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  1. Clan World lvl 5 soon 6 is recruiting! A safe harbor in English language clan, is welcome all players that wish to be a part of a community. Wether you're experienced or a newbie, we can assist you in starting up! Clan Academy when there's spots is available with rewards, pm Metahaney or Buyer for information. Objectives are to establish presence and prepare for sieges while continuing to bundle up for Raid Boss's.
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    Boa tarde! Primeiro tens que criar uma Master Account. A Master account é um conta que nao pertence ao jogo, mas é onde tu podes criar game accounts. No máximo 20! Portanto segundo percebi, tu deves ter criado uma master account mas ainda não criaste uma game account. Faz login via http://master.lineage2toggle.com/account/login e tens lá a opção de criar contas do jogo. Com essas sim consegues fazer login no servidor l2. <* sorry for unusual language but i think in this case was easier *>
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