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[Kain] Changelog [2021-03-31]


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Please note, that balance changes are very likely.

+ Added/Enabled 
- Removed/Disabled
* Fixed/Edited

Epic Jewels Upgrade - a complete overhaul of Core and Orfen and update to other Epic Jewels. All jewels' M.Def and MP adjusted.
Core - MP +23, Increases M.Critical Damage by 10%, Casting Speed by 5%, MP recharge efficiency by 22, MP by 88, Sleep Resistance & Attack Bonus by 20, and Bleed Resistance & Attack Bonus by 20.
Orfen - MP +35, Increases Healing Power by 5, Healing Received from heal spells by 10%, Casting Speed by 5%, MP Recovery Rate by 0.15, Stun Resistance by 10, Sleep Attack Bonus by 10, and Poison Resistance & Attack Bonus by 20.
More info and system patch in a separate topic.

Going over previous changes and new bug reports
+ PvP Zone around epics. Fix incorrect character flags causing to attack clan/ally members in PvP zones
* Drastically increased spawns in Dragon Valley
+ All types of Tyrannosaurus level SA crystals
* Upd Item Broker auction times
* Replaced Item Broker auction items. More items will be added with server progression.
- Max PC Bang points message
* Low level raid spawns - Sebek,Apepi,Premo Prime
* Nerf Raid Cancel
* Increased Fates of Whisper coffin spawn duration
+ Teleports straight to Gracia Seeds from Gludio
* Blessing of Vitality now has higher stack priority than vit herbs
+ Allow .buffstore in residences
+ Teleport to Freya (Frost Lake)
* Nerf Drake Scouts
* Fix olympiad history
+ PC Bang Title Color option
+ Blood Alliance now tradeable
+ Storm Winged Naga drops Dragon Heart
+ Cherub Galaxia drops Angelic Essence

Thanks everyone for testing and reporting

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