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Maybe Its Time for a Fresh Start Bartz?

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**R3dArrows Team**


Hello everyone and hope you are well


Maybe its time for a new start Bartz Or Lionna?.

R3dArrows Team, most of us, thinking about a project like Bartz with +- some features and this time with better files.

We are going to do some things in beta and check some  features  so that the result is better when Live comes out

Everyone can express his opinion civilly.

**R3dArrows Team**

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                                          **R3dArrows Team**

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I am all for a new server.

Bartz had way to many bugs/problems.


Lionna is based on different(and more stable) files and has a subscription for regular updates from professional developers.


I want to fight with 9v9, 18v 18, without all the lame things. I enjoy fighting with limited buffs but that doesn't mean I want "retail" features in other areas.


If the server is chalked full of boring shit like raid boss quests, class change quests, or they try to impose some silly rules for box limits,  I likely wont be playing.

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