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ChangeLog [2020-01-30]

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+ Added/Enabled
- Removed/Disabled
* Fixed/Edited
[A] applies to Alpha Test Server only.


+ [A*] .town commands.
+ [A] .moveto x y z command.
* Increased inventory and warehouse slots to 200.
* Raid Boss Minions not spawning on load (attempt).
+ .changepassword.
+ Warehouse sorting.
* Increased Dwarf recipe limit to 150.
+ Store/Restore Dwarven Manufacture list after relog.
+ Instant change of clan leader
* Lowered time penalties for clan-related activities.
* Lowered character deletion period.
* Flood protection adjusted (Chat/Main/Craft).
* Olympiad: non-class based required participants lowered to 5.
* Olympiad: wait time before teleport lowered to 60s.
* [A] Quest drop rate increased to x5.
* Kamaloka buff removal.
* Jewel of Antharas; Totem of Body/Spirit/Courage/Fortitude.
- [A] RB and mob cancel effect.

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In game tasks & issues report since last changelog [2020-01-13]


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