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[Kain] Changelog [2021-12-17 - 2022-01-28]


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  • Toggle Staff

Hello Togglers,

Quite a few exciting updates this time around! Enjoy and don't forget to leave feedback.
This update was made possible by your recent wave of donations so huge thanks to old and new players for your continues support.


    + Added/Enabled
    - Removed/Disabled
    * Fixed/Edited


+ Buff Party option on .buffstore
+ The server will now automatically restart at 11 PM EST every Monday
* Fishing Championship now gives Festival Adena as rewards
* Increase drop chances of Easy & Hard Freyas, Frintezza, and level 83 Zaken
* Boost Baium stats and drop chances
* Boost Orfen and her minions
* Auctioned items revamp - new items, higher starting bid 
* Fix party leader issue when inviting new members on adrenaline/L2Project
* Clan level requirements text for clarity
* Kariks area buff fixed
* Increase pet inventory size (not weight limit, yet)
* Lowered spouse teleport interval to 3 min

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