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Changelog [2019-03-04]

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+ Added/Enabled
- Removed/Disabled
* Fixed/Edited
[A] applies to Alpha Test Server only.

+ Lucky Pigs
+ Field Of Silence monsters AI
+ Field Of Whispers monsters AI
* Giants Cave AI
* Sel Mahum Training Grounds Society
* Monsters Aggression Range
* Current XP not being updated on the client after a resurrection
* .town command not exiting an instance
+ [A] Running speed increase by 50
* [A] Max running speed to 330
* Herb drops - disabled buff herb drops
- Herb drop view from shift-click
- [A] Death Penalty
+ Multisell Range Limit
* Tower of Insolence doors
+ Debugging features



P.S. This time we had a changelog ready! 

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