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[Kain] Changelog [2021-05-08]


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+ Added/Enabled
- Removed/Disabled
* Fixed/Edited    

* Character can obtain multiple Subclass Certification books
+ Subclass Certification shortcuts to Grand Masters
* Increased all summons duration to 12 hours
* Reduced Epics' defense
* Reduce Raids' regeneration boost
+ Core Teleportation Cubic (Core room doors are no long unlockable)
* Reduce boat state announcement range
+ Last Tyrannosaurus SA leveling
+ ATOD, 1st & 2nd pages, and DCF now tradeable/droppable
* Adjust Queen Ant Larva’s defense
* Reduce Anakim Transformation drop chance
* Rebalance Anakim Transformation skills & stats (not final)
+ Chain Hood to Armor Shops

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