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  1. Hello i like this Project. Is there and Overview / Documentation for the Classes, Methods etc. So i can write my own scripts? Thx Mike
  2. Is it pssible to spawn some keys?
  3. https://l2db.info/high-five/skills/2235
  4. Yes both Quest so i got Visitors & Pagans Mark
  5. I was killing mobs for 30 min. and no key dropped so far I far as i remember they should drop in the first main room. Without it it's not possible to enter the Anterooms. Grretings Mike
  6. Hi there, Group leader: Innersen (60) + Minions: Bartal (56) (1-2) | Luminun (58) (1-2) are missing (perhabs not avail. in H5 ?) Or where can i get Recipe: Blue Wolf Helmet (100%) Thx and greetings
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