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  1. Akamanah/Zariche do you enjoy them or hate them? Vote and let us know.
  2. Vote for olympiad games starting date.
  3. Shook

    Adrenaline Maps

  4. Pm me on discord.
  5. Shook

    Team Recruiting

    We are very excited about our new Lineage2Toggle project launch and we are looking for passionate people to join our support team. Botting and Lineage2 High Five itself can be intimidating to start for the first time or return after a break. We're looking for members of the Lineage 2 community who would like to help guide others through botting and Lineage2 High Five. To apply, please create a topic (only visible to you and the team) under the Support Team Applications sub-category with some information about yourself, any previous experience, and why do you think you’
  6. Shook

    Team Growth

    Hello Togglers! Excited to be a part of our community. I will be around as much as I can during "EU" prime time to assist you.
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