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Changelog [2020-06-13]


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+ Added/Enabled 
- Removed/Disabled
* Fixed/Edited

+ "Forward Drop to Party Leader" (Premium Accounts only) - feature to forward all drop & spoil (if drop distribution is set to include spoil) to party leader. To disable check .cfg. I will post detailed description later
+ Warsmith and Summoners' buffs to non-Premium accounts on Community Buffer
+ Deposit CoL to Master Account feature on Dimensional Merchant
+ Anniversary Cloaks to donate and vote stores
+ SA 11/12 to Vote Store
* Vote store prices reduced
* Donate store pets pricing reduced
+ XP & SP Runes to donate store
+ S grade weapon to donate store (1 per character. Requires to be 76+)
* Queen Ant & her minions stats increased
* Path-finding update
- Fall damage
* Divinity mobs in MoS re-spawn reduced
* Quest NPC Gumiel will now despawn after 5 minutes
* Cursed Weapon adjustments - lowered drop rate and reduced duration
* Olympiad time increased to allow western timezones to participate
* Gem Dragon Anchor reduced radius
* Celtus drop adjusted ( @Nalfien )
* Overlord combined buffs duration fixed
* Fixed few raid boss spawn locations ( @OneManArmy )
* Nerfed raid boss cancel - reduced range, added cooldown, reduced amount of buffs removed
* Fixed .town commands to not work during sieges
+ Doom Shield to luxury shop
+ Haste to Community Buffer ( @Torak )
* Reduced Mana Potion cost

If I didn't tag you, please let me know!

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