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Weapon Masterwork Bonus Specifics


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I've made a chart of Weapon Masterwork bonuses (not complete) and in rough shape but I thought I'd share.  

  Benefit Amount  by Level
Skill Name   Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Gale or Great Gale Increase Atk. Spd.  5%    
Lightning (Sword) Increase Crit Rate 54.4 54.4  
Lightning (Blunt)   52.2 52.2 52.2
Lightning (Dual Sword)   54.4    
Lightning (Polearm)   54.4    
Thunder (1H Sword) Increase Crit Dmg 220    
Thunder (2H Sword)   340    
Thunder (2H Blunt)   415    
Thunder (Fist)   528    
Thunder (Dual Swords)   268    
Thunder (Polearm)   156 377  
Earth (1H Sword) Increase Max HP 319 492  
Earth (2H Sword)   398    
Earth (1H Blunt)   294 345 511
Earth (Bow)   444    
Earth (Fist)   372    
Earth (Dual Sword)   319 444  
Earth (Polearm)   319 492  
Evil Spirit Recovers HP (VR) absorbs damage by 3  
Concentration (Blunt) Increase Accuracy 4.2    
Concentration (Sword)   3.9    
Concentration (Dagger)   3.3    
Concentration (Bow)   3.3    
Destruction Increase P. Atk.  17.42 22.1 42.12
Destruction (2H Blunt)   32.97    
Destruction (Fist)   21.2 26.9 51.26
Destruction (Dual Swords)   21.2 26.9 51.26
Destruction (Polearm)   31.25    
Landslide Activation chance to stun during regular attack 5 8  
On Fire Increase HP Regen 5%    
Confusion Increase Evasion 3.3 3.3 3.3
Molar Chance to poison during regular attack      
Clairvoyance increase P. Atk of  bow range 100    

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Sources: l2j.ru & L2db.info


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