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Double Event! Brave New World & Gift of Vitality

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Hello fellow botters and hard-corers alike! With Free Premium Event over we though it would a good time to help newbies who just joined us.

Brave New World 

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All Master Accounts created between May 29th and June 8th will receive 5 days of premium to help catch up! (If you've created your account prior to June 1st your Premium will start counting from June 2nd 12 PM UTC and will end on June 7th 12 PM UTC).

Gift of Vitality

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Steve the Vitality wizard you learned to love (or hate) is coming to L2Toggle starting June 3rd! Steve is a busy wizard and have to visit many servers, but he promised to stay with us for a whole week - until June 10th. Every char will be able to receive his Vitality Restoring Blessing twice a day (12 hours cooldown)

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