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[Kain] Changelog [2021-04-03]


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  • Toggle Staff

Long overdue changelog that went live before Kain's launch.

+ Added/Enabled 
- Removed/Disabled
* Fixed/Edited

* Reduced Respawn delays by 1/3 for most mobs in Dragon Valley
+ Vitality Adena Bonus bonus
+ All Vitality levels give the same (+50%) reward
* Recommend bonus update. To receive +20%XP/SP reward character requires only 1 recommend
+ Warsmith/Warlock/Ele.Summoner Alt+B buffs to non Premium Accounts (PA)
* Adjusted available resists Alt+B buffs for non PA
* Updated Epic zone level limits
* Decreased Mana Potion effectiveness 1'000 -> 900
- PTS Configurations and Community board (Some pages are still left un patched)
+ Vote reward and donate store to Dimensional Merchant

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