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TTT #3: Where's Steve?


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  • Toggle Staff

Welcome to the 3rd edition of Tuesday Toggle Topic!

Alpha Testing continues as we test, fix, and re-test basically the entire game.  It is exhausting work, but vitally important to ensure a stable and fair server for you.  One of the many debates our staff had was deciding on server files.  While using server files from Sunrise would have been the ‘easy’ way to go, we found it prohibited change.  Sure many bugs would have already been fixed, features tested, and provided a quicker launch date, but using pre-compiled files ‘locks’ in certain features. Ultimately we wanted the ability to modify any and all features even if that meant a longer testing/fixing phase.  Thus, we landed on L2jServer.  While L2jServer has its own set of problems, we believe that putting in the hard work now will provide us with a better server with more options in the future.

Now let’s talk about something old, but something new. Vitality!


We believe retail vitality had good intentions, but poor execution. A feature aimed to help newbies and casual players ended up being abused by P2W “mechanics”. That is why we want to give vitality a 2nd chance and a facelift. That being said, Vitality on L2Toggle will be rare and modified as described below:

  • Vitality will have the same effect on all vitality levels.
  • Vitality levels will be equalized so that one level would represent 1/4 of total vitality.
  • Vitality will increase XP/SP/Adena/Drop/Spoil by +50%.
  • Every day 2 levels of vitality will be refreshed.
  • The player will be able to disable vitality usage so that you could plan how to spend it.
  • Nevit’s blessing will be controllable too so that you could plan when to use it.
  • Vitality replenishing items and actions will be scarce (No Steve Shyagel)
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