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Maximum level difference between players in party to gain exp/sp 


Maximum Difference in Level from a Raid

  • at 3 levels difference drops/chance start to decrease
  • at 9 levels difference from Raid Boss or 9 Levels difference from a Raid Boss's Minion mean raid curse


Useful commands:

  • .cfg
  • .hellbound
  • .town for every castle town plus gludin and hunters
  • .help
  • .whoiam
  • .votereward
  • .openatod
  • .clan


FA and CoL:

  • Dimensional Merchants outside every town's warehouse have Toggle Services options to spend FA and CoL
  • You can obtain FA by voting and using .votereward command to receive rewards
  • You can obtain CoL by donating or farming 52+ raids


Mammon Options:
        Two dwarves in Giran: Warehouse Keeper Taurin (by weapon shop) OR Blacksmith Pushkin. 


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Seven Signs (7S)

  • In order to enter catacombs/necropolis you must be registered with dawn/dusk like retail.
  • You can teleport to these places from the appropriate town's gatekeeper. These teleports have been added at the bottom of the teleport list.
  • Newly created characters get a free-pass from registration restriction for 2 weeks.


Pagan Temple, Key of Darkness

            Requires quest "Seekers of the Holy Grail" in order to obtain Key of Darkness.


Server's time

            Server's time is UTC (https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/timezone/utc).  Use .time in game to check the current time and date of server and /time to check the in game time.


No Carrier

           To disable No Carrier you can use .cfg command in game and set to 0.


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Buff selling stores

          By using command .buffstore you can create one in the predesignated areas, such as Aden town downstairs outside warehouse, Giran town on the left side of temple entrance and all clan halls.


Epic Instances cooldown

            By typing /instancezone you can always check the remaining time. Freya and Frintezza refresh every Wednesday and Saturday but  Zaken 83 every Monday,Wednesday and Friday, Zaken 60 every Wednesday. Refresh occurs always at 06:30 server's time.

Zaken Daytime (83) instance rewards

  • <5 minutes - 50% chance to get Vorpal Ring
  • 5 - 10 minutes - 30% chance to get Vorpal Earring
  • 10 - 15 minutes - 25% chance to get Vorpal Ring

Kain Alt+B Buff Bypasses  for Adrenaline's Self Buff feature (Credit to Ryu on discord)


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How to setup auto rebuff?



Clan Leveling - member requirements:

  • Clan Level 6: 10 members
  • Clan Level 7: 20 members
  • Clan Level 8: 30 members
  • Clan Level 9: 40 members
  • Clan Level 10: 50 members
  • Clan Level 11: 50 members


Castle Sieges:

  • Every 2 weeks on Sundays
  • Minimum Clan level to register: 5


Premium Account:

  • XP/SP/Adena/Drop/Spoil +30%
  • Enchant rate +3%


Character Stat Limits:

  • P. Atk 200'000
  • P. Def 150'000
  • P. Crit. Rate 500
  • Atk. Spd. 1'500
  • M. Atk. 250'000
  • M. Def 150'000
  • M. Crit. Rate 20%
  • Casting Spd. 1'999
  • CP 100'000
  • HP 40'000
  • MP 40'000
  • Accuracy 200
  • Evasion 250
  • Speed 250


Steve Shyagel - Gift of Vitality:

  • Level 4 Vitality
  • Vitality Level Maintained for 2 hours
  • Cooldown 12 hours


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