of someone winning without the need of extraordinary gear. MAX ENCHANT +0 2) Make the oly max 6 hours per day as it is retail or even better reduce it to 4 hours so someone can camp and cut feed waves etc MAX 1 HOUR NO WAVES AND PUSSIES 3)A limit of 6 or 8 clients per ip or mac and also the need of 6+ participation to open the arena and get 120. 1 PER IP IN ORDER TO REALIZE HOW DEAD OLY IS IN BOTSERVER Epics: 1 ) Baium Antharas Valakas Tezza make the quest items not to dissapear so you can do it one time and it is over also add them with donation or vote. MAKE IT FREE ENTRANCE 2 ) Regarding Freya, for normal no need Q and only need Q for Extreme. FREE 3 ) Low Zaken : allow entrance 2x 9slot pt's MORE BOTS CREATION? AGAIN? 4 ) High Zaken : with 1x 9slot pt ( no cc etc) 5 ) if it is possible make Baium 85 lvl but with stats like Antharas or Valakas ( a bit more easier ) or leave it 76 lvl boosted so that we will need low chars or subs to kill it. MORE BOTS CREATION AGAIN? 6 ) Dont have IG timers so every side has to count and know when it will respawn. Also another suggestion it will be the stadard time of respawn plus 30 mins random time spawn so this will increase the pvp on area. WHAT PVP? PUSSY HIDING IN CAVES 7 ) All the epic areas to be pvp zones. OPEN WAR BITCHES 8 ) Beleth instant teleport to Epidos ( need 2-3 hours to reach the boss and if someone gets a dc it needs the full pt to start over ) and alowing of 2 parties to enter inside Beleth AHAHAHAHAH DEJAVU 9 ) Ant Queen Spawn area until lvl 48 restriction. MORE BOTS CREATION HELL YEAH HARDER DEEPER FASTER Sieges / TW: 1 ) all Castles have siege same time same day AHAHAH THERE ARE MORE CASTLES THAN REAL ACTIVE CLANS 2 ) all Flags reset by the time the TW starts DOESNT MATTER 3 ) add an extra bonus ( probably KE rewards on online members? ) on capturing castles or success in defending FARM KE FROM FORTRESS EZ WITH BOT Others: 1 ) if the server is going to be without full buffs from alt + b i would suggest to have mana drugs ( restore mp / sec ) with a 15 sec cooldown also make d/s 5mins instead of 2mins. CREATE MORE RECHARGERS !!!!!!! 2 ) make the voting reward flat for everyone ( so users cannot abuse it and get advantage of vote coins etc and destroy the economy ), what i mean is that if the server reaches 100 votes all active players ( 1 per IP ) get 1x vote coin. 1 VOTE EVERY WEEK WELL DONE 3 ) Via voting players can get Q items for epics, hats and other cool accessories. LOL 3 ) All chars start with top NG so that a new player can avoid those lvls easily, also make their value 0 so no one will take advantage of them. START 40 LVL 4 ) the teleports will be retail? if not please dont add teleports directly to bosses this is lame. AHAHAHAHAHAH RETAIL BABY 5 ) remove epics and mid / high s84 from auctions, leave vespers and add s80 armors / weapons HELL YEAH VESPER FTW!!! 6 ) will it be available to get XP from command channel? if no, it would have been a good idea to change it and enable it. MORE BOTS CREATIONS HAHAHHA 7 ) The Hellbound to be fully opened and add full teleports or else many players will avoid it. LF HARDCORE LEGIT PLAYER TO UNLOCK HELLBOUND, Spectre7TS where are u hiding? AHAHAHAH 8 ) please dont add any custom bosses or custom items etc. DEMON TATTOOS!!!! 9 ) All normal bosses ( any lvl ) may drop a custom currency ( same currency as vote? ) LOL >>>>>>> make the voting reward flat for everyone ( so users cannot abuse it and get advantage of vote coins etc and destroy the economy ), what i mean is that if the server reaches 100 votes all active players ( 1 per IP ) get 1x vote coin. - auto learn all skills including 81 82 83 84 and extra buff slots. RETAIL - follow group leader chat and tp will be great as we are talking for bot server. BOT SERVER
  5. https://forumen.rpg-club.com/guides-148/enhance-your-weapon-(for-newbie-)-list-of-raid-boss/
  6. u cant drop bw helm 100% recipe in h5 try platinum tribe warriors in toi for 60%


    x3 or x4 xp, x1 drop, 1 hour full buf, mana pot(mana per second) aq core orfen lvl 85 100% drop and respawn all at the same time and exacltly same day and time when all sieges start (to avoid 1 clan domination), jewels and drop boosted 1 item vorpal item and epic jewels rework s84 better m def and better stats for core rofen baium valakas antharas lvl 85 drop and respawn all at the same time and exactly same day and time when TW starts (to avoid 1 clan domination), jewels and drops boosted 1 item elegia and boosted epic jewel rewark more m def zaken 60,60,83 spawn 1st room, no cc to enter min 5 char max 9 char. zaken 83 add zaken earring in drop list 30% chance and increase blessed zaken to 1% chance this boosted lvl epics booses in order to avoid multi 12312312312 char creation, 3x zaken 83 with 30% zaken earning = 1 zaken per week witouh making lvl 60 bots for lvl 60 zaken more mobs in good areas like wall of argos etc put tons of mobs everywhere every popular spots make most of the areas like fog area, u attack 1 mob and all mobs are coming make cancel buffs to return after 10 seconds disable 1 vs 1 oly games, make only 4 3vs3 oly games per week, no more feed no more cancer to make 123123 bot oly, u have 16 games for 1 month without mistakes to feed your bots, u fail u lose hero and no more domination from 1 clan tw flags reset every TW. no more 9 flag in 1 clan cause they will lose baium or anth or valakas all epics or tw will split to more sides delete from database useless recipes parts from no grade d c b a items quests to enter in tezza baium antharas valakas etc only 1 to pt leader and no disapear after a week or so give boost to new player some vitality some xp boost to catch up 1k academy points gl

    server files?

    same trash files like idle? hope not
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