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Good Night Gm Beautiful

My dear, I need to ask a question... I recently bought a Clan Hall in Aden, and I learned that for those who have a Clan Hall in Aden, it is possible to summon a Wyvern, but this option is not available in the Npc of the clan hall. .. when I can check it out, I was really excited when I won the auction for a top Clan Hall in Aden, to close with a flourish and celebrate, just missing the Flying Dragon.

Thanks for the attention Gm, big hug 😎


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Hello @TheWitcher

Great Snow Wolf, Snow Fenrir, and Red Dusk / Red Star / Red Wind Strider Info:

Members of a clan that is in possession of a Rune or Aden Clan Hall can exchange their normal Wolf or Strider for a Clan Hall one. All they have to do is speaking to the Clan Hall Gatekeeper located outside the clan hall. A Great Wolf can be evolved into a Great Snow Wolf. A Fenrir turns into a Snow Fenrir, and Striders may be exchanged for a Red Star Strider, Red Dusk Strider or Red Wind Strider.

The Great Snow Wolf, Snow Fenrir and Red Striders possess unique skills that ordinary pets do not - the Great Snow Wolf can already be mounted at level 55. Their defense and mounted moving speed are higher than those of normal - non Clan Hall obtained - pets. At level 70 the Striders moving speed inreases from 172 to 177.

If a player loses access to a Clan Hall the obtained pets cannot be used, but they can be exchanged again for the previous pets through the Pet Trader Mickey NPC in the Towns of Aden and Rune Township.


The only way to have a wyvern is to be the clan leader of a clan that owns a castle or a Fortress. 


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