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Olympiad max +6


Olympiad max +6  

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  1. 1. Do you agree with setting a +6 items limit in oly?

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    • No

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Olympiad, like much of L2, and life, is a manipulation. 

You are seeking balance ... fairness ... and it can be done, but not this way unfortunately. 

Let's say your request was honored. What about:

- masterwork armor vs regular?

- masterwork weapons vs regular?

- pvp'd armor with their bonus vs regular?

- pvp'd weapons with their bonus vs regular?

- 120 attributes x3 on all armor vs 60?

- augments: some pay billions getting the perfect augments such as wild magic for mages

- gear: so right now I prefer +10 vesper weapons but if +6 was max, then the top s84 weapons that drop from valakas / antharas go way up in value

- epics vs no epics 

- belts / cloaks / shirts

- subclass skills

- Talismans

Oly is all a manipulation. Parties / Clans / Allies can work together to feed week characters and make it to where the strongest player / character does not have a chance. 


What would be awesome for this game is if there was a round of Oly where all characters ported in identically equal, and you were given access to a weapons / armor room. You choose your gear then go fight. Everything equal. Then the best PLAYER could win a match. Alas, the game is not designed this way. 

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Assuming the vote was positive, I have a few questions:

@Mantoshcan this even be reasonably done? Or are we just theorizing here. I mean, you have a massive load of bugs to fix, including the major issue where Follow Party Leader does not work for quests. I presume fixing the bugs and many issues should be prioritized over boutique requests?

If it was done, the implementation should be (imo) that players can port in with their gear but the values are lowered to +6 if higher. Players with a +8 set, for example, should not be forced to obtain another set just for Oly

I have a lot of ideas to help make the game better, more balanced, etc but I withhold them because it seems we have months if not a year of backlog on the existing issues including:

- Battle clan halls dont work

- Zariche / Akamanah do not work close to as designed
- pk karma and sin eaters are both far off 
- Follow Party Leader for quests was advertised as a feature on this server and it has been disabled for months....
- Players with karma cannot speak to their own clan hall / fort / castle npcs nor the priest of dusk/dawn 
- Players in the castle anteroom are not all ported in together as they should be

- Castle sieges have numerous bugs including lack of guards, inability to place guards, inability to upgrade guards/walls, inability to take out walls with golem....

- Baium is killed in 90 seconds, what kind of epic boss is that? AQ is MUCH more challenging and requires much more skill and coordination
- During zaken raids we receive messages stating we received Greater Healing Potions as drops, but we never get any
- Frint raid is supposed to drop arrows to hit Frintezza and change song. Also, the mobs from the pictures should come non-stop if the picture is not destroyed, but only 1 mob appears
- geo data geo data geo data .... a freaking nightmare in so many places 

The list is much longer. The above are just a few items off the top of my head. How about introducing some events? Steve must be tired from over-staying his 2 week visit. 

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