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Master Account (MA) Creation and Walkthrough


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First create a Lineage2Toggle 

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Click Create an Account, Enter an account name which will be public, password, confirm password, and enter a unique email adress for each master account. click the "I'm not a robot" box, and then create an account.

When you create your Master Account a text file will be downloaded with your account and password titled "Login"


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I suggest you save and keep this for future reference. Also if you mistyped your password somehow (I've been there) you'll have a record of what you actually entered and you can change the MA just below the box where you can create an in game account. 

The Master Account Portal will allow you to create 20 in game accounts. You will be able to increase the limit in multiple ways later on. If for some reason you feel the need to have way more than 20 in-game accounts, you'll need a unique email address for each additional MA. 

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 To create a Game account click "CREATE GAME ACCOUNT"

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After MA creation:

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1. This displays the level of your L2Toggle Master Account Portal. Right now mine is Level 3 and 60%. I have 300 coins or Coins of Luck to distrubute to my in game characters as I choose later on. As your Master Account Portal Levels, you' get access to different rewards and increasing rewards. Right now If I donate 1 EUR, instead of getting 10 coins of luck I'll get a 10% bonus and get 11 coins of luck instead. 

2. Clicking here takes you back to the Dashboard which is the picture above. Here is displays your last login date, last IP address, and total numbers of game accounts registered to this MAP.

3. Click here to go to our website at https://lineage2toggle.com/

4. Click here to go to our Forum at https://community.lineage2toggle.com/

5. Click here to see Lineage2Toggle Server Statistics inside your MA

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6. Displays your account name. 

7. Allows you to change this game account's password.  You'll need to old password, enter the new password, and confirm the new password. 

8. This is the in-game characters name.

9. MA account allows you to see every characters personal inventory without having to log into each individual character and wait for log in one at a time. 

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10. Allows you to access MA services. Both of these services cost 10 coins each. 

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We are very excited about the Master Accounts & Master Account Portal and it will see future development and expansion in the future. 

Lets us know what you think. 


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