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Changelog [2020-05-23]

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Thank you for your patience this week, both players and Toggle team. We are happy that we managed to stay stable and other than annoying geodata issues, we didn't receive that many large bug reports.Ā A lot of suggestions and ideas though! Which is great šŸ™‚

We took some time of from developmentĀ the second half of the week, to catch up on things we hid away to push for release.

+ Added/EnabledĀ 
- Removed/Disabled
* Fixed/Edited

* Karma is now at least 3 times harder to clean
* Base chance to drop items with karmaĀ increased
+ Guard General started recruiting more guards to protect newbies from PK. Kamael & Elven VillageĀ areas are now heavily protected. Work in Progress
* Reduced offline store minimum level to 20
- Disabled L2Network vote check - will require later rework. Work in Progress
* Minor cfg updates
+ Added sell price to Unrefined items
* Work In Progress. Currently displaying incorrect information on .epicĀ for the following three epics:Ā QA, Core, and Orfen.

* Performance and logging updates

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