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Team Members and playing

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I'd like to address the question of Team Member playing on non-GM accounts. I will not rewrite the whole deal to save time - here's the link to the topic and I'll quote my reply below for your convenience. The whole topic comes down to this:

  • Team member are allowed to have and play on non-GM characters.
  • Complete wall between GM and non-GM characters. No items, xp, stats, teleports, resurrections - nothing. All GM actions are logged, filtered and reported to me.
  • Team members have to list their characters names on this topic and keep it updated.
  • No limitations or restrictions otherwise. Non-GM characters can join clans, PK and etc.
  • Team members will give priority to GM tasks first.

I will ask the team to fill out theirs lists asap.

Thanks and see you in-game.


This topic was something we were talking even before we had a name or an actual team. It's been on my mind since I read your post. So it's not a new thought, you just put a deadline on it, haha.

I trust every person on Toggle team to do what is best for the project and keep the firewall between Toggle duties and playing. Yes, you would get faster customer support if you get stuck somewhere "glitchy", but nothing more. So it came down to a question "What would be the best from players perspective?"

Before I cover that, I'd like to mention why this was a hot topic. As some of you know, we are players with addictive passion for this old-ass game, with some skills in some areas. And together with your help we are building a server that we all would like to play. To be a player, enjoy the struggle, the fights for farming spots, the good, the bad, the evil. Want it or not, being labeled as GM messes with that. (Hey, maybe we'll do like a GM on/off thing once in a while).

We believe that complete openness and freedom will be the best option for the community. The easiest way to achieve it will be a list of characters on a forum post. I'm not even sure if we have any characters yet, but I will post it as soon as I have gathered information. I will add some rules and reasons too. But basically complete wall between GM vs non-GM and a characters list in a forum post.


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PewPew lvl 1
MewMew lvl 1


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My chars:

TheDeadCanWait, Blahhh, WhatHaveIBecome, Battery, BatteryBackup

think they are level 6 atm sooo yeah 

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