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  1. MASTER CRAFT Have you ever wanted to know how many Vesper Gloves you could craft with the materials you currently have on all your character ? Would You like to know how much Steel you have, but don't want to log all your characters one by one? Do You want to craft 10 vesper bows but don't know what you need to focus on? The Master Craft is here to help players in all crafting things. This feature contains crafting help for all craftable S grade armors, weapons, jewels, and the materials needed to craft them. The screen can be split in 4 distinct parts : The search bar Craftable items list (s+) Crafting details Item locations 1 - The search bar The search is optimized for quick look ups! You can type different words to filter, for example: "low" or "S80" "vesper" or "icarus" "gloves" or "bow" "heavy" or "robe" "weapon" or "jewel" "mage" or "archer" 2 - Craftable items list Item are displayed by : tier ( low S / top S / moirai / vesper), type Armor / weapon / jewel A color border helps you find items: Red is for items mostly used by Heavy armor classes Green is for items mostly used by Light armor classes Blue is for items mostly used by Mage classes If you have enough materials to craft an item, a number of possible crafts will be displayed. Click on an item to see the recipe in a detailed view in the section below. 3 - Crafting details Firstly the possible results are displayed. All gear will have a chance for Master Work. The next part is the ingredients table. You can enter a number of how many items you’d like to aim for in the “Craft count” field and see how many items you could craft with the current amount of mats you have. The first column is a friendly icon. Some materials have a (+) icon by their side, which means that you can click on them (as you would on a piece of craftable equipment) to bring up the recipe details. Next, there are “number of items needed”: for one try, for multiple tries taken from “Craft count” input above ( if you hover the number of the second colunm a tooltip will tell you the maximum amount of craft you can try for this particular line of ingredient ) Then we have the current number of ingredients you have in your possession and the missing amount. 4 - Item Location The goal of this section is to help you locate the items you need on all characters of the Master Account. When holding the CTRL key, the icon of items you own will change their appearance. When you CTRL + Click on an icon the Item Location view will display all characters possessing this item and storage location (warehouse or inventory). Hope this feature will be usefull to all of you ! Happy botting
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