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TTT #4: 2nd Gear

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Welcome to the (late) 4th edition of Tuesday Toggle Topic!

The Alpha Stage continues as we’re moving towards feature updates. It has been more than a few weeks since the last update, so this time it’s packed with fixes, updates, and improvements. You can find the complete list of changes here. Content-wise we have updates to mobs AIs on newer zones and Lucky Pigs. Some of the bug fixes were as simple as changing a few fields or lines but a selected handful is a complete pain. We’ve been trying to find the cause for mobs to become 10x harder to kill after killing the same spawn (with bots that’s unavoidable) for three weeks now! We even end up creating custom debugging features just to help us find leads with it.

L2Toggle team brainstorming on how to reproduce a bug.

TTT - Test Test Test?

To achieve a stable and reliable server we need to know what’s wrong and what’s missing. To do that, we need to relentlessly test all the features created throughout the years and that’s no small task. With the help of our dedicated Alpha Wolves, we are moving forward day by day.

Just last Sunday we had our first testing event organized by @Arthose and carried out together with @FrostIce and @ElMuerte. In a few hours span, the team was able to conquer a castle, fight Baium and get destroyed by Antharas! We want to make this a recurring affair so please keep an eye on our discord for more announcements.

Sunday Testing Event - Baium fight. 

With all this work being done and things being polished for a better experience, we still have a high demand for testing capabilities. So if you’ve been hesitant to join Alpha Wolves, don’t be! It’s as easy as filling out an application! In return, you get to shape the project closer to your vision and a handful of shiny things in-game.

Fixing issues and adjusting content is no small task, but that’s only a part of what we do here. After we got familiar with the files and their state, we are now confident that we can take some of the focus away from bug fixes and shift it towards features. We are happy to say that we have multiple features being worked on right now and they will start rolling out quite soon. Speaking of future features.

Party Dialog

As we all know Lineage2 was not created as a group controlling RPG and L2Toggle being a bot allowed server that has to be addressed! We are happy to announce that the first major quality of life (QOL) update will be the Party Dialog feature.

What that is and how it works, you might ask. If you’ve ever played L2 and had to move and control more than a few boxes, you should be familiar with the pain of having to switch between clients to talk to NPCs, teleport, or go through quest dialogs. I hope most of you had some kind of script to help with that! Well, we have good news for you! Party Dialog feature adds additional dialog options to NPCs so that most (TBD) dialog actions (including teleports and quests!) could be performed for the whole party from a single character. Want to teleport a whole party? It’ll be as simple as a single* click. Want to do a quest on all party members? Just have your party with you and choose the Party Dialog option when going through the quest’s steps. The team already has multiple ideas on how to “abuse” this feature to ease-up leveling and gameplay in general. We can’t wait to see the creative ways this will be used in the future.

Please, let us know if you think of any other QOL features you’d like to see implemented.

Here’s to another productive week on L2Toggle!

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