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Team Recruiting

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We are very excited about our new Lineage2Toggle project launch and we are looking for passionate people to join our support team.


Botting and Lineage2 High Five itself can be intimidating to start for the first time or return after a break. We're looking for members of the Lineage 2 community who would like to help guide others through botting and Lineage2 High Five. 


To apply, please create a topic (only visible to you and the team) under the Support Team Applications sub-category with some information about yourself, any previous experience, and why do you think you’d be a good fit for the role?


Two such opportunities are: 

1. Game Coach [GC] 

2. Event Manager [EM]


 1. Game Coach [GC]


• Provide community support. Guide the lost

• Moderate public chats and forums

 (Note: White chat is public. Party/Clan/Alliance chats are considered as sub-communities where the leader is responsible for moderation)

• Help by gathering and directing feedback and reports



• Moderator Role on Community Discord

• Moderator Role on Community Forum

• Extremely limited GM Character. 

No access to items and anything game impacting.

• CoL gift baskets



2. Event Manager [EM]


• Run Custom IG Events

• Run IG Tournaments

• Run Offline events, promotions, and contests

• Make it rain - spread around the CoL and spread it on thick.


• Bling Roles on Discord/Forum

• Event GM cannot have any other characters

• Limited GM Character. Can perform limited actions on players (summon, mark, paralyze, etc). 

• Does have access to items, but receives CoL and other items to give away as rewards.

• Joy of spreading those CoL thick.

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