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Closed Alpha Test Server Is Live! Now™

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Our Closed Alpha Test Server is up and running! We welcome our Alpha Wolves to the server and express our immense gratitude for your time and effort.

The Alpha Test Server is for Alpha Wolves and admin team members only. We will use this experience and feedback to shape the future of the project. If you haven’t applied to be an Alpha Wolf, please consider applying. The more features we test, the smoother the end results will be.

Alpha Wolves, please follow the Alpha section for more details and instructions on how to connect. We invite you to join our discord channel to expedite any questions. We’re very excited to start this chapter of the project and have you with us.

Finally, we’d love to hear your suggestions and ideas for the project. We have a ton of things planned already, but it never hurts to get more perspective. Please post your suggestions to the Submit Suggestion forum.

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3 hours ago, hadypk said:

where can i download patch to start play on this server ??


Hello @hadypk

The server is currently in Closed Alpha Testing stage. We are accepting testers if you want to help shape the server. For more information please follow the information here 

If you have any questions you can PM me or visit us on discord 

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