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  1. TrueLies

    L2Toggle Off-Season

    Much respect for how you ran the server right up until this pause, and including how you recognized the need to pause and announced it. Also, the timing of your announcement allows players to move to the new server opening with a similar format. I too look forward to you continuing this journey. Best Regards, -Ryan
  2. Assuming the vote was positive, I have a few questions: @Mantoshcan this even be reasonably done? Or are we just theorizing here. I mean, you have a massive load of bugs to fix, including the major issue where Follow Party Leader does not work for quests. I presume fixing the bugs and many issues should be prioritized over boutique requests? If it was done, the implementation should be (imo) that players can port in with their gear but the values are lowered to +6 if higher. Players with a +8 set, for example, should not be forced to obtain another set just for Oly I have a lot of ideas to help make the game better, more balanced, etc but I withhold them because it seems we have months if not a year of backlog on the existing issues including: - Battle clan halls dont work - Zariche / Akamanah do not work close to as designed - pk karma and sin eaters are both far off - Follow Party Leader for quests was advertised as a feature on this server and it has been disabled for months.... - Players with karma cannot speak to their own clan hall / fort / castle npcs nor the priest of dusk/dawn - Players in the castle anteroom are not all ported in together as they should be - Castle sieges have numerous bugs including lack of guards, inability to place guards, inability to upgrade guards/walls, inability to take out walls with golem.... - Baium is killed in 90 seconds, what kind of epic boss is that? AQ is MUCH more challenging and requires much more skill and coordination - During zaken raids we receive messages stating we received Greater Healing Potions as drops, but we never get any - Frint raid is supposed to drop arrows to hit Frintezza and change song. Also, the mobs from the pictures should come non-stop if the picture is not destroyed, but only 1 mob appears - geo data geo data geo data .... a freaking nightmare in so many places The list is much longer. The above are just a few items off the top of my head. How about introducing some events? Steve must be tired from over-staying his 2 week visit.
  3. Olympiad, like much of L2, and life, is a manipulation. You are seeking balance ... fairness ... and it can be done, but not this way unfortunately. Let's say your request was honored. What about: - masterwork armor vs regular? - masterwork weapons vs regular? - pvp'd armor with their bonus vs regular? - pvp'd weapons with their bonus vs regular? - 120 attributes x3 on all armor vs 60? - augments: some pay billions getting the perfect augments such as wild magic for mages - gear: so right now I prefer +10 vesper weapons but if +6 was max, then the top s84 weapons that drop from valakas / antharas go way up in value - epics vs no epics - belts / cloaks / shirts - subclass skills - Talismans Oly is all a manipulation. Parties / Clans / Allies can work together to feed week characters and make it to where the strongest player / character does not have a chance. What would be awesome for this game is if there was a round of Oly where all characters ported in identically equal, and you were given access to a weapons / armor room. You choose your gear then go fight. Everything equal. Then the best PLAYER could win a match. Alas, the game is not designed this way.
  4. Made my day! Oh this feature was so desperately needed. I am SUPREMELY grateful, and sure others will be too
  5. TrueLies

    Master craft Guide

    this is truly magnificent VIVA LA FRANCE!
  6. TrueLies


    hmmm...seems I can't edit a typo in my own post. I sure wish I could....
  7. TrueLies


    I think the term "casual" in this context means everyone can play at their own pace. Some players run 1 char, others run multiple parties. Some level fast, others (relatively) slower. If you wish to compete for epics, heroes, castles then yes you are trying to compete against others who want the same things and that is never casual. If you are not trying for the top items in game, then yes it is indeed casual. And actually, if an active group of players (real people) wanted a castle, we would frankly give them one so they can try that aspect of the game and get some enjoyment. If someone wanted to try a Core or Orfen raid, again, happy to share that experience. But to be fair and honest, if someone wanted an AQ / Baium / Antharas / Valakas .... well, they would need to win pvp to do such, which would not be casual.
  8. Fair enough Jdub. While I was there, I personally did not witness the issue. It was shared in both Discord voice and clan chat throughout the siege. It was specific enough to mention the player's name. Numerous members confirmed it repeatedly. Based on RA's denial and Mantosh's request for more evidence, I shared that going forward they MUST video the issue or drop it. Nothing more we can do. As for our side, I am aware of players running 2 parties but not anyone running more. On one of the first AQ raids we had 1 ally member bring more, we said it was not permitted and I never saw the issue again. I am curious to know who you believe might have more than 18 chars at an event?
  9. Can we stop the flaming here? I presented legitimate concerns. I tried to be respectful, or at least not disrespectful. We have more in common then differences. We all love the same game, and while it was popular 17 years ago now it is clearly a narrow niche. Sure we happen to be on opposite sides but that doesn't mean a constant flame war needs to ensue.
  10. Hello, We experienced issues this TW. TWs and Sieges are events that impact the server for 2 weeks. We need a way to have live GM support during these 6 hours every 2 weeks .... but that may not be possible given this is a small server .... but it makes things very painful for the player base. Issue #1 - Players unable to destroy enemy outpost. This is a gaming knowledge issue, not a bug. Enemy outposts cannot be destroyed. A clan can have 1 outpost at a time. Issue #2 - Territory Wards unable to be picked up by members of the clan that owns the ward. To the best of my knowledge, that is by design. Please correct me if I am mistaken. Issue #3 - Territory Wards unable to be picked up by other players not in the TW owning clan. I had never seen this issue prior to today. Our clan, Fight Club, owned the wards. Enemies tried to take the wards and we initially killed them. We brought chars from another clan (LittlePigs) to take the ward back to the throne room, but they were unable to do so. This meant the progress the enemies made in moving the wards closer to their encampment could not be undone, which ultimately led to the wards being captured. Issue #4 - 4 parties on 1 player. Since the first week I played, this issue has been reported. To the best of our knowledge, ZERO action has been taken, ever. Adrenalin has a plugin which changes IP and hardware IDs. It is built in and requires no effort, not to mention the many other ways to do such. I wish this server only allowed 10 players per Master Account but either way, there are individual players running many master accounts and grouping all the chars. This issue is the highest level of frustration we face. To have a group of players together "beaten" by 1 person with 4 parties is not reasonable. We have two choices: - "If you cant beat them, join them" and do the same - Leave this server If we are beaten by enemies, that is no problem at all. We are glad for the challenge. What is presently happening isn't a challenge, it is bugs and exploits, with no action being taken. In the next day or two either some of our members will either move on to another server, or start more parties and it can be the "wild west" of who's pc can run the most chars. Disappointing and frustrating. Issue #5 - Castle walls during TW taken down at Aden but not Rune. I wish I had better sources here but most good L2 sites we used to depend on are gone. https://maxcheaters.com/topic/86269-guideterritory-war/ "When the territory catapult is destroyed, all defense NPCs and all defense functions of the castle will disappear and all castle gates are opened." When Aden's catapult was destroyed, the inner gates were down and players could head directly to the throne room. When Rune's catapult was destroyed, the inner gate remained up so we had to take a long way around to the throne room. Also, I tested it at Dion castle after we experienced this issue. At Dion, guards were still present and attacking after the catapult for Dion had been destroyed. Final Note - overall this is a very good server. This is only our ?3rd or 4th TW and some issues are still being worked out. I am sure the bugs will be fixed. The problem is until then intervention is required (i.e. a live GM) who can capture the issue and see that a player cannot pickup a TW, or a player has 4 parties on them in violation of a server rule.
  11. Yes, that is what I did. I am taken care of as I farmed the Destruction keys once inside. I wanted to share the feedback to improve things for others who may follow. On another note, the maze is a geodata nightmare. Even worse than toi. I patiently wait for my whole party each time and take wide turns but EVERY TIME multiple chars get stuck. Now I know to watch for it and I never leave a maze section without checking every character to ensure they are really with me.
  12. Hello, The first time I entered the Steel Citadel, the key didn't drop from either of the first sets of mobs. I waited about 5 minutes for the respawn then received the key. Today, I have killed both sets 3 times, and no key. I am happy to kill mobs but waiting 5 minutes in between spawns really sucks. I kindly suggest either increasing the key drop rate so we may move on, or increase the mob spawn rate to every ?2 minutes so we can have the opportunity to earn the key without waiting so long.
  13. Hello Togglers! My party forwarding works perfectly for drops, but not for spoils. Any guidance would be appreciated. 1. I have a premium account with all party members on the same premium account. 2. Regular drops are forwarded to the party leader no matter who picks them up. 3. The party is set on Finders Keepers both ingame and in Adrenalin on the party leader and spoiler. 4. SETTINGS shows the last 3 options as ON, including Forward Drop to Party Leader on the leader and spoiler. For some reason, the spoils started forwarding one day on their own, but stopped the next day. I would love to get this working. I have checked and double-checked items 3 and 4 before posting. Any guidance would be appreciated!
  14. AWESOME Scrapyard. I just found your guide and it all makes sense now. Set up custom buffs and am using them. Thank you!!! One suggestion for Mantosh .... make the buff profiles account wide. Why? Example 1 - I have a party with 7 mages. Presently I have to go on 7 accounts and delete/add the same buffs 7 times. If I could do it once and name it "Mage PVE" then I could use that profile on all characters in the party. Example 2 - Besides the party, I may make more mages for various reasons such as Ant Queen, Festivals, subs, etc. If the profiles were available account-wide, it would save time from re-creating the same profile repeatedly.
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