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Changelog [2020-07-14]


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+ Added/Enabled 
- Removed/Disabled
* Fixed/Edited

* Fix Pole-arm damaging Command Channel members in PvP zones
+ [BETA] .buffstore command has been enabled for testing. Please report any issues or concerns. We've already noticed issues with offline .buffstore
+ Teleport options to Gracia seeds on Bella the Gludio Gatekeeper
* Baium Manager rework - should respawn correctly now
* Zaken AI update - it will now require 5% of mana to try to teleport
* Adjust Antharas Stun cooldown
* Increase QA damage
* Nerf Hard Freya stats - would like to hear your feedback on this.
* Increase Freya drop chances
* Adjust Frintezza stats
* Increase Frintezza drop chances
* Fix Core/Orfen drop IDs
* Update TW time - push it a bit earlier to 15PM EST - there's a poll and a discussion open about changing the day when TW is happening.
* .town commands will not be available to characters carrying Territory Ward
* Fix some missing html in CH/Fortress/Castle
* ATODs are now tradeable
* Increase Mark of Betryal drop rate
* Increase Key of Evil Eye drop rate to 50% -> 80%
* Increase some buffs duration to 2hours that were missed initially
+ Themi's Tong to luxury store

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