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TTT #5: Alpha Reborn


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Welcome to the 5th edition of Tuesday Toggle Topic!

Alpha Reborn

It came to our attention this week that new server source files were available. After @Mantosh and @FrostIce reviewed them we found a drastic improvement in server stability, resource management, and features. We then had a very difficult choice to make:  To use the new server files, or stay with our current tested setup. Because of our commitment to provide you, the players, the best L2 experience possible, we decided to implement the new server files into our build.  While most of our features transferred over effortlessly, there are some challenges ahead. The main one that the previously completed Alpha testing is no longer applicable and will have to be redone. While disappointing on the surface, the alpha testing phase did provide me, along with the rest of the staff, insight into what you guys are looking for.


GM Arthose looking forward to the future of L2Toggle

So what is the plan moving forward?  A new Alpha testing phase will begin shortly.  The Alpha test server is actually currently ‘up’, but it needs about a day before testing can truly begin.  Our staff will not forget the hard work the Alpha Wolves have done up to this point and rewards at launch will be given out accordingly.  That being said, with another wave of Alpha testing comes a 2nd chance at being an Alpha Wolf, and the possible for (more) rewards at launch date for those who help out in testing this time around.  Just a reminder that our application for alpha testing begins here.


Because the file structure is so much better now, Alpha testing will be a much shorter phase (hopefully with fewer issues), will thus transfer much smoother into Beta testing, and official launch.  Remember that our staff here at L2Toggle is always available to you if you have questions. Feel free to send us a question/concern you have either here on the forums, or on our discord server.

Excited to see where we are this time next week!


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