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  1. Mantosh

    Epic Drop

    Hi, that's unfortunate, but you could have moved it away from the ramp. I'll contact you through private messages.
  2. Mantosh


    It works if all bot protections are disabled
  3. We are continuously working on network configurations, trying to minimize interruptions and disconnects. If you notice changes for worse, please report it to me. + Added/Enabled - Removed/Disabled * Fixed/Edited * [Erica] Territory War will now take place at the same time as on Bartz * [Erica] Fixed Fishing! * [Erica] Increased L2Day Letter drop chance - [Bartz] Removed max level cap from “Break Through The Hall of Suffering” quest + Weight capacity multiplier (x100) now affects pets * Fix Academy html * Fix Core dropping low B grade weapon
  4. Some of the changes were made and deployed during prior maintenances. + Added/Enabled - Removed/Disabled * Fixed/Edited * [Bartz] Fix Clan Hall Minimum Bid * [Erica] Item Auction (Giran/Aden/Rune) upgraded to next stage * [Erica] Nerfed Great Chaos Golem damage a little * [Erica] Nerfed Core minion count and stats * Orfen now drops top A grade weapons and armors * Improved Clan Hall Auction html
  5. Extremely unlikely. Unless a server admin misconfigures the server, the cracked adr shouldn't work.
  6. Nor the app, nor hosting are in our control, so it would be hard to blindly vouch. It's an interesting idea, so if you want to work something out, contact me through private messages.
  7. Well, the login page looks nice Nothing against you, but I won't enter login/pass on a 3rd party site so my testing ends there.
  8. + Added/Enabled - Removed/Disabled * Fixed/Edited Changes up to 6/26/23 * Fix guaranteed drops calculations * L2Day event reward upgrade * Increased max Seed of Infinity level to 85; Increased some mob levels * Fix the issue of indestructible Territory War Tents * Fix Master Account Exp gain on in-game purchases * Fix Alt+B Rates displaying wrong rates * Adjust cubic duration 15->20 min * Update RU Alt+B menu * Fix Captain of the Ice Queen's Royal Guard spawn * [Erica] Increase Rate Spawn Mobs 1 -> 1.5 * [Erica] Adjust Raid and Epic Defense and Attack increate rate 1.4-1.5 -> 1.2 * [Erica] Adjust Buff durations * [Erica] Adjust Mana Potions * [Erica] Adjust Starting Gear * [Erica] Increase Ultimate Buff Cooldowns * [Erica] Adjust Low-level Epics strength * [Erica] Adjust Auction items * [Erica] Adjust Low-level Epics strength Changes deployed on 6/26/23 * Fix Ancient Egg giving Dinosaur Tissue * Increased Dinosaur Egg quest item drop chance 1% -> 10%; * [Erica] Fix Clan Hall Bid pricing (might still require adjustments) * Adjust auto-restart time to 6 PM EST (6 hours early) * Fix Olkuth having too many friends (1) * Fix Residence Buffs
  9. Saved as a forum download
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Save resource and disable L2 client skill animations. Backup original file. It is suggested to have two client copies so you could choose which client ot run. Source Post by Arthose
  11. Mantosh


    The Hardcore High-Five Botting Server launched May 27th, 2023
  12. Erica successfully launched! Join the growing ranks of Hardcore players and bot your a** off!
  13. We are happy to share that Erica will launch at 9 AM EST on May 27th. You can find a convenient counter here or on our main page. Here's an easy time zone helper.
  14. Version 1.0.0


    Adrenaline Bot maps folder for L2 High Five. Includes multiple levels and Catacombs/Necropolis.
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