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1. Basic rules:

  1. Exploiting any bug is forbidden. If you have noticed a bug in the game, please report it in the forum or on discord. 
  2. Respecting other players is the key to a friendly community. Let’s keep public chats and forums civil.
  3. Please make an effort to keep the game fair and fun for all by abiding these rules. If you think that someone is breaking any of the above rules, please report them to administrators.
  4. Impersonating Administrators, GM’s will get you banned.
  5. Strider/Wyvern/Fenrir exploiting to overcome map limitations will be punished. Please report such events with screenshots.
  6. We will not be held responsible for the loss of any items or exp while playing the game and under no circumstances, the items will be replaced or refunded.
  7. All Castles, Clan Halls, and characters’ names can be taken away if there’s no activity for at least a month upon request of an active player.
  8. No Real Money Trading (RMT). Buying or selling in-game assets for out-of-game currency is prohibited.
  9. Global shout chat (!) should be English mostly. We understand not everyone speaks English well, so occasional question or two is ok, but further discussions should be moved to trade chat (+) or private messages (").

2. Epics (PvP part), Sieges, Territory Wars, PvP, and bots:

  1. Up to 10 characters in ANY PvP Zone per Player. We cannot watch every fight (we will try though), so do your part - if you have suspicions - record, verify, and send them to Toggle Support member on discord.
  2. No auto-assist stacking - do not setup your characters to assist another player. Do you really don’t want to play live that much?
  3. Have fun! You didn’t clean inventory 500 times to not enjoy kicking some ass!

3. Account security:

  1. The owner of the Master and in-game accounts is always the person owning the email on file. Please make sure to use a good email if you plan to keep your accounts.
  2. Taking anything from any character in the account you not own is stealing and punishable by ban.
  3. All accounts and all characters are property of the server. Selling/exchanging accounts in any currency is forbidden.
  4. In-game account sharing is not recommended but allowed. Please see Basic rule #6

4. Punishments:

      1. Warning or 1-day chat ban
      2. 1-day chat ban
      3. 5-day chat ban
      4. 5-day jail
      5. 2-month ban

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